100 sets of cheap mobile phone shells to pick! The cheapest is only 4 yuan

M o B I l E P H o N e s h e l


M s m k


The cheapest is as long as 4 dollars! !

Hey Girls ~ I am a Sub-class editor, Mei Ling.


I don’t know where to put it on the camera and feet, how can I put it?

Tell you a great way, do not need to learn a variety of POSE and composition methods,

Just just stop in front of the mirror, keep your mobile phone.

Figure: EWchic.com, Amazon.com

When you focus on the mobile phone, you will naturally have forgotten the embarrassment. When you don’t want to look, you can use your mobile phone to stop.


But it’s easy.

No visual focus

In order to be more fluent, it is necessary to work on the phone shell.

Figure: Pinterest @ Samantha, WHERETOGET

So, this time, bringing nearly 100 high-quality mobile phone shells.

The cheapest is as long as 4 dollars will take it.

, I don’t have a distress at a time.

1 mirror mobile phone case


Is there a white fan in the background? It’s really a man who has a colorful and interesting, even if the phone case is so different.

Figure: WB @ 白敬 亭, tb @ 古 鹿


The same paragraph 1 ¥ 9cvmxq05tmj ¥ /

It turned out to be a mirror phone case, not the mirror of the tempered glass, but

The goods can be seen in the real thing, they are directly used as a mirror.

Figure: TB @ 小 美 壳, 初 心 手机


Left 1 ¥ kagjxq0gooc ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ H8R7XQ0GKXM ¥ /

It is simply the gospel of the beauty girl, and it will never need it.


For your forget to bring a small mirror, you can only take a mobile phone black screen for your mobile phone.



Figure: TB @ 誉 旗舰 店, Jiesr flagship store


Left 1 ¥ hviyxq05RES ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ bcuaxq0gjec ¥ /

The style is also surprisingly, and even the trendy, the chains are all, brought


The concave super outlet, but the chain is not very good to put the carry-on bag.

Figure: TB @ 顺 66 Digital franchise store, hot flagship store

Left 10 👈 👈 FCC8XQ2FO5R! /

Right 1 ¥ CZOWXQ05B98 ¥ /


I feel that the whole mirror is a bit too awkward, I accidentally scared by my big face, you can

This kind of pattern is selected.


Figure: TB @ 绿仁 digital franchise store, shell


Left 16.0 嘻 Tvivxq2usza, /

Right 1 ¥ b2eexq05c3n ¥ /

In addition, there is another shortcoming of the entire mirror phone case, that is

It’s easy to dizzy for a long time.

Recommended this

Only designed in the middle with a small mirror


It is also very good looking, it is inexplicable.


Figure: TB @ Apiao Simple mobile phone shell store, 顺 digital franchise store

Left 1 ¥ i8azxq05vv5 ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ sx9uxq05gkk ¥ /

More styles

Figure: TB @ 小 sister beauty shell, shangdianbaos flagship store

Left 1 ¥ xvyvxq05yvo ¥ /

Right 18.0 ✔XP0TXQ2GUZE ₤ /

Figure: TB @Mude digital franchise store, Shi Wilu flagship store


Left 1 ¥ alirxq0gnze ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ VYQAXQ05HVK ¥ /

Figure: TB @ 韩 野 Digital Flagship Store, playing flagship store


Left 1 ¥ VHY3XQ0GZKM ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ HnsfxQ05RAY ¥ /

2 Dreams, gradually, dizziness, mobile phone case

Wang Ziwen’s gradient fainting mobile phone shell is also very good, although this is last year, but this halo-stained style


I have been very hot, especially recent.

Photo: Little Red Book @ 王子文, TB @Mude Digital Franchise Store


The same paragraph 1 ¥ ik5dxq0GFMZ ¥ /

Look, recently in the small red book super 🔥, is the form of gradually disache, especially have a dusk.

Figure: TB @ rolincube studio

The same paragraph 1 ¥ NikDXQ0GDFV ¥ /

But in order not to hit her mobile phone shell, I still go to search for other specialty.

Figure: TB @ 思度 弘 专卖店, half a molar shell


Left 1 ¥ KYHXXQ0GE8T ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ 7 nkxxq0tvk2 ¥ /

Figure: TB @ 浩 旗舰 店, 爱思度 弘 专卖店,

Left 1 ¥ nfoExq0GFTP ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ 06ijxq0Gycz ¥ /

This fresh green is also super suitable for summer, with its own cooling function, also designed

Symbolizing pure, sincere sea salad

, Super romantic, wood is ~

Figure: TB @ nutcase flagship store

The same paragraph 1 ¥ z3vexq0g0un ¥ /

I always feel that pink is very naive, but now I really like some powder 糯 糯.

