After the winter, “warm trousers” is fire, and it is comfortable and soft.

Is there some sisters like me, I like it in the cold, I don’t want to get it in the nest? I think that the cold feeling when wearing a pants is more firm, and I am determined to hide in the nest. Good

Now there is a pants to get quickly, wear comfortable and warm, so that cold winter is more warm, it is “warm pants”!

What is a warm trousers?

Look at the name, I know that it is responsible for keeping warm! The general trousers do be cold, and it takes a while to feel warm. and

The surface of the warm trousers is a fluffy, and the closeness is comfortable and soft, and it is very suitable for fear of cold girl.

You may say that the warm trousers is not a cotton trousers? It’s really not! Cotton pants is to keep warm, while warm trousers are warm, it is directly touching the skin, and more soft and comfortable.

The benefits of warm trousers:

In the past, we put on the autumn trousers, and then the outermost trousers, and more layered not only worn, but it was easy to make the legs look more.

This kind of pants in this Neiqi can reduce our dressing steps, in a pants that are less cold in the southern city. Wet cold north, only need to add a pair of autumn pants.

It is more convenient to save trouble.

Warm pants classification:

Double velvet warm pants


The warm pants of the double-sided velvet fabric is the earliest start, it

The ridges and outside are furry, like a warm blanket, soft and warm.

This pants will generally be more fluffy, more suitable for home leisure, so everyone always treat it as a sleeping pants.

In fact, as long as the color is not too fancy, the simple and generous black and white ash and low saturation shallow powder, the light blue can be worn as the ordinary casual pants, and the sweaters are more comfortable and warm, wear to go shopping, also value online.

Neli plus velvet

Stylish is always more, warm trousers are also continuously upgraded, whether it is a warmth or shape is more perfect, no longer just “hunt pants”, we often wear

Jeans, sports pants, suit pants can become warm trousers, just add a layer of fluff in it.

Therefore, so that it is beautiful and warm, more practical.

How to choose warm trousers?

Plus velvet casual pants

Although there are many advantages, the warm trousers, because the nephels, must be more fat than ordinary pants, if the leg is not very slender, it is best to pick

The loose design is loosely designed to avoid widening the legs on the legs.

It is very fashionable to start with a leisure style. Such as this

Very good plus velvet harsh pants, because the version is full of components, and the entire trousers model exhibits longitudinal to elongate effects. The length of the foot is also very suitable for tens of long legs.


With the flat shoes with sprinkle, small children can also control it.

Pluster jeans


If you want to wear daily commuters, cowboy plus velvet pants must be preferred.


Girls who are thick and smooth, and they can choose small straight pants and wide legs, will make your legs look more straight.


. The premise is that there must be a bone feeling, a top-type jeans, too soft, easy to have wrinkles, the entire leg will also present a trend of transversely widened.

This one is

The tight small straight plug-in jeans seems to be more favored. Nine pants design is also very friendly to small children, no dragging

It is very suitable for office workers. It is very suitable for office workers. I am afraid that the cold girl needs a “warm trousers”! Pearly wear comfortable soft, warm and good!


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