Zhou Binchao’s appearance airport is so embarrassing, down jacket outside the sleeve is really unknown

Zhou Ban can be said to be a very distinctive female star in the entertainment circle, although she has gradually accepted the dress style in the stage, but under the stage, she is still more willing to stick to her own personality, dress up or in the middle The wind’s trousers is mainly, and then look at her past private service model is not difficult to find. Her wear is generally comfortable, although it is not like other female stars, but very grounded, no star shelf Dress up is more likely.

Recently, Zhou Penchang is alone in Beijing Airport, and the stroke of Su Yan looks at the face. It is very casual with a meatball. It is equipped with the ALL Black to wear and is handsome, but she is on the down jacket. The wearing of the outer sleeves is really unknown, and it is too big to use the down jacket. This brain hole is too big!

In fact, single look at the leather clothes wear outside is still very handsome, short leather is quite practiced, and the leather locomotive jacket is very much very matched with the pen. This kind of locomotive jacket is open to the pen, and the waistband is free, and it is more freely free from the temperament.


I didn’t think of it, such a handsome leather is set out outside a down jacket, such a match is really unknown! Such a thick down jacket is used to take it, don’t you feel uncomfortable? I feel that both arms move will be very inconvenient! This is another color of the color, and there is no one thing, and the full screen is bloated.

Next, the pen is wearing a black casual pants, the pants have a bright black fabric with bright black fabrics, and there is a sense of retro style, echoing the retro van with the upper body cartoon jacket, these two items With together, it is very handsome to fry!

Not only that, but also wearing a pair of big-thick black shoes on the foot of the pen, so that this shape seems to be a lot of gas field. Such a personalized pair of shoes, it is also possible to hold it in the pen.

Originally a set of pretty cool styles were destroyed by this down jacket wearing it, and the pen pen of the perspective of the face did not say, even if a sighful meatball hair is tied, but I still can’t feel a variety of vitality. Why is the stroke of the pen pen? Is it also the “year-old syndrome” like many new years, and the mental state is not adjusted?

Dreamy may find the answer when you see this photo above! The pen pen should not only carry a big backpack, but also laid two suitcases, it is really distressed, it is quite tired!


If you come back, there will be many assistants and staff who follow this level of the stars, and they have to go, let the pen pen, a big package, a small package! Coupled with the “accident” in the down jacket, it is necessary to have the stylist should also be there. Is the staff of the pen team still holiday?

Zhou Binchao’s appearance airport is so embarrassed, down jacket outside the leather wear is really can’t understand! After reading her style, I really feel that the team’s work team is too important! Do you have the same feelings as Dreamy? Let’s leave a message to share your point of view!

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