This kind of gradient-diced gradient is capable of smashing color


Very good tune and pure powder sweet,

Directly hit the old man’s girl ~

Figure: TB @ 半米 壳

Left 1 ¥ BVOYXQ05D9V ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ UWZTXQ0TDES ¥ /

I have always feel that the movie shell that is getting dizzy is a dream feel.

Like cloud like smoke, it is like a fog, blurred, and sweet.

Figure: TB @ 九 4 免 1, EAGET Remembrance Innovation Store


Left 1 ¥ Irzqxq05ynx ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ DTZJXQ0GB1X ¥ /

Sorry, I feel that I am a little fairy, I will have a hero riding a colorful cloud.

Figure: TB @ 半 米, thinking flagship store


Left 1 ¥ i2tqxq0tc9s ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ 5bjgxq0G0BT ¥ /


Figure: TB @ imobile Run Xu store, Mu Mu Digital Flagship Store

Left 1 ¥ 3X1HXQ0GRCC ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ R1DRXQ0GIOF ¥ /


Figure: TB @ Imolile Boyra store, half molasque shell

Left 1 ¥ 0g0WXQ0TTZG ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ 9F5RXQ0TAPO ¥ /

Figure: TB @ 星熙 flagship store, IMOBILE Run Xu store

Left 1 ¥ lnmmxq0gunp ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ lfvbxq0GFTL ¥ /

3 small fresh new wind transparent mobile phone case

The human sweet bean Zhao L’is too cute, this look of my wood, but I have seen her mobile phone case, and the whole person is more pure.

Photo: Little Red Book @ Zhao Lusi, TB @ 无脸

The same paragraph 1 ¥ h52hxq0gs8i ¥ /

This simple

About fresh transparent mobile phone shell is also the best for summer

After all, we changed the short-sleeved strap, and the mobile phone also had a breathable, cool and cool.

Figure: TB @ original mobile phone case

Left 1 ¥ zwv1xq0Gufe ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ 1YGDXQ0G37Q ¥ /


Pure white or low saturation of Macaron color

mobile phone

Especially suitable for transparent mobile phone cases, more INS wind.

Figure: TB @ small shark Digital, big Q beauty shell

Left 1 ¥ T9GOXQ0GFSD ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ zyd7xq0ggta ¥ /

We can’t use it so honest, saying that it is transparent to pick a colorless system, is there a careful case?

Color, pattern all get together!

Figure: TB @ 原 味 手机, 界 旗舰 店


Left 1 ¥ EYZFXQ0TCIE ¥ /


Right 18 👈! Fnzwxq2iMay letter /

I personally rarely have a lot of bright-eyed patterns embellished transparent mobile phone case, more and more attitude.

Figure: TB @ 子 旗舰 店, original mobile phone case

Left 1 ¥ 4frixQ0GZU9 ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ wthqxq0gozi ¥ /


Like the sisters of the solid color phone case, if your phone color is very beautiful, you can choose the color, the beautiful double, there is a jelly crystal clearing.

Figure: TB @ orangeshine flagship store, Mooring Qiqi Digital Flagship Store

Left 1 ¥ xbncxq0ti58 ¥ /

Right 13.0 哈 LC66XQ2RN34 Ah /

White is the harem, Jiali Three thousand Rana selected, black mobile phone can pick the bright black mobile phone case, more advanced.

Figure: TB @ 1989 flagship store, digital wolf flagship store

Left 1 ¥ 1dBrxQ0TADR ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ GMZTXQ064QN ¥ /


The transparent shell is a bit easy to send yellow


, The suggestible sister should be cautious, or buy more for a few spare hahahaha.

Figure: TB @ 蔲 蔲 flagship store, ideal flagship store

Left 1 ¥ ukjexq06557 ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ j86lxq0toul ¥ /

Left 1 ¥ jo3lxq0t4pn ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ xfwmxq0tx8p ¥ /

Figure: TB @ EAGET lysence innovation store, 界 flagship store

Left 1 ¥ nuffxQ0TC1H ¥ /

Right 18.0 哈 1vbdxq2qxhi, /

4 art phone case

That’s right, it is Zhao Lui, her mobile phone shell is really good, this painted graffiti mobile phone case, really has a sense of art.

Photo: Little Red Book @ Zhao Lusi, TB @ Han Dao flagship store

The same paragraph 1 ¥ YvytxQ0GJJ9 ¥ /

There is a little literary in the bones, or like the relatively small people.

I don’t want to be too popular, my most recommended is this mobile phone shell with some artistic sense.

Figure: TB @ 3d painting creative experience shop, cat

Left 1 ¥ fWFWXQ0GKWM ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ Cik7xQ0TS0W ¥ /

Figure: TB @ 三浦 Digital Flade, cat


Left 1 ¥ 9VRQXQ0GVTZ ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ Irw1xQ0TACF ¥ /


Most of my own mobile phone case is also this style.

