The warmth of autumn and winter is not bloated, this dress is arranged.

Everyone knows that his teeth is a big clothes, but every time you wear a big dress, there is always someone who is not practical, it is better to keep warm, but I feel better than the coordinate Beijing, I usually go to work on the road, I can wear a coat, you can Wear a whole winter.


I have to ask about teeth, I have to keep warm, I have to say:

Overlay! Overlay! Overlay!


I even think that the stack is more warm than single sweaters and down jackets.

The superimposed sunshine is that the clothes must be slightly sweat, so it is important to buy a comfortable and warm bottoming shirt.

You think that the bottoming shirt is just wearing it, will you be seen? NO, NO, the bottom of the bottom is a little more level, but now many young people don’t worry about the so-called “warm clothing”, not because we are not cold, but before I bought, the Antarctic, Uniqlo It is really a big mother.

Not only bloated and ugly, you have to find ways to wear a strict coat blocker, and finally, in the water barrel, proper fashion! When entering the space that needs to take off the jacket, it is simply a big social death, and super embarrassment.


Winter is particularly dry, plus what is static, the skin is special! Don’t! Itch! I am particularly sensitive to the skin. Some of the lotus does not stand. If the material of the underwear is a little bit a bit of meat, itching, neck and back, I will catch all the day, especially uncomfortable.

Tooth teeth recently found a good wear


She is


“Powder Utensil”

! This dress is really no, it is the biggest difference between our traditional warm clothes and autumn clothes,

It can wear wear wear and can

It is equivalent to creating a new category.

This coconut powder in the mysteria is the Shu Jing, which is my favorite, by the way, she is so beautiful in my sister, it is really good.

Also get

Fashion tide to take black technology warm clothes

The award is worthy of old friend, and try it again after trying.


Vase, and generous collar two design


, A low collar, a high collar, is the two collections that are most likely to match autumn and winter.


Closet must be prepared, one person


I choose the most basic

Black vase collar

The curvature of the neckline is like a vase, but this dress is the version of the high-end wear. The collar is not as high as a general high-neck sweater, especially suitable for the neck is not very long, and wants to try the sister of the bottom of the bottom shirt. This design Very humanized, most people can easily control.

The upper body is as shown in the figure, I will try it with it directly, and it is also as a coat, the bottom of the down jacket.


This dress really doesn’t want to take off, and you can do the best comfort in all my bottoming shirts.

Fabric special silk

Just like your skin, and the interface is complete! flat! of!

Wearing no foreign body


I can’t do it.

Beijing’s autumn and winter weather is very dry, the skin is often itchy, “powder bottom clothing” adopts vegetarian muscles Black Technology SujicoConutTM composite fabric, the egg is added in the “coconut yarn”

Vitamin E Coconut Oil

Directly save your body milk, this is really wonderful, you can completely have a luxury brand,

Moisturizer, relieve autumn and winter dry dry


This dress is very thin, I have said that you must choose thin money in front, it will be more comfortable. It uses the most hot

“美 碧 碧” fiber

Thin, light, warm,

Do not keep warm!

A high-quality coat, detail is important, this powder bottom is a high-wire flat car, affinity, and no strange bumps and friction.


There is still a wonderful place in this dress, according to your own body or dressing characteristics.



It will not go fine at all, let me call up, too advanced.

Of course, I have known the sisters I have bought, how high is the color of the vegetariam underwear, and this powder is also in the coat.

Look value

Her color is really beautiful, Mogur high-grade modeling, with flower bottle collar and retro big square design, wild and fashion.


I only started black, and I didn’t want to buy another brand after passing it. I plan to buy a few other colors to wear, white and shallow peas are too grass.

In addition to “powder coat”, I have recently bought the plain muscles.


W anti-heavy underwear

, Very comfortable, you must recommend it to everyone.

I am also the right side, so I like this advanced color color, the value is super high.

It’s unique


W memory soft film

“, In the absence of a steel ring,

Stabilize the breast

Prevent drooping, inclusive, anti-earthquake

The effect is better, suitable for the mild movement, I usually wear it to get off work.

In addition, the increased side of the increased side can be better


Get together, squatting meat, there is a thin effect


. Full of b-e cups of girls or wider girls.


This underwear, I personally feel the most comfortable place is good parcel.


The effect is super good, even a small chest, there is often a worries of the pair, this underwear solves this problem.

Regardless of the front or the back, it is very smooth, one is

comfortable to wear

,two is


Completely seamless

Even if you go to do yoga, wear more tight clothes, you don’t have to worry about the traces of underwear.

This year, the recognizenmia is really happy, after passing through its family BRA, I really rarely flop those underwear.

Quality and color value of the light luxury position on the standard thousand yuan, the price is only less than five, can only say what is worthwhile.

I finally squatted to its family’s annual double eleven activities, and the activity is really history. It is not only folded on the basis of history, but also over 2 underwear.

350-50 yuan 玑 玑 玑 (universal)


And overlapping the official

Fang is full of 200-30 (not capped)

! Overlay

Actitude is full of 350 minus 110 yuan


and! and! Arbitrary 2 pieces of additional

Add 99 yuan silk surface shoulder Tott package


One, you can harvest the underwear to go out across the street, it is the plain muscle designer set, really super good!

I specially for help you, superimpose all kinds of discounts, pay 2 pieces


Buy less than daily purchase less than two hundred

In short, the double 11 is definitely the lowest year, completely closed eyes, our exclusive coupons are limited to 3, suggesting more than a few pieces, missed this at least one year! Hurry and accept your coupons!

350-50 exclusive coupon

1 ¥ MKR7XGUWR3N ¥ /

High collar powder

1 ¥ m9wuxgfz8mq ¥ /

Fangchang powder underwear

1 ¥ w29rxgfvdt8 ¥ /

W anti-heavy underwear (suitable for b to e cup)

6.0 ¥ Ybs9XTYUJ0N ¥ /

Recently, several fans have been asked if I am doing activities, I caught this opportunity to buy it.


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