“There are zero twelve, how is there a man wearing TNF down jacket?” | Basic

“Who can think of Beijing has risen to zero 12 degrees yesterday, in the evening of Sanlitun, is full of TNF down jackets in the evening?”

The peeking heard a female colleague chatting in the tea.

Dieted products, start searching in the brain, as if the female colleague is not wrong –


From April of last year, in April, you will see boys wearing TNF down jackets on the street.

咱就 This is said that this hot single product is inherently in the pain points of our male compatriots: hundreds of people do not pick people, wear thieves to pull handsome (thought).


But eat as delicious every day, you can eat it, wear a good-looking female colleague every day.

From the years ago, the big yellow boots, the big hoodie of several big white roads, and then to the TNF down jacket of the rotten street.


Don’t expect our male compatriots to wear a lot, fall into the so-called consumerist trap, but at least there is a pursuit on his own image –


That is “decent”.


What is wearing something, when you wear, this is the first step in your own image management.


In the spring, the old iron took TNF and replaced the unsusuetment of jacket jacket, realized that the spring of the spring can ushered in our “Spring”.

Today, I will introduce you to the three spring closets in the most basic jacket, let the passing beautiful women only have you.

Boys, not afraid that they are not too high, they are afraid of showing short.

This is a lot of 180cm or less male compatriots, sometimes thinking about sleeping. Especially after taking off the thick down jacket, the size of the body is really relying on your own image plus points.


Below this, the lack of lapel, material is dominated by nylon, and the profiled jacket believes that everyone has not bought, and at least have seen.

This seems to be ordinary, but since the last century began in the men’s closet, the monk is a single product, which is “Coach Jacket – Coach Jacket”.

In the case of wearing it, not only let you look high, but also let you become more.

“Coach Jacket – Coach Jacket”, was born in the United States in the 1960s, and is also a golden period of baseball movement, and is named for uniforms designed for “coach”.


Coach jackets are generally manufactured by waterproof nylon fabrics, used to resist training and hairy weather. After all, I can’t touch the climb. The material of nylon is not only wipe because the rain is grown, but the density is large, and the light is still winding.

At the same time, the cheering logo is printed behind, after all, at their own coach can’t recognize it, reflecting the team identity.

Because of its simple and loose version, it is more useful as a work service, so the coach jacket has been in the United States.

Really let the coach jacket into the fashion circles and the public vision, the reasons and now many explosive materials are surprisingly consistent –

Because of the RAPPER.

In the 1980s, the West Coast gang hippo group NWA, when he sang his voice, he also brought the coach jacket into the street explosion, became a street enthusiast and young people, and everyone is well known Baseball jacket, one and fire, with fire.


Be Like is now popular in Cuba, Cuba, which is popular among my youth group, my country.

That is, from the 1980s, the aggression of the public is began to aggressive. This basic single product with cultural heritage has also become an essential jacket jacket in many men’s wardrobes.


Although most people have never seen a pig run, they have eaten pork.

More than just buy vegetables, the must-have to go downstairs, the coach jacket is also loved by the trend of cultural style:


“Popeye” by the Troost Bible has been flopped many times, and it has become an indispensable karak in the city boy style.

Doing pants, loose trousers, loose jeans, with retro Sneakers, with a temptation has given you perfect presence.

Of course, the coach jacket originating from the United States can also be free to switch in the Japanese, American style.

Recently, Vintage winds, many old Archive coach jackets were dressed in fashion icons such as Bella, such as this Nike Archive coach jacket, American retro temperament took into place, and playable with full play.

Once a male and female matching template – Bella top, the secondary market price has also risen.

Now, the reason why this seemingly ordinary jacket, it is recommended to see the old iron, which is fortunate to see this article, mainly because of two words: wild.


Hundreds, is the keywords of coaching jackets, but also the reason for their long-lasting. But I want to match the “sample” on the basis of incoming events, I must remember the following points:

The next pending is above the hip, “the length” can be used


It is sometimes a man’s hard injury, and the upper and lower body is. The best way here is to control the above hem on the hip line.