Now use this color matching, the whole is relatively simple.

The collision of the yellow blue block is very visual impact, and the simplicity is dynamic.


Figure: TB @ 万 泉 达 Digital Flagship Store

The same paragraph 12 👈 👈 WXC9XQ2PFMW /

Although it has been a bit yellow, I think the flungery + edge grinding the paint is even more feeling, and there is a vast nostalgic taste.


Another thing I like, is a family of cats of the cat, and I bought the corners of the cat, and the design is simpler.

Ink green background + small cat + one sentence does not know what the meaning of the meaning is quite healing.

Figure: TB @ cat

The same paragraph 1 ¥ Upygxq0thif ¥ /

There must be too many mobile phone case elements,

The color use should not be too mixed, and the saturation is low, it is best to have appropriate leaves.


Figure: TB @ cat, a noon Lipue mobile phone case

Left 1 ¥ VuinxQ06GFZ ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ VKY6XQ0TCHQ ¥ /

Simply single line, small illustration, one sentence,

The more simple elements collide, but the more artistic sense.

Figure: TB @ 韵 digital flagship store, Nutcase

Left 1 ¥ xpedXQ0TDEO ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ ES2WXQ0TQ8G ¥ /

Figure: TB @ 桔 旗舰 店, three painting creative experience shop

Left 1 ¥ vstwxq06akm ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ jotrxq0tu9n ¥ /


Figure: TB @ three-port one painting creative experience shop

Left 1 ¥ g6nixq0gcbe ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ SSWPXQ06xKZ ¥ /

Figure: TB @ three-port one painting creative experience shop, Party A flagship store

Left 1 ¥ TSJCXQ0TQ3G ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ hdtlxq0twzk ¥ /

5 flower flower world mobile phone case

Is there a sister who likes a flower?

Wuli’s mobile phone shell has always been cute, ugly (?) type, can make her feel like this, probably only this mobile phone shell is printed.

Photo: Little Red Book @cecilia Song Yu, TB @ 尚 数 数 壳

The same paragraph 1 ¥ zpncxq0t366 ¥ /

It seems that most of the girls have such a girl.


I am no exception, especially when I feel this element, I like to put a bunch of flowers or dried flowers in the room.

I feel closer to nature.

Figure: TB @ 启 干 旗舰 店, 青 丙 光 原 原 手机

Left 1 ¥ 9GE0XQ0TCA1 ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ IMLWXQ06QKJ ¥ /

Every time I see a mobile phone case with a flower element, I will take special heart, I feel that people who choose this shell,

They all love life.

Figure: TB @ 雪 数 数 专营 店, Podi flagship store

Left 17 👈 哈 qqwuxq2mula 哈 /

Right 19.0 ah ykupxq2mtz2 嘻 / /

Especially in the style of embedded in the phone.

There is no three-dimensional feeling of paintings.

And because there is no flowers like the texture, every one is unique.

Figure: TB @ 爱 生 爱 你 配 配 城, Carhael flagship store

Left 1 ¥ GN77XQ06LIT ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ BL4ZXQ065YX ¥ /

Of course, cartoon, painting these flowers, I also like it, it is a real flower

Different artics, more creative.

Figure: TB @ 小白 绘 拍 三 付 付 2, bought three free one


Left 1 ¥ Ho0UXQ0TPPA ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ T34FXQ0T6KY ¥ /


However, it is also important to pay attention to the flowers not to cover the entire mobile phone case.

Color fresh and elegant


Otherwise there will be a little bit of earth.

Figure: TB @Mude digital franchise store, Aisis Lihong store

Left 1 ¥ 1PA3XQ0T5TZ ¥ /


Right 1 ¥ gjywxq0tnh3 ¥ /

Figure: TB @ 思度 弘 专卖店, Wan Quanda Digital Flagship Store

Left 1 ¥ 6caaxQ0TGNO ¥ /

Right 16.0, 1xEHXQ2NuO5 letter /

Figure: TB @ 清海 优品, 百 斯 乐 digital franchise store

Left 1 ¥ LR55XQ0TBOZ ¥ /

Right 1 ¥ d7daxq06lim ¥ /

Figure: TB @ 普凡 digital franchise store, Misaemisae original mobile phone case

Left 1 ¥ zcczxq0tvda ¥ /


Right 1 👈 Ha db4gxq2o4ap 嘻

Ok, the mobile phone shell of this day is here, almost more than 100 styles, have you like it?

More styles

More styles

More styles

More styles


Figure: TB @ original mobile phone case

Tell me in the comment area, I don’t wait for your message, I will not sleep!!


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