Adi Nike three% off, the Chengdu people on Chunxi road seems to hear the junction number

The plane is also hovering over the Shuangliu Airport. It seems that it seems to hear mahjong. This is a paragraph, which is also the sound of Chengdu.

Not only that, in Chengdu,

Every street has a voice that belongs to it,

Whenever it sounds, you will take your own voice from your mouth.

“Ah, the destination is here.”

The sound of these streets, the big list is guaranteed, every you are familiar with you, they are more like a street secret, but most, you still don’t care.

[Sound of Nine-eyed Bridge: Certificate of Exchange / Buy Car to buy a car]

Nine eye bridge, a place where there are countless legend, a small river, a mixed small river.

The tip of the foot is just stepped into this place. The group of people will say to you along the street: Ask you, ask you to buy a house, asking you if you have interest to learn English, the sky is later, there is a little brother to ask you sign. Wine, binding wine bar position, then go two steps, another little brother, ask you to study …

Of course, these emerging little 啰 is still unable to compete with the two ancient gangs that are in this.


Just like the netizen @Sabri Mari – 茺 said, through the Nine-eyed bridge, full of secret, like Wenruian’s pen. Tangmen.

After chatting, suddenly one of them said that he said to you; a Yi Yili said that the old man whispered to you; a young woman pushing a child is gently spitting a secret; sitting on a stool on a newspaper The person pulled down the newspaper and quickly said.

Of course, everyone has no expression, secret number:

Yes, here is the Nine-English Bridge Open-air Office, Also known as the World Certificate Center, no need to queue, no need to get the number, master’s doctor, and fifteen. The grandfather of the rivers and lakes often spread in the picturesque nine-eye bridges, which constitute a harmonious and quiet picture.

Only once, when the colleague of the big list, suddenly a group of people started to run, and broke this quiet, and the colleague turned back, oh, it turned out to be the police …

Passing the nine eye bridge in the morning. A uncle came with me. Eye blur. Stepping. Just when we pass the shoulders. He suddenly used the word very calm professional tone: “Certificate”! I had to shock and confused back: “Do your sister.” Finally, everyone will run! !

Yesterday, I passed the nine-eyed bridge, and a few men and women said in the road, “the certificate, the certificate” suddenly walked to a rustic big sister in front of me. “What kind of card is going to the toilet? “. Oh, maybe only the WC of the Nine Bridge of Chengdu, it will take a certificate.

Selling car party

It is said that most of the bicycle battery vehicles in Chengdu’s stolen, will eventually flow into the sale here, and it will never be rooted for many years. So they don’t make a clear and convenient, more concealed, after all, is not a gray zone but the black industry of the Er.

The conference of the standard version is basically the case: all kinds of uncle’s scratches are riding on the shot of the second-hand bicycle electric horse, and the eyes are not turned to the past. Once there is a potential buyer, immediately press the low voice. “Ask” Buy a car to buy a car ~ bicycle battery car ~ Is it good? “

After the big list, I got the best of the friends. I got the best. I was a small partner who had passed by the nine eye bridge. I saw a big uncle walking forward. I suddenly lost something, my uncle panicked, and he went down. Sen: Don’t buy a car?

Of course, the electric horse bicycle kingdom that does not hit the car without locking the car, there is no harm without buying and selling, don’t buy a car, I have an alarm! Don’t buy a car, encounter alarm! Don’t buy a car, encounter alarm!

Say three times!

@ S: 同 桥 买 买 不 不 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了Chinese? “……

I have no nickname: I examine Chengdu Yin face today at noon. First take the subway to Niu Wang Temple Station, go out of the direction of the Xixiang Bridge. Not five minutes, I have passed the Tianzi XX Building, close to the Tianqiao Department, a short fat man riding a broken motorcycle asked me not to buy a car, I asked him that there is no mountain bike, then take his car, In a small alley, a broken house in a 6, 70 years. Rely, a three-made new broken giant Ant in the model is to sell me 500!

[Voice of the North Railway Station: invoice invoice invoice …]

This voice is not exclusive. Before the national urban railway station in all cities across the country, there will always be a group of people who have a variety of different accents, and the super long recruitment machine is just yet: “Invoice invoice invoice invoice invoice invoice invoice invoice Invoice invoice invoice invoice … (wireless positive loop) “

The rivers and lakes say they have read the old aunt for the train station. The experience of all the year-round fake invoices will exercise their oral kungfu. Some can don’t expect to say 20+ invoices. Some can even use DJ discharge rhythm. ” Invoice invoice hair sent invoice table?

It is still because it is shouting, and a few people are more sensible. Until the last few invoices are almost the weak breath of the eyes, the collective and big gasping, I don’t forget it. Let the big life is not as good as, I have to lament: technical work!

@ 舟 进: The entrance of the train station ticket hall is often gathered in some middle-aged women. Regardless of the wind, the rain is still the sun, they will always appear there, and the pedestrians “invoices, invoices, invoices” are said to the pedestrians. They have helped their efforts to “spread the net”, but never see “fish” they catch expectations. A grandfather happened to pass by, “Want to invoice?”, Followed by a pointed voice “report”.

