Nike released the 2020 Olympic series new product, it is simply a sports technology show

From 2020, the Tokyo Olympics is only a few months, in this world-class sports, Nike will not be absent.

To this end, Nike issued a number of new products from footwear to clothing. It can be said,

This is the highest technology in Nike, and a product line representing future sustainable development.


New products from the shoes made from waste environmental protection materials, to take sustainable design, point to zero-carbon future sports casual wear … The most eye-catching, undoubtedly Nike’s sneakers.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

The new product launched this time includes Zoom Alphafly next%, Zoom ViPerfly, Zoom BB NXT, AIR Zoom Mercurial, and more.

These shoes were developed in the Nike Research Laboratory, and the researchers were quantified to the athlete’s feedback and insights, and quantified to performance, exercise, fatigue data, and finally combined with new technologies.

Therefore, the focus of the product is also concentrated in the innovation of “energy saving and response” technology.

ZOOM alphafly next% official version is coming.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

The prototype of this shoe has caused an uproar in the past year, and the critics believe that it is “mechanical stimulant”, which will lead to unfair phenomena in the competition.

The focus is on its soles.

This pair of shoes uses improved carbon fiberboards, allows runners to keep the feeling of “forward”, and embedded Zoomx foam, providing stability, increasing the stiffness of the front foot, can also reduce the ankle joint pressure.

It can be said that the combine is like a “spring” in a movement.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

Eliud Kipchoge in the Marathon in Vienna, Vienna, in the Marathon in Vienna, created an unofficial world marathon record in 1 hour and 59 minutes and 40 seconds.

▲ Pictures from: Free Malaysia Today

A independent study of the New York Times has found that this technology has actually increased the efficiency of runners by 4% to 5%.

However, the new rules launched by the World Track and Field last week are shoes that do not have a thickness of 4 cm. At the same time, the shoe is at least four months on the market, and ZOOM alphafly next% soles have a thickness of 3.95 cm, and the latter is also in line with Rules, so in fact this pair of shoes have not violated regulations, still able to enter the Olympic Games.

Another football shoes Air Zoom Mercurial, the first use of 3D printing FlyPrint underwasher.

The upper of this material thus realizes ultra-high precision, which can help football players to increase the touch of the shoes, according to Nike Chief Design Officer John Hoke,

The surface of the shoes and the ball seems to be combined, the touch will extend to the legs, allowing them to feel better connected to the ball.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

This is still in the football shoes. Combined with AIR Zoom, which can reduce fatigue buffering, Nike hopes it to help football team better, catch the ball, pass.

ZOOM BB NXT basketball shoes, special place is that followed by Nike React foam after heel.

This material design is mainly to help the athlete’s shoes, while providing buffering to get more energy feedback in motion, transforming the body’s strength into motivation.

This is the most intimate situation that the researchers are the most tired of 40 minutes of competition in the competition to make them finally maintain more ideal states in the game.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

And zoom viperfly track and field shoes, the first look, it is what it seems to be suspended.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

This pair of shoes are designed for short-range 100 meters competitions, and many short runners will hardly bottom. As a super light shoe, its sole is made of a more dense brake, and the shoes are followed by protective foam, which can reduce the weight of the knitted fabric and provide additional protection.

In addition, Nike’s skateboard series will debut at this Olympics.

Not all new shoes are about sports.

This year, some athletes wear Nike “environmentally low environmental impact” took a podium. The new version of Vapormax sneakers, manufactured by 75% recycled waste.

There are also a little experimental Space Hippie series of shoes, which is the environmentally friendly sneakers created by Nike’s own factory workshop.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

The shoes caused by these “garbage” have revealed a visual effect with future sense.

In addition to shoes, Nike also created a WinDrunner flavor jacket made from a large number of recovery polyester fiber fabrics to this Olympic Games, as well as pants and pants, which were produced by recovered nylon materials and NIKE GRIND.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

These all passed Nike’s pursuit of environmental protection.

After all, protect the future of the earth is the future of protecting the movement.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

Of course, these new products are not just prepared for athletes at the Olympics, and many new technologies and features in new products will be integrated into other products and then sold to more casual athletes and consumers.

This fall, Nike will release Air Zoom Tempo next%, which is a daily training shoe, which is a simplified version of Air Zoom alphafly next%, which also comes with some of them.

耐克发布 2020 奥运会系列新品,简直就是运动科技展

However, innovation is not necessarily converted to sales, and there may be only a small number of consumers will buy these high-performance shoes.

But these innovations will make Nike’s brand more deeply into the hearts.