The so-called hip line is the position of the plane in which the hip is the most tipping point. This location can make you too much in the lower body, and will not show your entire hips to show people, it is an excellent proportion of short jackets.

But it is often very beautiful but it is difficult to operate, so you can go to the store to try to find the coach jacket belonging to yourself.

The visual difference is the rule, let you become a dog-type male


The more loose straight version is the essence of the coach jacket, but it is also easy to let you bury the “bucket” in the upper and lower, there is no waist and legs, and 180 is highly hard and students look like 172.

You know, for boys in the eyes of 172 to equal 169.

And only one action can make you visually not only short, but also pull high, increase the level, it seems to wear a detail, aesthetic taste –

Unlock the following two buckles.

Exposed and coach jackets, such as black coach jackets, mixed with white t-shirt, the waist line is in an instant to add new levels, clearly visual points, and will don’t have it Too long legs.


The details are, the long legs have, and the handsome feelings that are not modified will also come to people. Just match the dress or loose casual pants, then with a 5-piece hat, you are in the eyes of the girl. Daily BOY.

Printing should not be too much, otherwise it is like an extracentil dog

After all, a single product that can always be lying in your wardrobe must be deprived of the test of time and various epidemic tests.

And too complicated printing allows the coach jacket to lose its simple, Chill’s taste, not to have an older growth, a variety of occasions, and an excellent coach jacket is the best choice.

The small accessories end, hit the girl’s soul two inch

Sometimes between handsome and unharitable, poor may just be an accessory. A small chest bag can make your overall wearing level and increase the visual center point, and the head is higher.

Just like this, you are out of the street, you are the best boyfriend of your girlfriend (if you have any words.

If you don’t know which “cadres jacket” in your mouth, then the following picture will give you a revealing answer.

This is a zipper, and there is a loose tight tight tie. There are two small buttons of the windbord nylon fabric short jacket on the collar, which is “Harrington Jacket – Harrington Jacket”.

Since the 1980s, the Harrington jacket has been deeply rooted with sweaters / shirts + tube-tube tops.


Although I looked at the old and autumn, I believe in me, wearing it like an 18-year-old man, looking at the energetic.

As a classic single product that cannot be ignored by men’s clothing, the Harrington name is traced back to the TV series “PEYTON Place” after 30 years.

At that time, the male Rodney Harrington worn in the drama in the drama is a well-known rain gear manufacturer Baracuta, the G9 model jacket launched in the 1930s, which is also the original Triadton jacket.

At that time, a family named John Simons was sold in the sale of Baracuta G9, namely Harrington Jacket.


This kind of operation of the name of the name is to be a single product, which seems to be similar to “Kanye with the same paragraph”.

In the 1930s, golf was a heart-fledged movement. At that time, wearing Baracuta G9 golf is definitely a symbol of identity.


And then in 1958, “Belt Wang” Cats Elvis Presley wore Harrington Jacket in the movie “King Creole”; 1963, Steve McQueen wearing Baracuta Harrington jacket appeared on the “Life” magazine cover;

In the 1960s, not only the star belt, the Harrington jacket is also the trend of the sub-B exclusive, completely occupying the hipster youth of the subculture.

“MODS – Modenia”, “Skinhead – Tottha” and “Punk – Punk” are in the important position of the Harrington jacket in their “Fashion Declaration”. Especially MODS guys, they think that the Harrington jacket is practical from the inside, and the trendy design can meet their requirements for personality, and it is also more suitable for riding a motorcycle.

Due to the rainfall in the year, many European brands mainly in the United Kingdom have been sold as classic models of the Waterproof material fabric, so a strong British taste is put on you. The moment of the Harrington jacket comes out.

For example, the nasal ancestors Baracuta, as well as the British luxury brand “Burberry – Burri”.

