How do boys put a jeans and distinctive handsome

The handsome of jeans, how much have you been developed?


Jeans is a common tide in daily life. Its handsome has been recognized by most people, but the more simple and common things, the more hidden many potential. A simple jeans, you can wear a double-handed handsome, and sweet feeling, it will definitely let you have a re-positioning of jeans.

European and American denim

It is different from the ordinary Korean cowboy, rough, personality, and street fancy is its most vivid theme. After wearing it, let your temperament differ from it, more young people. Tension.

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All in summer European and American light jeans men’s self-cultivation small feet nine pants men’s elastic men’s trousers thin section

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It is the first impression that it gives people, it is a personality that is more personal, it will not be so depressed, enhance your temperament.

ALL IN Light jeans Men’s Strong Strike 2016 Summer New Products Nine Pants Trends

Take a minimal, after wearing, you will give this feeling, give people a bright sense of shirt, your jeans, no one will be as ordinary.

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2016 spring and summer men’s retro jeans men’s thin section broke-hole straight self-cultivation youth slim small foot trousers tide

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Stack, wrinkles, American domineering suddenly wear, although there is no chic design, but you will let you take out someone else, wear a kind of American modern.


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Metersbon Water Wash jeans summer new boys Slim loose casual trend Youth pants 602702

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The straight version of the straight version is long, reflecting a gentle feeling, wearing a man taste, a man’s jeans, the man’s jeans is not simple.

2. Harlan jeans

Harlan tailored jeans is more novel in shape, wearing a more distinct and personal tide, is more dangerous, but also handsome.


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Mr. Cotton 2016 new Harlan jeans men’s harem pants men’s casual jeans men’s trousers jeans

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At first glance, the sports man’s shelves, loose tailor avoided jeans in the summer’s troubles, so wearing more comfortable, color pure and pure eyes, there is a harbor design, there is a look of tide people.

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Design retro jeans men’s loose small foot Japanese teen beam hahad pants draw rope closing casual pants

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The design of the Japanese style, so we put on the art, and also has a certain stuffy and fence. In short, it is absolutely intriguing, and the model will not be as thin.

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New trend day jeans male wild casual harem pants loose harbor student small feet retro male pants

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Deep khaki, wearing a jeans, but there is a connotation, low-cut, loose, external buckle, want to tide so perfect, do not compromise at all.

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2016 spring new original design day street trend slim small feet jeans male retro harem pants


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The generous Harlan version, the trousers are not rolled up or put down the temperament, the movement is also tension, deep water wash, is low-key, but it is special.


3. Breaking cave jeans

Breaking cave jeans is a good weapon that reflects its own strength, but what extent, is it right?


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ALL IN Broken Jeans Men’s State Summer Cowboy Jiubi Pants Paddy Elastic Men’s Pants Thin Tide

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Completely concentrated on the hole design, the overall arrangement is compact, the beauty naturally brought, the effectiveness of the holes is more atmospheric, and it is a kind of stress.

2016 spring new design day broke hole jeans men’s foot retro water washing white loose pants tide


Wear a hip-hop wind, a strong street style, special for those who don’t die, it is convenient, and you can play tides.


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AMH men’s Korean version 2016 summer new bundle slim small foot nine pants jeans male tide NX4346 恊

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Korean version of the hole, wearing a long legs, suitable for the temperament, the style, just joining a little personality, and more fullness of your temperament.


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Dark code 2016 summer new trend black slim water wash small foot broken hole jeans male RM5257 呟 0512

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The knee hole is a classic design, using pure black color, high-cooled American street style water to the stream, seems to be very good, in fact, is also a personality burst.

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