Not all the stars shape soil to the slag, the necklace of these stars is beautiful!

It seems that it is very popular among the neck to wear Choker.

But ordinary people are hard to wear a star,

With its own black Choker,

Not as good as possible, choose a few star patterns to wear!

As long as you match well,


The effect is definitely not bad to Choker!

Pendant stars have a personality,


There is also a blue necklace on the neck.

If you like the truth of the stars,


This necklace is absolutely can’t be missed.

Although the golden chain looks a bit old,

But the stars are still quite lively.


Also slightly retro Feel!


This small stars are very special,

More ladies girls can choose!


This is a strong style.

Girls who walk on the wind can try it!


Star Choker with a long necklace,

The visual effect is full!

This stars necklace feels very strong,

Very query style.

On the necklace on the necklace, a complex long necklace is also good.

This, the neck feels that it will not feel empty.


Although these two necklaces are very simple patterns,

But this small fresh style is also very popular.


Not all the stars pattern is very low,

Like these necklaces is quite special,

The most important thing is that the effect of wearing the neck is particularly good.

Is the parents still want to move?