Child Mold Market: Red Children Earn In the Suite in the Suite, I have children who have been played by the diapers

On April 9, a children’s model was picked up by the mother’s foot. Afterwards, the female mother’s mother issued a slightly higher state of teaching, and there was no meaning of the child. On the afternoon of the 10th, the Beijing Youth Daily reported from the Hangzhou Women’s Federation, about whether the mother has a family storm, and the current Municipal Women’s Federation is further verifying.

The Northern Youth Daily report found that the current domestic children’s model market is broad, some more red children’s models are incomplete, and even a set of rooms can be made in a year. Behind the market is, it is, including parents, and commercial institutions.


3-year-old children’s model for online shop

Mother’s foot daughter is questioned

On the 9th, “Child Mold” has on Weibo hot search. The video video shows that a girl in a 3 year old is holding a bag forward, followed by a male and one female two adults shoot behind the girl. The girl took two steps and put the bag on the ground, and the woman behind him suddenly on the front foot. Subsequently, there was a media report, and the girl named Niu Niu is a child model. It is a clothing to the online store on the same day, and she is her mother.

After the video is exposed, the netizens triggered a lot of indignation. How can a mother treat children so roughly? Let the children in the age of two or three children in the children’s model, is the child as a money tool? Among the discussion of netizens, some Taobao stores with Niu Niu have lifted their partnerships with Niu Niu.


Mother apologize

Women’s Federation indicates whether to verify

On the 10th, Niu Niu mother apologizes that, as shown on the video, she moved slightly in communication, but there was no harmful idea, causing the misunderstanding of netizens, she was deeply sorry. But netizens’ controversy is not because of this statement.

Niu Niu mother told Beiqing reporters, daughter is 3 years old, when children have half a year. This video is when I took the children in Hangzhou. Niu Niu did not listen to the album. She called a few times, and she was angry. After the shooting, Niu Niu mother and my brother took a mobile phone to give her daughter to take some photos, I didn’t expect the child or not, “I was very exhaustive, and I made a bad behavior.”

About netizens questioning that she used her daughter to earn money, Niu Niu mother also denied that she said in an interview with the media that her husband had a job, and the family did not rely on her daughter. In addition, Niu Niu mother told Beiqing reporters that daughters are not working in shooting, and the family will often take her to play.

On the afternoon of the 10th, the North Youth Daily learned from the Hangzhou Women’s Federation, about the video of the net biography, the Hangzhou Women’s Federation is further verifying whether his mother is suspected of travelers, if it is verified that there is indeed a family storm, the Women’s Federation will jointly Public security organs take relevant actions.


General children’s model, one month, 30,000

“Red Child” makes a house a year

There are media reports, in the business field, the effect of the two children’s policies is the most obvious manner. Data show that from 2013, the sales size of infant clothing rose rapidly. The research has shown that the 2016 China’s children’s clothing market is about 145 billion yuan; it is expected that the compound growth rate of children’s clothing industry in 2016-2021 is about 6.3%, faster than the overall clothing market.

In the hot children’s clothing market, the demand for children’s models is also high. On the one hand, the business owner with great demand for children’s models, and on the other hand, parents who are eager to become a Phoenix, become a Phoenix.

童模市场:红的孩子一年挣套房 有孩子因尿裤子被母亲打

Niu Niu mother’s circle cover is a photo of a daughter. There is a text introduction, “Xiao Niu Niu 93cm, 26 pounds, 24 yards, welcome all of the gold owners”.

A children’s model mother who lived in Hangzhou told Beiqing reporters who were divided into children, children and big children in accordance with the height. Children like Niu Niu, is a golden period of a child model. This high-quality child has a large demand, but willing to let children participate in shooting, the child does not work more, so it is more robbing.

Bei Yanyu reporter learned that the children’s model works, and the work of children’s models mainly has the form of shooting, merchants, buying a family show and tendo. Among them, the merchant is one of the most money. The merchant children’s model need to complete the shooting task of the photographer and the merchant as required by the photographer and the merchant, usually each cost of clothing is about 100 yuan.

