Recent private service, my 18 spring fittings

Good evening, good ~

I didn’t expect it. The new “My Closet” column flashed again, and only two months from the previous issue, and I quickly praise my diligence.

I was dragged for 4 months before the year, and I have a big strength. A lot of small partners said too long, I can send a short bit, more. So this time I listen to everyone’s suggestions. After all, Guangzhou’s spring is really short! In the front, there was a short spring light, and I entered the Nantian, and I still had a spring cold … I didn’t send spring clothes, I have to wear a summer in a few days.

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The front in front of Yunnan took a home and saw a beautiful scenery, and Xia Guang. The owner of the owner is a photographer, helping me take a few, I didn’t expect the dog to steal the mirror, haha, it’s too much. ▼ ▼


This is a private service, although there are several sets of in order to shoot, but in common, it is my favorite clothes, everyday wear, relaxed clothes.


The case said that my body characteristics:

Height 158cm, weight 43kg, upper half length, apple body, limb fine, waist belt circle


Let’s take a look together:



Example card stated: this article

No commercial soft implant


Sweater and sweater

I have been wearing a lot recently

Sweater + trousers

I usually wear morely, I often wear when I take a girl’s home. First, go to others hoping to be relaxed, the other is to focus on home and the owner. This simple match, the material of the color, the material, and the feeling of wear is also different.

LOOK 1: Sweater + Knitting Pants + Old Shoes

Let’s take a lot of pictures first, the next girl “small” home.

Guangzhou has recently returned to Nantia to answer. I miss the blooming rape flower, sweet air and little family cute dog ~ ▼


Because the little family is white and wood color, I will wear a black, and the result is that the little little is also a black, like a trip. At that time, I bought this sweater is not expensive, plus another one in a total of more than 500, and the result is sent back to 120.


I have recently


Pearl + sweater


This combination is locked, a little leisure + a little exquisite, and the uncomplete mix and match is the pearl. It is more dynamic and daily open way. ▼ ▼


Sweater: Stylenanda

Knitting: Miss Fantasy

Old shoes: hogan

LOOK 2: Sweater + Open Troll

I went to see Miss Miss in the year. Color is the blue + card I like very much. This set is really a lot of people asking. BA & SH, this sweater, the color is really good, it is short, OVERSIZE, version is good, there is a white tiger head print. The material is also very comfortable. ▼ ▼

The lack of beauty is high, it will have a little neck. So I put the hair.


Pearl launch silver pendant

It is also a lazy combination that I like recently, wearing sweaters, T-shirts These comparatively stacked two necklaces when they are relatively casual. ▼ ▼

Sweater: BA & SH

Jeans: Miss Fantasy

Silver necklace: buccellati




Sweater + knitted pants

This set and the first set is the same combination, just the color comparative spring and home. Knitted wide legs is really comfortable, comfortable to suit the legs and sit down, squat on the sofa


Sweater: vivaglam


Here are sweaters and cardigans –

LOOK 4: Irregular sweater + open trousers + old shoes


Before the arrogant back to China, Guangzhou has a few days of spring brightness to be intoxicated. Fortunately, I didn’t live up to it. Every day, I took a few sets of photos I like I like it every day. ▼ ▼

A asymmetrical sweater, saving the trouble of plugging down. Behind the hollow design, it is quite characterized. Unfortunately, although it looks good, it is not very good, it is a bit thick and hard.

The necklace is my nearest new pet. From a small brand OiniCio, I have been waiting for it to send it to the shoot when I recorded two private jewelry brands.

. The real thing is more amazing, the design and real sense are great. The earrings are ARSIS, which is recommended before. ▼ ▼

The same color is deep powder + shallow powder, it is recently passed through the most gentle color, and the item is relatively generous, so it will not be very sweet. Since I fell in love with outdoor activities, the wearing frequency of the old shoes became super high. The nearest “half permanent” is hogan this pair. It is really comfortable. The thickness of the sole is not exaggerated, it is very suitable for travel, seeing home, etc. ▼ ▼


Sweater: Yirantian


Wide legs: Miss Fantasy

Shoes: hogan


Necklace: Oinicio


Earrings: ARSIS


LOOK 5: Fake two-piece sweater + trousers


Going to “closet girl” childcourt home, wearing a pattern sweater. ▼ ▼


That day is really cold, I have all the whole way, I don’t dare to take off my socks. I told them to know that it is going to be exposed, I have to wear a cute sock. Disdmined ▼


Top: Baozi Ports

Miss Fantasy


LOOK 6: Knitting Cardigan + Cowboy Trumpet Jellyfish + Mulle Sweater

One of the happy small things in this spring is to catch up with the last flower of the beauty in the sun.

The clothes pants have said it is bought in Fabrique. In Xiaohong Book (ID: Li Baya), this group is said to be thin, in fact, a speaker trousers + high heels plus photographer repairman’s practice haha. My weight is very stable in this year ▼


There are two pearl necklaces I always wear. The front is a custom Akoya pearl (about 8mm diameter), this small is Tasaki (about 4mm diameter). ▼ ▼

Clothes / Pants: Fabrique


Sandals: Jimmy Choo

Necklace: Liufu + Tasaki

Package: PRADA

LOOK 7: Colored Carton + Knitted trousers

Knitted + knitted pants are the most comfortable home match, as long as the color is refreshing, adding some jewelry is very spring. ▼ ▼


Run a question. I told you, after the last phase of the private service comment area received the “spur”, I said, “Either I take the daily private service in the future”, thanks to the stars, as long as they have a person Being around me, I can come out anytime, anywhere! Whether at home ~ ▼

Top: Asia


Pants / Necklace: Miss Fantasy


It is still in the elevator ~ Take the event back to the studio, and they have also seen the pencil inserts.

