Winter practical daily in Europe and the United States INS style is warm, warm down jacket, do not satisfactorily

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Today, I recommend Europe and America blogger’s short down jacket to make you fashionable in winter.

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

I personally like the short down jacket because it is really convenient, after the upper body is slim. There is no bloated winter is a romantic season that makes people feel refreshed.

I love winter.

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

First, match the skirt:

The down jacket with long skirts, the style of different materials and different lengths will be completely different.

Want senior workplace female elite.

You can match the straight skirt of the calf, put on the fine heels or stiletto boots. Overall Look is very professional. Direct to work directly, it is definitely the office is fashionable. Female colleagues envious, male colleagues appreciate. I have to lament it again and a full day of energy.

The material of the straight skirt is different. In fact, the style will also be slightly different. For example, the material is bullion or the material of the lamb, it will be handsome and casual, and it can be a high heel boots on the choice of the shoes. Sneakers, overall, more fashionable and sports wind.

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

With a pleated skirt or a thin fabric, it will be elegant and soft.

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级


Short down jackets can also be more diversified in color, and some bright colors can wear very fashionable advanced feelings. Most of the down jackets that are not as long as long are more black and white.

Not afraid of cold sisters, in fact, with the elegant long skirt, it will be very romantic, there is a sense of beauty of winter love songs. Very painful, you can try it.

The bright color is actually not easy to wear, and it is necessary to wear the fashion, in fact, there is still a certain requirement on the body and color. Of course, the thousand gold is difficult to buy, as long as you like it, there is no hurt, wear it. It is the most confident that the earth is also the most confident.

The money on the waist is also very fashionable, not afraid of cold sisters. Because this style of cashmere feathers are not short, so the lower body is best to match the boots, both warm and fashionable.

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

Second, match the pants:

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

The short down jacket is equipped with pants, it is the most convenient mixed combination.

Suitable fabric

, With sneakers or short boots, it is very fashionable. Simply, it is a fashionable. It can be worn as a daily commuter, which is free to match a hat out, warm and fashion.

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

Match sports casual pants

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

Very European and American street winds, many European and American big stars are so moving in the winter, very fashionable and atmosphere.

Fashion advanced casual style

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

Sports leisure European and American style

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

Directly loose and divest pants with short down jackets, very big star feelings.

Go out to the street

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

Trendy big style

Sports free casual outstanding street wind

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级

Street style

冬季实用日常穿搭 欧美ins风轻便保暖羽绒服 好看不显胖 通勤高级


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