This statement is confirmed by Ms. Chen confirmed. She told Beiqing reporters who compared to various children roles in the film and television drama, and the children’s models were the fastest way to make money. Ms. Chen introduced that according to the name of the child model, the price of the clothes is generally taken in 60-120 yuan. The children’s models can usually take seven, eighty pieces, more even more, and the income does not .

High income, fast money, after entering this industry, the parents should not be involved in it, and they are wrapped in money. Ms. Ms. Chen told the North Youth Daily, some parents came in the heart of the parents, but when the child gradually became popular, the people who were more and more, they refused. “General children’s model has no problem for more than 20,000 yuan a month, and it can make a set of rooms for a single year.” Ms. Chen said she met her mother resigned and taking care of children in children’s model.


Revenue and payment

Have a child to play by the mother because of the diapers

Revenue and payment are proportional. Ms. Chen told Beiqing reporter. When the children’s clothing shot was divided into the season, the peak season is when the store is new, and the child model usually needs to be taken in the new half of the store. Generally, it is a spring and summer dress, summer shoot. Fall and winter clothes. “My son has taken a down jacket in July, and it is an exterior. We have to be heat stroke, don’t say children.” Ms. Chen said that in the field of child model, the children were filmed at night, and the second is normal.

The children’s model is accused of consumer children not starting from Niu Niu. Unlike adult models, the child is not always controllable, and the difficulty of shooting is naturally higher.

Ms. Chen introduced that the general cooperation child can take 10 clothes in an hour, but if the child is crying, the time is not allowed. If you can’t shoot on the same day, whether your parents are still complained, so some parents are really anxious. At the children’s clothing shooting scene, Ms. Chen has seen a four or five children, because the diapers are pulled by the mother to the toilet.

In 2012, the girls in Bikini appeared in the Wuhan Auto Show, which was considered to bring their children in the adult world.

Lawyer said

Parental practice is suspected of illegal

Advertising company may be fined

As far as the child’s model was worn by the mother, Changsha Lawda, Beijing Kyoto Law Firm, believed that the girl’s mother was suspected of violating the “People’s Republic of China’s Anti-History” and the “Advertising Law”.

Changsha told Beiqing reporter, according to the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China, the Mother, the mother took the child, implemented the spirit, the body’s infringement, should be considered to implement the law. Home atrocities are. In addition, according to Article 38 of the People’s Republic of China on the Purchase of the People’s Republic of China: “Do not use a minor of 10 years of age as an advertising spokesperson.” Children in video did not exceed 10 years old, the advertising company was suspected of violating the “advertising” Prohibitation requirements. According to Article 58 of the Law, the advertising company may be more than three times the amount of advertising costs or less; if the circumstances are serious, it may be revoked the business license, and the advertising review authority will revoke the advertising approved document I don’t accept the application for an advertising review application within one year, and the highest amount of a fine of 1 million yuan is administrative punishment.

As for some netizens questioning girls and related stores suspected of hiring child labor, often lawyers told reporters that Article 13 of the State Council “prohibited using child labor regulations” stipulates: “Art and art, sports units can be used by minors’ parents or other guardians Professional literary staff, athletes that are less than 16 years old. The employer should guarantee the physical and mental health of minors who are recruited, guaranteeing their rights to accept compulsory education. “Children’s model belongs to a class of literary workers, so In the case of its consent of their guardians, the use of children’s models is not violated by law.

Regular lawyers said that behind the children’s clothing market, the protection of children’s models has become a gray zone of the law. Since the child’s self-judgment is weak, it is basically the problem of “Do not be a child model” problem, there is no room for self-choice. Gradually, children’s models have also become a chessia that profit in the hands of the merchant, which is the most vulnerable to harm in the entire children’s clothing industry. Article 13 of my country’s “Anti-Family Hygie” stipulates the unit, personal discovery of domestic violence, which has the right to dissuade it in time. Frequent lawyers also call on the public, if they see children suffer, they can be alarms in time, and try their best to protect the rights of children.

(Source: Beijing Youth Daily)