To say men’s most practical items in autumn and winter, coats absolutely have names. It not only takes into account warmth and type, but also highlights mature and stable temperament, every weather is cold, who doesn’t want to come to a big coat ~


In the poster of the “Hacker Empire 4” just released, Nio Rivis played Nio as a slim coat, still cool.

Recently, he is still rare to “Esquire” a group of large pieces, contributing several coats LOOK. Navy blue from Giuliva Heritage, very military wind; another piece from Alaïa, black and white large piece is very textured.




“007: 无 无 死”, Bond to Norway, wearing this gray green coat, Massimo Alba, which is like Daniel, the pants are also his home, and the overall low-key has a texture.

However, in the heart of the Fan, the most classic coat styling of Daniel Craig Edition is still “007: Ghost Party”, wearing handsome sunglasses, cool and chic.


Also hit the face and hit the face again


In the reality, the big stars, recently wear in winter. Like the King Faise, Spanish Visit Italy, with Italian President Matalera with Pick with a long coat.

The Norwegian Harbo King was stored in the official also wearing a black coat, low-key and official.

When you are grateful to Thanksgiving, you seem to wear the same coat in the same day.


However, turning the head, I won a strange “no more walking.”


Prince Charles is a coat fanatic enthusiast, you are very love to wear, the old is a different color, and the different styles of coats have wear them.

I believe that many men are now going to start a coat as a “shirt” of winter, today’s fan

Just talk to everyone, how to pick it, how to wear it, and how to wear ~

How to choose a coat suitable for you?

Like other men’s single products, coats are also very expensive, investing in one texture and suitable for themselves, we can wear a lot of many years.


How is the style?


Let’s briefly talk about the style of men’s coats.

First of all


Chesterfield Coat Chesterfield coat, is often considered to be a solid coat, the earliest appeared in the 19th century, and later became known as the British “Fashion Icon” Chestefield’s Sixth Earl.

Its feature is especially suitable for matching, because whether it is from the collar, the head is still a door, but it is like a long version of the suit jacket, originally in the wear, like two Bond This piece is a typical chesterfield coat.


Everyday is more common, and there is a polo coat polo coat. The first coat that the polo athlete is waiting for the opening, and it is basically basically used to use camel hair, buttons are double-breasted design.

And because of the original wearing scene, the tailor of the polo coat is very loose, and the length of the length is relatively long, and it is more than the camel fabric, and there is a belt behind the back. More suitable for men wearing a tall.


Paletot Coat, like POLO Coat, is also called double-breasted coat, the earliest French in the 18th century refers to all coats, after the 19th century, it evolves into this waist and three double-bread design each side. . The difference between POLO COAT is that there must be a waist design and the lapel is certain.

There is also a PEA Coat pea coat, which is also a common style, the earliest year of Europe and the United States, and later accepted by the public due to handsome style. It is generally short, the lapel is wider, double-breasted, buttons are also relatively large.


This is the PEA Coat, which is relatively lightweight relative to other coats, but the requirements are high, and it is more suitable for “slim” men to wear.


In the end, this Duffle Coat fluff coat is also quite classic. Duffle is a crude wool fabric. The name is from the Duffle town of Belgium. It is very thick with the coat it produces, and it is very popular, and later was also held by the Royal Navy by the UK. The use.


After Duffle Coat became popular, especially by students, this design was also considered to have a college style, and its ivory deck is also one of the iconic design, and often hooded, the upper body is quite age, more suitable Men or student choosing to play will be played.

However, with the changes in the times, and the rise of various trend elements, all kinds of coats are not fully limited to specific requirements, and the evolution of the style is also very diverse, and the overall still surrounds the above.


How to choose fabric materials?

The material of the coat is common with cashmere, wool, alpaca, camel hair and blending, etc., from the perspective of warmth, comfort and investment, the fan is of course more recommended for cashmere coats and wool coats.

The cashmere coat is the highest, but the weight is relatively light, so I don’t want to wear too heavy in autumn and winter, and a cashmere coat is more suitable for you ~

There is also an advantage of cashmere coat, it is not easy to wrinkle, it is very convenient to take care, and the upper body looks very “smooth”, the texture is very advanced, the price is relatively high.

Wool coats are relatively heavy and rough, and warmth is not as good as cashmere. But because of the hardship, it is very good, it is very good, the upper body is relatively high, and it is suitable for mature and steady men.

There are also blend materials, mostly because of a specific style or design, this match, which is recommended with cashmere mixed wool, camel hair mixed wool, etc.

How to match, wear high levels?

Wear suit, shirt

For business elites, coats are definitely the most practical and daily wear. Recommended in color, a hundred black and naval blue, like William princes, basically wearing naval blue coat, with different color ties.

Bond also always wears such a unobstructed match, and is officially decent, and there is a type.

In fact, the Samsung Prince Li is still good, and the design of the waist is a slightly waist, which is very tallful.


Although “Next Second” is … The connecting tape has never been able to play.


If there is no need to be too official, or like Wang Shi like Wang Shi, it is quite good, there is a kind of ya.

However, although now, the shoulder element is popular, but for business men, it is still necessary to choose these elements. It is a bit plus fertilizer like Yang Yuanqing, not only the gas field is all, but also like rental. clothing.


