The year of the year is baked, the 2019 Ten Pack of Female Star Street

The 1920s began!

Especially in the beginning of the year, the hand is unconscious,

I don’t even buy a big piece, I don’t live hard for a year,

Adhering to the least amount of money, the principle of buying the most cost-effective happiness, Dangdang! Give everyone a heavy burden


2019 “Bao Wang” list


2019 is really a year of booming world! There is a lot of good new new packages, while many excellent package last year, it is still not reduced this year! A few keywords in the past 2019 bags can be attributed to:

“Pay tribute”, “retro”, “innovation”


TOP 10: alexander Wang attica


Alexander Wang is a treasure brand I have recently liked, this classic attica pocket giant is very good.


What I admally admire is that Alexander Wang can always find subtle balance between hardcore and sexy provocations, which is very suitable for walking.


Tidal refined



There are 5 zip compartments in Attica, which can be slopp, can be a shoulder, you can also do waist-wrap around the ankle, gray common!

Liu Wen

Golden Zhudi


Sweet white


Yang Mi is full of drilling




This is a big bag of old flowers in LV this year. It is very special. It has a lot more than the print bag of normal size, which is very high, and it is a young feeling.


Capacity is also super-energy, wallet, mobile phone, cosmetic bag, casually, under the dispensing

There are super-many choices in color, in addition to the most classic old color, there are very many color, which can meet different girls and various occasions.

This is also the most love of the Brokener of Europe and America.


TOP 8: Prada Nylon Hobo

This year, Prada returned Nylon Hobo Bag, and fired in an instant!


In this Re-Edition Hobo, there are both the simplest small handbags, and the style of three-in-one mother and sub-package, and several parts of the three-in-one can be disassembled.

Everyone can be combined according to their own preferences, very suitable for cool girls!

TOP 7: Gucci 1955 Housebit


The brown item this year is 1955 horsebit this package. It shows that “the strongest retro” in the horses is the completion of the classics of the 60s.

I am still seen at the gucci 1955.

Ni Ni Airport

One second, mom yeah! This temperament is also equipped!

Simple profile makes it practical and watch

Xiao Wan Xiaozi also Get has 1955, I will completely fall.


Bible Oony


Gray dresses with it simply temperament! A excellent bag will not grab your limelight, but also add a whole LOOK

Rose and Li Chengyue, I have to eat this dog, I have to eat, couple 1955 is also very good! It turns out that this bag is really a men and women, whether it is handcuffs, Messe, shoulder, and everyone is very good.

White cortical 1955 is also very resistant

TOP 6: Dior book Tote

Dior book Tote debuts in spring and longer in 2018,


Founder is simple

The TOTE package is lightweight and practical, and it is extremely simple to make it up with the topic of each season. Although it is less than two years, it has become Dior’s new classic IT Bag.

Usually we can often see the bag of Baby usage, which is from Dior’s Book Tote handbag. For travel, not only the value is high, but also

Down jackets can be plugged in


Oh ~


But for a petite Asian girl, the large book Tote may be slightly whisper in his hand, you can choose a small or new MINI.



Rihana upper mini BOOK TOTETOP 5: Dior 30 Montaigne


30 Montaigne’s design inspiration comes from the 1946 brand birthplace “No. 30 Moncore Avenue” carries the designer Maria Grazia Chiuri to return to this source

In Dior is the ‘cost-effective king’, the price is appropriate and fair

The contour is distinct, self-contained, and Mr. Dior is abbreviated “CD” logo as an eye point

The disadvantage is that there is almost no shortcomings, and it is highly recommended that it’s old, especially the small box.


TOP 4: BV The Pouch


This year’s BV is simply following

Open hang,

Whether it is from the garment or the shoe bag, I have gone out of the unique style, and all this must be attributed to the new creative director, Daniel Lee.


Daniel Lee has served as Director of Celine Garment in 2012. After the BV of BV, the people of Europe and America blogger


Pouch “Cloud Pack”

Just with the similarity of Celine’s Purse CLUTCH


Basically, the 10 street shoots are covered with cloud bags.


I like this white

The mini size is very small, as


Very suitable


TOP 3: Dior Saddle


As a king of 2018, Dior Saddle still has a super popularity.

It is the ignorant


For example, the first version has been introduced so far, it has been a 20-year history!


Saddle bag now

It has also become a very important representative package for a new generation of Dior.

Still the protagonist on T stage

So the classic level has not been said, but it is not afraid to stay!

Mu Village Guangxi, there are other leather and color bags, also received the favor of the majority of stars and bloggers.


Black super classic


TOP 2: lv dauphine


LV bags believe that every girl will like


Dauphine Daphne, don’t have to introduce, from the Louis Vuitton 2019 Early Spring series, it is the sale of LV has been released in 1976 Sac Dauphine classic bag



While retaining handsome retro, add practicality


Orchestra-type design is super-low, capacity is very large


It is very suitable for everyday out of the door.


What is anything in the brain?

Today’s Dauphine has also developed rapidly into a bag family.

Not only launched a new color and pattern

There is also a pocket, woc, mini parcel, etc.

It’s very worthy of choice.


TOP 1: Chanel 19 Bag

The first place was announced, this year’s annual bag Wang Chanel 19 Bag

Why is this package called 19? Because it is born in 2019, he will mean 2.55.

Chanel 19 is a new package that CHANEL is launched this autumn and winter. It is only a short a few months. It has also become a big Jiangnan North. It has also become the annual package king in everyone’s mind.

Chanel 19 has launched a variety of different materials and sizes, which can be seen that Chanel’s weight for this package.


Ouyang Nana

This black size is comfortable

However, different from the past Double C, 19 Bag’s dual C uses the brand classic “skin wear” design, chubby love, super suitable for


Autumn And Winter


I think 19 this package is still very potential.

I like the baby can fully start this package.

Although the name is 19, the fashion life of this package believes more

At least 2020 is definitely


Firest style


Kunling also gone

Today’s “package king” is here to come here! Will you pick the same? Tell the captain in the comment area ~


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