Cotton jacket cotton pants new school bag Zhoukou ten year old boy wearing warm heart cotton jacket

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10-year-old boy in Henan, Xinxin (pseudonym) is quite twists and turns, Dad died mother left, grandparents died, now followed the 71-year-old two grandfather life. The winter is here, and the local enthusiastic people send cotton and materials.

Xinxin’s home was located in Zhangcun, Xiangguang Township, Taikang County, Zhoukou City, and is located in 35 in the county. According to the “Mutton Brother” Sun Peigui, Xinxin’s father passed away from home. After that, grandparents had died, and now he follows the 71-year-old grandfather. Want a new school bag, still eat chicken, is the wish of Xinxin.

When I saw the first side of Xinxin, let the Sun Tie were particularly distressed. 10 years old he leaned on a bare poplar on the side of the school near the school. His wear and face showed his “distress” and “helpless”. The thin little face is distressed, the yellow hair is thin, the eyes are bold and inferior, shabby clothes seem to be “protective color”, on the side of the brown dirt, look so small and insignificant.

Sun Peige revealed that Li Junhua, the village of Hummia Village, Gaoliang Township, Taikang County, known that Xinxin’s encounter is very painful, he decided to do our best to give this unpatisfactory child after discussing with his wife.

棉袄棉裤新书包 周口十岁男孩穿上暖心棉袄

In the morning of November 28th, Li Junhua’s couple and Sun Tiens have come to the county early, buy a good texture, cotton jacket, trousers and school bag for children. Shangqiu love netizen Liu Jie, Liu Hao also arrived at the supplies.

On the same day, a group came to Xinxin Zhang Hongliang, the small courtyard is very simple, and a few lines of vegetables are planted in a corner. Zhang Hongliang is 71 years old this year, the body is hard, and it is full of smile.

棉袄棉裤新书包 周口十岁男孩穿上暖心棉袄

When Li Junhua said that the gifts such as clothes were about to enter Xinxin’s small courtyard, he immediately ran over, took a dress, happy and jumped, and his couple shouted uncle, aunt.

On the same day, Li Junhua had a meal to Xinxin personally. Cut meat, cook a big material, stir fry chicken, rich meat flavor fluttering whole small courtyard, eat, Xiaodaixin finished a piece of chicken, don’t forget to lick the soup on his fingers, “Too good, true ! “

Sun Kazhi said that in the future, we will continue to pay attention to the life of Xinxin with love people.

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