The music department girls wear the end of the tube top dress, and the whole process is full of “chest”, nervous and want to laugh.

Some time, there is a musician girl to participate in the final exam, wear black silk, look high, and then equipped with a short skirt, and count countless one time. The netizen’s comment area is about the “big long leg” discussion, but it doesn’t pay attention to the performance of his music.


This is allegedly a large number of students. This is also the last attending exam. The final exam is self-evident for the importance of music students, and we can wear it. There are both sound enjoyment, and there is a visual enjoyment, isn’t it two?

Recently, a music student final exam was sent online, and it was also concerned. It is also because wearing. Let’s take a look at the video on the scene.

The incident is Chongqing, this girl is also music, and also participating in the final exam. In order to leave a good impression on the teachers, we have dressed in the dress. Wearing a tube top dress. I don’t know if this dress is still rented or bought online, the clothes number is not very suitable, a bit big. When singing, it will drop down.


So in order to cover up, this girl used a variety of gestures to hold the skirt. Due to tension during the exam, I feel funny. Quite embarrassment.

According to this girl, I haven’t had 6 small clips when wearing this dress, and the situation is not very bad, just the role of your heart. The real situation does not fall too much. Mainly, there is no excessive trial before going to the stage, and it is estimated that the number is too large.


Every time the exam, no matter what professional students are nervous. Especially the major of this field performance, because there is only one chance, tension is inevitable. Preparation for simultaneous progress, it should be dressed from wearing. It is only necessary to consider all kinds of situations. If you are not your usual, you must try it a few times, avoid embarrassment.