Knit vest + shirt, spring is so beautiful

The weather is gradually picking up, it is time to give you a fashion item that will be bought by Amway.

Knitted vest

@ 方 方 BU


Open the little sweet potato, turn down the streets of major fashion, you will find that

Small fresh, sweet or cool girls,


Love PICK it, you can see how good!


@ PY0


It is very easy to match, take a shirt, t-shirt, and bottom shirt can wear

Cute, aged effect!

@ 一 原 美

Putting this ck vest is turned into this CK vest

A smart neighbor girl.

Thai goddess maidavika also likes to take the v-lead quail with an Oversize shirt, look at it.

Simple high level!

Slightly cold, external jackets can also have fashion bloggers

Stack the LOOK.

@ 哥 164.4

Knitting vests don’t count new items, but this year’s style is much more,


Like graffiti, totem models, rhombra … is all representatives


I am afraid that my sisters can’t find their own style. Today, I will take a look.


2022 The most popular knit vest in spring, with TIPS


for you all!


Colored knit vest

Speaking of knit vest, I think the most practical definite is pure color, black, white, gray although simple, do not

Spring candy color is amazing!

Like Kumikumi Home

The vest, the upper body is self-adopted, cocoa love, it is very white!

The color is good, but the version is also selected, like the shoulder width, the thickness, the chest is big.

Avoid high collar


The overall feeling of the overall feeling is very cautious.


Hanging belt is not suitable for microcrym

, The thin children can wear thin waist, and the slightly fat star is quite stack, or the V-coli quilt in the thick shoulder strap, and the neck line is more thin.

Girl with narrow shoulder, walking shoulders


I recommend that you should shoulder your shoulder edge design, and the shoulders of the suit have the wonderful work,

Keep your shoulder wire straightened to cover your arm!

The usual style wants to walk the campus style can be selected

Tao heart collar striped style


Korea blogger @ 利 和

Is it like Idiki ~

I want to wear pure desire.

Loose shirt + knit vest


Make the lower body disappearance, beautiful legs.

I like to walk, just


Put the bright plaid shirt inside

, Take the clothes into the pants more students’ tender breath.


With lace shirt,

It is also a sweet sister who exposes the collar.


Wearing tired shirts, T-shirts,

You can also send a dress towards


Spring Tour is very good looking like this!

Totem knit vest

If the solid color vest is not enough to attract you, then boldly try there


Pattern, totem

Many brands like to put big logo, printing chest, very eye-catching.

But this year is different, the designers prefer the totem

Even if it is simple to match the bottom shirt, it is also a good thing in spring!

This tied rope totem vest like MYLITTLEBANANA is very romantic.

French atmosphere.

Van Gogh, sunflower, iris flower


, It is also integrated into the vest by the designers. I like small fresh, the sisters of literary style can go to @ 两 三 事 ~

Isn’t it very popular in Vintage?


This micro-yellowing

Old model


It is also very fire, with the retro picture, Take the body, special taste, in a baby

Vintage vest

Can you find it, or orphan!

Style is good to see everyone

Ignore the version

Especially the style of tight the middle, very tight, the stomach, or the two sides of the styles are more harmonious.

If you have already bought it, you have nothing to do, put the lining and

The vest is stuffed into the trousers, and the leather belt can save the waistline.

Totem has comes with retro Feel, simple to take a straight skirt, and the volume is a properly portable beauty.

Weather hotspots can also take a t-shirt, jeans,


Refreshing and self-with retro feelings.

Linger knitting vest

In the end, a lot of hot girls like it.


Lingerie knitting vest

American retro wind is very hot in recent years, and

Lingerie vest is also a representative single product

These two years have not decaded!

Even the sweetness of the sweetness is also changed.

Linger on a small vest


It is very sensible for the British campus.


Vintagetang new rhombra vest is also very beautifully ves

, The red design of the rock purple cow oil is too spring!

Mingalondon’s powder

, I will kneel about the color of the color ~ Is this the rhythm of my wallet?




Lingerie is still a commercial age

, Even if you change the bright color, you will not be old, but it is a classic style of American retro style!

But pay attention to buy short, long,

Need to choose a round collar position


The tensioned neck will be bloated, buy V-neck, and the style of the cardigan is more thin.


The most classic short, the most classic is a white polo shirt;

Take back


Blind skirt and medium stockings

This group wears a tap that you don’t have much slim, proper American campus wear.

You can also switch the underlying item, wear

Michael pants

It is also the classic match of the babes.


I want to go to the lazy feel, you can also choose the regular rhombus vest to take the Oversize shirt, highlight the corner to cover the skirt, soft soft, very suitable for spring wear.

Ok, spring vest is here ~