The pointed shallow mouth is white, these 8 exquisite and elegant high heels, women’s taste

Shallow mouth fine with skin rivets with a flat buckle heel

New high heel thick with rivet pointed single shoes, pointed head shoe tip design, look delicate, thin and white, the word buckle is thick with design, wearing elegant, very small fresh style Feel.

Suprest pointed high heels

The new pointed stilettened high heel shoes, the stable color of the atmosphere, lets you look full, the basic configuration of the urban white-collar workers, the simple design is more comfortable.


Shallow mouth fleece with one word ring buckle high heels


The width of the buckle belt, the perfect modified ankle part, the pointed design, and the girl’s 芊 细足, instantly create a charming leg shape.

Pointed shallow mouth stiletto pearl water drill single shoes


Retro leather deep shoes, comfortable leather upper, cortical soft and delicate, Amway everyone this shallow shoes, plaid texture with point design, with any clothes pants with wardrobe, do not show off fashion

Pointed suede shallow mouth pearl sexy high heels

The new pointed slim pearl foot ring defensive single shoes, the thick withdrawal design, simple atmosphere, not tired, the shoe tip is the pointed design, wearing a comfortable and soft, no needle, white pearl word buckle Designed, it seems that the atmosphere is noble.

Side empty waterproof platform tip finery

The pointed design can modify the shape of female foot tip, more remarkable, sweat-absorbent breathable in the pigs, and bring a self-discipline to the woman.

Pointer stiletting sexy shallow mouth velvet wild single shoes

Spring pointed suede high with black stilet with shoes, highlight shoes fashion and noble, selection suede is completely in line with the soft and comfortable feelings needed; detailed high heels shape your perfect leg, the legs of the legs Have your full woman.


Pointed hollow word detaining high heels

Slim high heel design, modified leg type, highlighting high picking beautiful body, highlighting the most charming woman’s charm, wearing different occasions, let you stand out!