Avril’s favorite “punk style” again! Modern and domineering, from this turned into hard nucleation

In daily life, many girls’ wear styles are biased to the lady’s sweet wind, which looks like a woman who is very neighbor. Or is it to go to work, a formal installed, a strong royal sister, look too much mature.

But I believe that many little fairy have a “small wild beast” in the heart, if you think it is like Xiaobian, it is too cool enough, you may wish

Try the “bad girl” punk to dress, be a “hard Girl”!


Wearing with a different feeling ~

Punk style is now

Hot in the fashion world

Many large showcases have a punk’s figure. If you think that you can do a super cool cover like a fashion star trend, you will learn together with Xiaobian to know what is punk!

Punk origin

Punk is also known as “punk”,

A anti-rolling music for the 1970s.

Punk music is not too much to pay attention to music skills, more inclined to the ideological liberation and anti-mainstream sharp position, punk as a rebel method, understand it is an anger, anti-war, Utopia, slow punk culture has slowly

Evolution into an art, a kind of thought, or even a life.


After the punk music, the treated is the punk costume. Although the punk style is not recognized at the time, punk costumes are in this contradiction, and the punk thinking is staged.

Express rebel psychology.

At the time, I can

Different elements that are different and dissatisfied with this real society,

Can be used as a punk culture in the clothing.

At the time, punk has already

Not only limited to music, they will perform the performance to display,

Thereby expressing its own thorough revolution: wearing a lit and has many exaggerated gathered cowboy; combing the chicken head or simply shaving, such as the expression of a rebellious element can be applied at the time.

Year 1999,

With the rock singer Avril’s popularity, the punk style is also accepted by ordinary public

At that time, almost all young people in the United States and even the world mimic this punk little princess painted exaggerated smoky makeup.

Wearing a personality punk costume, making the most unique self.


Today, the 21st century,

The heat of the punk style is still not increased,

Become a style with cultural heritage, but today’s punk winds have the initial publication, alternative, after the time of precipitation

Slowly become exquisite.

And the joining of high heels, printed elements, but also let this


The wild style is more soft and beautiful.


Punk element


Learn about the history of intimacy, let’s take a look

Punk style unique




Leather is the most common punk suit element,

It is the essence of a punk style. Single items with leather elements are also the best dressing now “authentic punk”. Among them, leather is the most typical single product of leather applications, and the leather elements are also best.

Handsome, personality, and coolness of the punch style.


2. Gripet

Gripet is also one of the main elements of punk style

After black-oriented dressing, coupled with grilled elements, it will give people visual stimuli, eye-catching, but need to pay attention to it.

Grid elements can only be used as a dressing,

The large piece of use of the plaid seems to have some rustic.

3. Broken hole



It can be said that it is the best represents the punk style, it

Fashion and personality that highlights cool girls

Over the years, cracked elements

I have always been a fashion trend in Ivy,

At the same time, it is most likely to be rebellious and destroyed. A dark hole jeans can easily wear the feeling of hardcorepan.


4. Metal



Metal details are also the exclusive elements of punk style.

The use of these heavy metals, can make the clothing look more level, whether it is the mainstream fashion circle or a street trend circle, punk metal decoration has always existed,

The color of the metal is also very impact.

In invisible, you can add some cold COOL feelings for your own style.


How to take punch items

Single items with punk elements are actually very good, these single items are slightly moving, they are cool feeling ~ Do not believe, let’s take a look!


Leather jacket

It is the most frequently seen in the punk wind, a black leather jacket with metal detail,

Match the current popular black radish pants and middle boots

,At once

Cool and handsome

If it feels that the black is too depressed, you can take a bright t-shirt.


In addition to the pants, the leather jacket can also match a detailed irregular skirt, an irregular leather and skirt, and a high heel boots,

High and thin

, Paint a delicate makeup, proper


Cool handsome and glamorous Queen ~



Cut cavel can be said to be a must-have item, and the punk’s broken hole is more black, tight.

The upper body is very thin, and the detail of the hole is small.

It is possible to match a jewet or leather, after all, is black is the most colorful color? This is not very exaggerated and very fashionable,


The little fairy who tried the punk can refer to this to wear it ~

Broken shorts with burry is the upgraded version of the hole trousers

It is on the basis of cool,

More sexy,

Topping with a simple shirt with a micro-homework, it will look very good. It is like Mi Pure, the design of the upper clothes is more sexy, and the rivet detail of the shoes adds a cold and handsome, medium Sex and feminine are superior!



Who said that the punk style of a punk style cannot wear a skirt, a black dress that is obliquely open, leaking out half of the long legs.

Handsome and sexy

, Leather belt draws long waist line,

Very high,

Match the last pair of long tube paint leather boots,

Cool and trendy quote,

If the weather is cold, you can also take a leather jacket.

Typeful and warm ~


I have a good effort in the overall garment, the accessories are naturally not less, chain, rivets, metal, but also don’t have a brain to wear it, otherwise it is the best match secret.

Choker is the most often used neck jewelery in punk winds.


, South Korea model Sora Choi is ten minutes love Choker, belt buckle, large circle type … It is estimated that there is a cabinet in the Sora home. The choker chain of the big ring is equipped with her as the face of the decadent and self-contained gas field. It is a model of punk girl!

Neck is not a long girl, don’t worry, the swan neck is not, you can make a chain to make a chance, the girls trying to choose the long thin chain, no too much design.

Simple will not be too big.

If you think too monotonous, you can also select the chain or a cross-stranded chain.

It is very beautiful and cool.

Want to have a punk style, in addition to wearing cool jewelry, you can also go up and down on the backpack, don’t want to spend too much, don’t spend too much sister on dressing,

A shoulder bag that is full of rivets can make a sundown rate for you.

There are a lot of punk’s hard elements, when wearing a punk style,

Gas fields and routes will become different


Wear punk style,

Can also become a unique landscape


The most important thing is to make yourself wear.

Let’s try it out ~