Variety of girls must have bags | Contracting your four seasons

You go out to see those beautiful little sisters, which one has not been carrying a bag out of Gai! As a qualified exquisite girl, we always need a package to pack some small things, and we can upgrade today’s overall wear. Just like there is a lot of clothes in your wardrobe, you will always have a bag!

Today, I will give you a few bags in Amway, there is a relatively small, there is more “installed”, and there is a wild. Dear partners are sitting well, no matter whether it is bought to you or send a friend, I think it is very nice to choose!

Small CK flower petals

Reference price: ¥ 300-500


I will know that I can’t escape! Dare to ask this color plus the elements of the waves, what is the cute little MM?

Image source: small red book

This package is very space, too “installed”, I often carry it to the library, but the bag is just a notebook and some small objects of the boss. But compared to those with the bag, it has both color!


There are actually two back methods, long-stranded masters, short chains. The chain is a relatively thick, after all, the bag is big, that is the kind of thin arm thin legs, definitely weird! Moreover, the chain is also designed to be old metal color, plus the red itself of the bag is slight, so it is very perfect!

The belt of the leather is also a metal buckle in both sides, which is very comfortable.


You can use the little skirt to control sweater jeans, the whole set is youthful girl!


Never OUT. There is another black, but I think the design is so unique, I bought black is a little loss! However, it has a shortcoming, that is, the button is inside the waves, and it is somewhat soft, and the layer of the leather in the wavy is somewhat soft and will be wrinkled.


Small CK chain package

Reference price: ¥ 499

It is a two-back method for small CK home. This is my winter bought, with a lamb hair, a sweater, sweater, a slightly thin cotton jacket or jacket is very ok. But the words of summer don’t feel very good …

There are two designs on the surface of this package.


The body is the leather cross grit, the cover is suede,

Summer wearing is so cool, and it looks also again. (Small vomiting: The material of the bag is very easy to stick to the gray!) About the chain bag everyone is definitely a hardware, it seems that it will not seem to be inferior, which really affects the texture of the bag.

The small CK is OK, although it is better to feel so much, but it is not bad! Students or small white-collar workers can be assured. The chain cannot be adjusted long, but for the baby of around 158, it is still very friendly, and I feel too long, I can carry back!


Compared to the previous flower petals, this space is much smaller, but others should look small and delicate! The little square is right, I like this type, very well. In the bag, it is a leather, and there is a card bag.


In general, the quality is good, the value is also playing, it is worth it!

The next, the out of the small CK, there is a summer must-have!

JACDBAG crocodile pattern

Reference price: ¥ 128

瞧 This color, then look at this text, have you been in the summer? Is it a soul? French girl must! Other girls must have!


Start from the capacity, see the picture feel small, but after the hand, I found that the space is very big! Make a millet charging treasure, key, lipstick, powder, and paper towels are more than enough, so don’t worry about it is not enough! Let me talk about the texture, the design of the crocodile pattern, I personally feel a bit similar to the texture of PU skin, will not seem to be cheap, and I don’t make people feel good.

This year’s super popular armpits, I have always wanted to start a, but I have never seen the kind of stunning. Although this is not stunned, I have a kind of favorite, I can’t say it, it may be fate. Many people are worried about this color is not good, wear boldly! Although it is a little bit of yellow, it will not be difficult to take, white dress, and white top can easily control. But the overall style is still a law, otherwise it will be a bit strange …


Finally, it boars out its metal buckle, the material is also very good, but also as a mirror hahaha! SO is still very good, I think this price is very hit!


Ok, the above is the exclusive sweet girl, and of course, there is certainly less salt. Share a chest bag I have almost every time, COOL GIRL is undoubtedly!

Champion chest bag

Reference price: ¥ 200 +


When I said it, I must first boast the capacity, which is also a super-installed package, and its capacity is the best! I can plose the umbrella or a 600ml cup, add some small objects of seven seven eight eight. (But after installing the water cup, I don’t really look very well) I am very suitable for going out for a cheap or short trip.

The material of this package should belong to

Nylon, good washing is also dry!

Black simply dirty, white is also very good, and don’t worry about it will wash the deformation. Every time I have finished soap, I use a brush to brush a few times in a dirty place, and then put it in the sun to dry, but the material is dry, because the material is not absorbed so soon.

This bag is simply with casual and sports style clothes, and it feels so hot.

The little sister who wants to wear a lot is absolutely can’t miss! And this is still a couple with preference! (I am a black get with the object, very nice!)

Speaking of the chest bag, I also want to mention the small CK! I feel too much,

Another year!


But I haven’t started (crying) here, I will put it first, and I am appreciated. I like the beauty of the chest bag, these two must have a name!

I belong to the kind of Girl that is very valued, unless you see that I don’t feel that I can’t help but immediately, or I will still repeatedly think about it. So the bags recommended by the bag are more resistant to and can be installed, and you will be happy!

Image source: small red book