Men from altitude should be careful to choose the Chesterfield coat, otherwise it will be like Del Ren’s various shortboards, seconds of the Kelate leg ↓

It is also necessary to pay attention to what is not to participate in what fashion activities, business men are best not to wear a coat, like Li Yanhong, always feel a good fortune.

Si Cong is a bit more than one.

Business people If they are mixed with shirts, the shirts are best chosen to choose solid color, like Zhang Chaoyang with a black coat with a lattice shirt, it feels strange and old.

If you choose a coat like gray, brown like color, the inner suit is best to choose a single dark, otherwise it will look too much fancy.


Like Beckham, it is quite classic, warm camel coat with gray suit is quite handsome, and is more suitable for young men to try.

With sweater, cashmere sweater, etc.

The coat is also a good choice, no matter what color and style coat, a brunette cashmere will not be wrong, but also take care of warmth, Beckham like this.


When “ignorant”, the Rama Marek who plays a big counter-to-TRP mount “GQ” British version, and also wear a navy blue coat, with the round tie of the same color, leisure and significant sense ~

The Korean drama “Ghost”, Liu, anything in any style can match a high-tie, so that the second temperature is easier Octa.

This piece like Li Kai, although it is not a cashmere, but high-necked design will give people a gentle and warm feeling, all black highlights stabilizing and gas field.

You can also add a shirt in the cashmere sweater like Harry, and the warmth is also suitable for business people.


For young men, sweaters are also a combination of saving and fashionable, will not look serious and dead.

If you are a mask, you can try this kind of casual wind laminated, a coat can play a lot of different patterns.


Application accessories: tie, scarf

Although it is more dull autumn, the accessories are used, and there will be a lot of color to the coat.

Taking a tie, there is not much to say ~ Almost the matching of the dressing.

Scarves are also a very good partner of the coat, which is very tasted with a comparative scarf.


Like Zhang Chaoyang, it is very good in keeping warm in the woods, but don’t be wrapped too strict, otherwise it will be like a bucket of itself, lose a little bit of chic ↓

But if it is equipped with a plurality of printed scarf, it will be more exaggerated.


In addition, it is necessary to choose a coat with fur collar, like Wang Shi’s match, and there is nothing wrong with the whole, that is, the fur collar is a play.


Boxer Meiwei this leopard fur collar is more exaggerated, and the drama is too strong …


Which items are worth recommending?

Finally, come back to everyone Amway, worth starting to start ~

Loro Piana


LP is always deeply loved by the royal family and the rich elite, this brand is known as “Cashmere Rolls”, design low-key to no significant logo, but is very expensive, cashmere coat is their family’s ace product.


This year, the coat launched by his home is very suitable for business men. It is like this Findon coat. It uses the bilateral fabrics of sheep humps and cashmere blended, and the manual invisible suture is very high, and it has passed waterproof treatment. It is suitable for workplace.


¥ 47,300


There is also a coat of Navette double cashmere fabrics, knit fabrics have highlighted coats soft, wrapped tailor, look very elegant, small lapel convex remarkable, better warmth.


¥ 58,700

Brunello cucinelli


Luxury cashmere brand Brunello Cucinelli also is known for high quality, his family this year this year’s navy blue sheep woolen coat is handsome, using wool, silk silk and cashmere blend, simple style, tribute to Confuciors ~

¥ 32,800



This coat of Berluti came from 2020 autumn series. It is very suitable for “patients with entanglement”, wool and cashmere double-sided design can be worn on both sides, and camel and gray are more than one.


If you do it, you can match the camel color. If you need to attend official occasions, gray this can be competent, the design is very intimate.

TurnBull & Asser

British men’s brand TurnBull & Asser, favored by Charles, is known to customize shirts, but in fact, his family’s coat is also good. This brown cashmere coat design is simple and low-key, and the dark design is stable and is more suitable for mature men.

$ 4,455


There is also a naval blue cashmere coat is also a dark design, with a suit very well.

$ 4,195




Burberry home’s windbreaker is very classic, and its home Duffle Coat fan is very suitable for young tide men, thick functional wool warmth is particularly good, the liner also has brand iconic plaid design, and the walker is also super anti-eye. .

¥ 13,500


You can choose this classic cashmere coat, choose this classic cashmere coat, choose the Italian fine cashmere fabric, design and formally highlight the gas field.

¥ 24,000

Ralph Lauren

The coat of Ralph Lauren is very special, which is made of camel hair, and warm in warmness is also good. Moreover, it is highlighting the elegant, the wrinkles and pockets on both sides highlight a cavity, picking a big civilian bag, elite fan is full.

Johnstons of Elgin


Scottish cowelling brand Johnstons of Elgin, Fan Friends are also unfamiliar, before the Fan Master went to his factory for two consecutive years, and every time he could not buy it, buy it, completely stopped.

His family has been in this year, the British wind is full, the lamb is quite luxurious, and the grit design can break the dullness of autumn and winter, more suitable for male ~

Ok, about the men’s coat, the fan is talking to everyone, this cold winter may wish to start a warm coat, turned into “warm men” ~

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