Male triangular panties and ahead, where is it? Is there a pocket in front of male underwear?

Regardless of men, women, close clothes, should be more careful, and need timely replacement cleaning, so it will be more beneficial to health. Because the physiological structure of men and women is different. In individual health, men will be easy to lazy, mainly, it is not easy to have related problems, women are different, because the reproductive organs are more sensitive, usually pay attention to personal health, close care Will be more in a point.

Men in choosing a close clothes, such as underwear, in fact, there is not much thought, two words are comfortable, of course, for some requirement, the pretty male, still spend my mind. About male underwear, there will be doubts, mainly in two, let’s take a look at it.

Male wearing underwear, the triangle and the four-pool will be different?

In the triangular underwear and the four-corner panties, men actually prefer four corners, no other reason is



. Male physiological texture is very different from women. Therefore, there will be differences in choosing underwear. Women wear a triangular panties will be more comfortable, and men are more comfortable.


Breathing and openness

, Knowing male


Seminal vesicle


is very

Fear of high temperature

, This requires a high breathability of the underwear, otherwise the sperm is very difficult to survive, the production of sperm production and the maternity and health are hook, so when you choose underwear, the gas permeability is a selection factor.

Openness is because the four-pool underwear is more relaxed, it will be more open, no Tales,

The package is not so strong

The wrapping sensation of the triangular panties will be stronger, and the male wears it feels very uncomfortable. It is not so sincerely, and there is a man.


Safety feels a lot.

In the triangular underwear, there will be a difference, that is,

Four-corner underwear does not match the slim pants

For some women who pay attention to the image, the figure is good, I want to show my body, I may need to choose the triangular underwear, because there are more cloth, and the openness is better, too loose, when wearing a slim pants, It is easy to get four corners, and after the slim pants are pressed, there will be phenomena, which is very embarrassing.

The triangular panties and the four-pointers, the difference is not very large, and when the male is choosing underwear, there is not much more attention, the focus is in breathability and looseness, and there is panties.

The fabric must be cotton

More easier

Sweat and heat dissipation

However, it will not lead to too high temperature, affecting sperm survival.

No matter which type of underwear, there is always a pocket before men’s underwear?

From the history of the development of underwear, the male underwear is designed to design a pocket, which is to make men

More convenient urination

Also in order to make men wear

More comfortable

The package is not so strong. From the early appearance of underwear, it can only help the shame, and there is no great actual use. When solving physiological needs, it will still have a bit trouble.

Because of the early panties, the big trousers wently were not particularly seamless, and there was no special opening, and people will be more troublesome, and now this underwear is set. It is very convenient, it is also a factor in all the differences between men and women, and you can urinate.

Moreover, since this pocket design has appeared, let men have been liberated.

Don’t worry about friction problems

Needless to be afraid of being infected, it is more perfect, but also guarantees comfort and looseness, and the local environment will be reasonable and more beneficial for men.


How long does male underwear replace it?


Because women’s reproductive organs are more sensitive, the urethra is also relatively short, and it will recommend that women regularly replace the underwear, even if there is not damaged, they will change once. Because women will come once every month, will also be ovulation There is a large number of white belt before and after the period, and then the urinary tract is short. After the bowel movement is small, it is impossible to wipe it in time, it is possible to contaminate the secretion of the underwear, resulting in too much bacteria, increasing the risk of gynecological disease .

Replace each day, cleaning underwear, the service life of underwear is relatively long, the possibility of illness will be lower, if it is not replaced, clean underwear, will greatly increase the risk of illness. The male is actually the same, but most men think that there are differences in the physiological structure of men and women. I feel that I am safe. It is considered that my own conditions are good. I don’t easily have secretions on the underwear, which will reduce the contact bacteria, the health effect, It will be lazy.

It will not replace and clean the underwear daily, but after gathering, it will be cleaned together, and the underwear is not going to be innocent. If you don’t have bad, you can continue to wear, just wear comfortable. This idea is wrong, the underwear is not replaced and cleaning, it is also possible

Infected to the pathogen

It has an impact on health. The more critical is that the underwear will last for a long time, it will be easily deformed, and the flexibility of the underwear will deteriorate, and the protection of the private part will also decline, so

Male underwear also needs to be transferred daily, it is best to replace new 3-6 months.


I hope that through this article, you can make men have more attention to their underwear. Everything is based on health. Of course, comfort is also needed. Moreover, don’t pay attention to your health, but also consider the other half. Health, after all, women will be more sensitive, more susceptible to bacteria.


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