@ 哥龙 枪: In the subway station of the train station, several selling invoices are chatting, see me to ask: Do you want an invoice? The people next to them then chat with him: people are best not to do things.

@ 建 辉 晚 死 死 上 上 口 口 口 口 口.. 市场… 市场. 市场 市场.. 市场 市场. 鸹 鸹. 鸹……… 自己When I exported to understand that there were several middle-aged women leaning against the railing, and there was a rhythm in my mouth: “Invoice invoice invoice …”

[Spring Sound of Chunxi: LV, Guci, Hermes, 30% off. 】

Chunxi Road has also passed countless, but every time it is like crossing the fire line. Go to this side, some people say that I should change the hairstyle. Some people say that my skin is not good. Some people say that I should make hyaluric acid; go to the other side, some people call me a street shoot, some people say that I want to dig me as a model, someone asked me to wear While a large size shoe, I really don’t know what he wants to do.

There will be someone to come through: Adi Nike, 30% off the table? Take another two-step industry chain to upgrade to: lv Gucci love, 30% off, beautiful women’s table? Then the group is pair, and the Zhongshan Square has, turns a round of free styling to adjust the head, and pull it to the twist.

These Spring Si Road’s voice, every punctuation symbol is a routine, three words, do not believe it.

Once, I had a short man in Chunxi Road asked me to wear a big size shoe. It is said that the standard code makes me go to the foot model, starting to be unbelievable, and then he said that I spent two minutes to listen to him. , Let me go to the building with him, then let me see their manager, and look at me again, then say that I have to grow the standard to enjoy the masters to shoot the art photo, then the routine will come first Fees … I really have a thrilling.

@ 凤: I heard the most fierce that Chunxi Lui will buy false Adi Niki, and if someone shouts “Adi Nike three% off!” Someone anxious “I don’t buy!” Uncle continued to shout loudly : “If you don’t have to do it, you don’t have to buy it. I know that you are fluttering (Chengdu refer to gay …), fluttering us!”

@ 名: Visiting a spring Xi Road, someone in the way is responsible, “Are you listening?” The turn encountered one! It is also a hairdressing salon! Rethinking again: “Beauty, are you satisfied with your hair style?” Wipe! Chun Xi Road! Where did Adi Nike go? Have you been defeated by the hairdressing? ? crazy!

[Taicheng Road: Do you want to do? Does the mobile phone sell not? 】

Taicheng South Road, there is Chengdu Huaqiang, said that you call you more mobile phone, call you too much, you want to steal your mobile phone or more!

Even if your mobile phone is sneak in other places, I will open a mobile phone positioning one day, I may see that your phone appears here.

At the moment you enter this street, wear a mobile phone to sell the mobile phone, just like a locust, the big sister is asked “Sister, buy a mobile phone?” The uncle on the right “sister, sell Do not sell mobile phones? “The little girl in the door is poor.” Beauty, or a nickname? “Appeal a little brother appeared in front of the front, his mouth rid of your own greetings:” Miss, is it in the installment? …… “

A few rounds of pulling, and finally only hurried away.

@ 我 其 是 是: I met a thief in Chengdu … or the street … Taicheng South Road …

@ 不 不:: I walked too Jinnan Road, I didn’t find an air recharge. Countless uncle asked: Xiaosher sells no selling mobile phones, I want to cry, I don’t sell mobile phones, I just want to charge the phone!

[Sichuan Masters North Gate: Accommodation, do you want to stay]

“Oh, I hate it, people are not your aunt who thinks so casual!”

It is said that there is such a group of people in the north gate of Sichuan, and they are sometimes aunt. Sometimes they hang a “accommodation” in the North Gate. One day, the BBQ night market for the North Gate said that they didn’t have, only they were playing The little strong, caught every pair of men and a woman, Q: “Handsome girl, not looking for accommodation …”

A big feature of Sichuan Sichuan is that every time I will be held outside, I will ask, don’t stay, my sister. There is a aunt to ask me that day: Do you want sisters … I really doubt what you want, which is what I want, my sister …

Every time I take the Sichuan Sichuan North Gate, I have a female peer next to it. “Accommodation is not? House? Open room? …” I saw it alone tonight, no one took care of me, hehe. . .

[Each urban and rural integration department, subway terminal station]

Liangjiaxiang: Zigong can’t go, Zigong, Zigong. Gao Bamboo Tang: New capital, a difference.

Jiuli: Unity, two

New South Gate: Huayang Huangyang, do not go


Century City: Huayang Huangyang, get on the bus.

Town Town: Jiuli Jiuli Dike, it is still two.

Jinsha Station: Wenjiang Wenjiang, ten pieces, and one.

[Other Sound]

Tianfu Square: Establishing, friends, photo

Xinzheng door: beauty, master film, give a master a chance.

Xinzheng inside: Beauty, casually, I can try it.

Outside the office: Do you want to do?

What you listen is:

A Vision Digital Square: Handsome, buy computer wow, what configuration is you want to choose?

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