There is a prize question and answer, guess than being taken?

Sweater: Miss Fantasy

Necklace: Liu Fu

LOOK 8: Knit cardigan + jeans

This short, sleeves are a blue jeans, which is very popular in these years. Knitted is our own, super soft! It is very suitable for spring single. ▼ ▼

It’s also spring ~ ▼

Cardigan / Pants: Miss Fantasy


Bag / boots: Chanel

Three coats suitable for spring

Before the return of the day, Guangzhou’s weather has always been very good. There are not many opportunities to wear coats. Most are in business trips –


LOOK 9: Short Suit + Sling + Pable

I didn’t wear a suit in the spring, and I like this full-white shape. “Route” is old, suits + pleated skirt, but it is very fresh in short suit and full-white color. ▼ ▼


Suit / vest / half dress: Miss Fantasy


Necklace: Missoma

High heels: BATA

In fact, short suit and this vest dress are two-piece set, and the whole set is more formal and looks unsuccessful. ▼ ▼

Earrings: Miss Fantasy

Guess is so lively, what is it? ▼


Our own brand’s recent new product is also like this two sets. ▼ ▼

Suit / skirt: Miss Fantasy

LOOK 10: Rough flower coat + pad shoulder t-shirt + speaker leather pants

Last month, Chanel 2022 spring and summer garment was previewed in Guangzhou. I also went to see. Finally, I have the opportunity to wear this exaggerated coat of I love. Haha. Matching ideas is gorgeous and grand. ▼ ▼


Take off the jacket, it is a shoulder T-shirt. The eyelashes of the face pattern are done, and the true eyes are flashing.

The necklace earlings are shared by private posts before, and finally there is a picture to give you a job. ▼ ▼

Accessories / Top / Bags: CHANEL

Skinny: seven for all mankind

LOOK 11: Rough flower coat + white t-shirt + denim petter

Below this Look is wearing us when we are transformed. By the way, the third phase will go online for a few days! This time, a pair of mother and daughters were transformed. After the change, the little friends who said, they said that they were like a star haha ​​~ Everyone remembers paying attention to our push. ▼ ▼

Jacket / Up / Jeans / Earrings: Miss Fantasy

Necklace: Tasaki


LOOK 12: Long Wheat + Leather Shorts + Knight Boots

I also went to Shanghai to see the show of Hermes last month. The outer sleeve + shorts is really very profitable, the photos of the stars are high, but at least give me invincible long legs.

This white windbreaker has a drawing string design, and the overall feeling is more outdoors and sports, and it is also one of this population trend. ▼ ▼


Windbreaker / bag / cardigan / leather pants: Hermes

Boot: Bally


The closest shirt shape is discovered, and I found that almost two colors, the most classic white and blue, refreshing and simple.

LOOK 13: Striped Shirt + Western Pants + Lefu Shoes


This group is shot when the weather is warm and when it is a little. Coloring and single item are very classic, day, LOOK. ▼ ▼

Tapeware, enrich the level of level. ▼ ▼

Unlock a few buttons, the small son can also be put down. ▼ ▼

Shirt / weighing pants: Miss Fantasy

Shoes: 73HOURS

LOOK 14: Color Shirt + Skirt + White Shoes

Shirt + skirt,

One of my personal favorite combinations,

Super suitable for small apple


I really like the color of this shirt, and other items are basically selected in the color in the shirt. ▼ ▼

Socks and bags are also quiet echo ▼


Shirt / shoes / jewelry / package: Versace

Skirt: Miss Fantasy

LOOK 15: White shirt + skirt

I have recently discovered that I have been in Guangzhou for so long, I didn’t seem to have a small waist with a small waist before! what about you? That day was just in the waterfront, I took a rare photo. ▼ ▼

It’s so strange, many people think that leather trousers are very practical, but my skin skirt leather leather utilization is super high. However, I used to weathered a leather skirt. When I bought this skinned Midi skirt last year, I was originally a bit, and the result was one of the skirts that I used. It may be because its fabric is relatively thin, the version is also very good. ▼ ▼


White shirt: Fabrique


Ports: ports


LOOK 16: Bubble sleeves

White shirt + skirt + high heels

In the same skirt, wear it when you go to the event, so choose a more romantic lace bubble sleeve, the brand is the domestic designer brand MING MA. ▼ ▼

White shirt: Ming Ma

Ports: ports


High heels: Roger Vivier


Earrings: Missoma

Missoma’s earrings have also been a lot of pieces, and big hoop is really easy to use. ▼ ▼

LOOK 17: White shirt + satin semi skirt

This spring, summer is a satin single product, just ironing a satin shirt and satin dress in panning of pearls, very short, looks a little halo. ▼ ▼


Although this shirt is a non-collar style, there is a pleated design, which will seem to be more spiritual and dignified. ▼ ▼


Shirt / skirt: Miss Fantasy

Jewelry: Tongling Jewelry

LOOK 18: Shirt Skirt


This skirt is also the idea of ​​”walking with light”, flashing with glossy fabric and pleated matching, moving very well. ▼ ▼


Dear: deepmoss

Ok, I’m going to be in the last two months, which Look do you like most? Said to write a short bit, I didn’t expect to organize so much ~ I didn’t say much. Today is this. Set Flag, the next private service will also come to break


Good night, we see 🙂


Coordinate: Joy

My friends will be greeted, and the pieces are sent to the heart!

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Knitting: Miss Fantasy