The Harrington jacket is shorter, and these details of the two-way zipper, so that you can open the closed temperature in different temperatures, and you can adjust it according to your day wear. These details will undoubtedly give you a lot of time to wear a lot of layers in everyday wear. After all, the spring season is playing a season in the season.

After the evolution of the precipitation and style of the time, the Harrington jacket has become an indispensable jacket of many men’s wardrobes. I want to divert fashion, pay attention to the following:

Careful selection, easy to wear “”

Wearing the Harrington jacket, the focus should be placed in “young”.

After all, the engraved impression of the old cadre jacket has been deeply engraved in the brain of many people.

Color selection is the interview. For example, more classic blue, black is not recommended for young guys at 45 years old.


Although the light-colored khaki also has a framed taste, but the trend of the past two years has come here, Burberry and SuPreme’s laundering series let Burberry iconic khaki re-invade the trend culture, a classic Burberry card The Harrington jacket, torched the cuffs to expose the landmarks, and then exposed the street with the small wind and then revealed, fashionable and no distortion.

And the dim, dark, don’t take out the temperament of this young man.

With jeans, Casual is full

Single says that a coat is not prone to other items.


Since the khaki of the retro temperament is selected, it is necessary to match the topics of “retro”.


Khaki Harrington jacket with light jeans, with a pair of retro shoe, such as New Balance, Air Force 1. Classic wild shoes style.

The light colors of the whole body are very spring, and the quiet retro feel will give you the temperament of the whole person, and the taste is still good.

Follow the above way, the taste of the secretary is impossible to be your taste, the hormone is the same.

If the two styles above, the coach jacket is biased toward the trend, the Harrington jacket is biased toward retro leisure, then the oil wax jacket is the first choice for dressing in the spring.


This touched with a corduroy, a piece of paint touched a bluntness, picked up a heavy, a few pockets of the pockets were “Waxed Jacket – Wax Jacket”.

For outdoor design, you can take a t-shirt in the spring, you can go out of the street, or even no backpack.


In terms of oil wax jackets, they have to talk about the origins of the wax jacket, from the British Barbour.

Barbour is almost equivalent to the synonym of the wax jacket, and more than the Asian Bedale Series version of the oil wax jacket is one of the brand’s flagship products.

Can be called: “a jacket for live”, that is, jackets that can accompany their life, prove its wearing properties, is a classic single product through time.

The wax jacket is the jacket wearing the British aristocrat hunt. It is necessary to take care of the precious body. The wind and warm ability is definitely not to say, create a waxed Barbour is the outdoor brand of the royal royal.


“If you see a wax jacket in the UK, a man who is squatting with a shotgun, he is not Daniel Craig, it may be a British aristocrate that is born.”

Speaking of the style, there is no fixed paradigm for the wax jacket, but must have a taste.

Old style, traditional fabrics also have heavy texture, even matching colorful looks quite stubborn, and the trend of the trend is completely non-stained, Barbour, wax jacket, like a handy man, low-key, unreasonable Hook people.

So the man who has a mature male temperament requires a staff member of the suit, and a Barbour coating jacket is the best template in spring.

In the “007: Tianchen Machine”, playing Bond’s Daniel Craig offering the Barbour oil wax jacket, turned around the shotgun, emitting the image of the gentleman of the rich hormone, jumped. The short Bedale mentioned above is more suitable for spring wear.

On the choice of dressing, the focus can be placed in the lower body.


Nine points of trousers, more reflecting you and the distinctive taste

After all, the Barbour wax jacket originated from British, and it was chosen that it did not cover the British taste of the choice.

The nine points of pants, with a pair of equally intended “Loafers – Lefu Shoes”, with a pair of white socks, if you have a pedal motorcycle, there will be a hot girl with you in the latter seat.Rows.


If you can have a wax jacket with you to experience every spring and autumn, you are not a beautiful companion.

Spring, hormones are moved.

Even small animals know why we want to dress themselves in this season, why is we not?

So, take off the TNF down jacket that makes you sweating, starting from this article, open your spring.