The woman is the princess of the princes, “” “Gold and Silver” has a tenderness and love.

Hello everyone, I am a south wind. Today, I recommend 3 homes to the princess’s ancient words. There is a tenderness, and there is a deep feeling, and every one can’t be missed!

First copy:

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The surface of the princess of the sky, the Temple of the princess VS brutal, the brute bob, I thought this is a happy pet, but I didn’t expect it to be doped with sugar.

The hub is a princess of far marry and pro, which has been escorted by the man, but there has been an accident on the road, and the pro failed. At this time, the country is also destroyed, the woman can only choose to follow the male land. She smart and beautiful, there is a city government, along the way and the man fighting, and the agency is finally compromising. The male owner attracted by the beautiful woman is moving, step by step, and loves you all.

However, the country survived, the new DPRK, the female owner is the old man, the male master is to the general of the new Dynasty, the woman has rebelled and struggled, and there have been escape from the man, but the end is still unpaid. Fall in love with the male, the ending HE.

Second book:

The woman is the only princess, and the character is warm but strong. The man is the king, but the belly is deep. This is also an ancient words that loved after the first marriage, the man likes the female owner from a child, and she designed the female marriage to himself. (Mining: There are children and sacrors before marriage, but not voluntarily, no feelings for them). The goddess did not marry the male owner. In fact, there was a sense of a bit of good feeling, but later, after the man was designed, it was very deep, but it was very cold, but it was gradually being impressed by the manuscript and the loyal dog.

The novel ending is BE, the male, the woman is the country, the male owner did not expect the women to be so decided, he also committed suicide after the fact that the woman was cooked.

This abuse is deep but there is a very sweet pet part, the author is super good, writing ancient words is an absolute, can accept Be can take a look!


Third copy:

The female owner is a princess, and she is pressed by my sister. I have to come to the country and pro, the original and pro-object is a prince, but the neighborhood is increasingly entered the male house.

The male and female owners are smart people. The masters have passed, and the women have escaped the murder of the male master several times, and the character is judged and transparent; the man is the prime minister of the power, smart and heartless; the ultimately two mutual benefits Crossing the tricks, the ending HE.

This author’s text is also very guaranteed, the previous “Spring Festival Banquet” is also very classic, I really like the words of the women’s owner in this article: Why is a good person to get into the Buddha in 1998, and the bad people only It is necessary to put down the butcher knife to become a Buddha immediately.

The above is the three homes recommended by Nanfeng is the ancient words of the princess. If you have more and better recommendations, please leave a message in the comment area ~

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book review:


book review: