Fashion women suggested wearing denim shirts, 5 classic matching demonstrations, easy to wear advanced feelings

The shirt has always been a single product that fashion women love is very loved. In addition to the wild, plasticity is also very strong, but in different occasions, it is necessary to match the shirts of different styles and different fabrics to match you. Match style.

For example, in the job field, everyone is usually more popular in the foundation simple white shirt, and in everyday leisure, the denim shirt will be more useful than the foundation white shirt! Fashion women suggested wearing denim shirts, 5 classic matching demonstrations, easy to wear high-level feelings.

First, denim shirt + coat

If you want to wear a casual comfort and want to wear enough warmth, you can use the combination of shirts and coats, and the shirt usually in the design of the fabric is relatively thin, and it is both comfortable and more comfortable. The outer long section of the camel coat is used outside, and the color matching method is used to use the cold and warm color matching method to present a visual enrichment and level.


When using a denim shirt with a coat, it is best to open the coat. On the one hand, this open dress can make the denim shirt to show it, showing a sense of layering, on the other hand, open clothes You can also reduce the bloated feelings, through the open manner, to wear more profile.

Second, denim shirt + suit

Most women will use the foundation white shirt in the job field to show a steady, but for those atmosphere of the workplace is not particularly serious, you can use a denim shirt to replace the foundation white shirt, the cowboy fabric is present. The casual feelings will be better, reducing the serious and engraving of the workplace.

Comfortable casual denim shirt with a classic and retro griller suit, it is not very eye-catching in the inside and outside, but it can highlight enough retro feel through a fine small grid design. This kind of matching method can be easily Workplace transforms to daily leisure situations, whether in a serious workplace or a relatively good day-to-pending scenario, it can be bold.


When using a denim shirt, you can put your hands in a dressing method. On the other hand, it is also possible to present more fashion sensations through such sexy feelings.


Third, denim shirt + sweater


Lili-sucked denim shirt with a soft and comfortable knit cardigan, use a soft and a hard matching method in style to present a soft and compatible matching effect, this different style is presented, the feeling of feelings will bring A sense of conflict with a little bit of style.

The long section of the denim shirt is matched on the upper half, presents a superimposed level, in the neckline, the cuffs and clothing partially exposes the corner of a little shirt, which can present the profound and fall. At sufficient level.

However, this kind of matching is usually not very friendly for petite girls.


Fourth, denim shirt + lamb lender jacket

Cowboy shirts match the hairy lamb jacket, use a thin and thick matching method in the inside and outsper, compatible with the fashion, comfort and warmth. The lower body is equipped with the style of the style of yoga or shark pants, and the beautiful legs can wear a vitality.


5. Denim shirts are stacked

A very bone girl can try to use a stacked matching method when wearing a denim shirt, the superimposed method is visually full of layers and three-dimensional feelings, but this The stacked multi-match usually has a little high on the requirements of the body, and the bone sister can try it with bold.

Anyway, we must wear shirts. For the basis of white shirt, the fashion feeling of casual denim shirts is stronger, if you don’t believe, hurry to try it!

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