Small squash bag, beautiful turntable whole autumn

The bag is a must-have item in the daily life, no matter what the occasion is inseparable, you can’t leave a bag that is suitable for you. A fashionable atmosphere will not only give your own temperament, but also easily install the daily necessities of the girls, which is convenient and fashionable. The girls have a favorite bag in the hometown, and the woods have these bags of Xiaobian GET.


Messenger bag 1

Simple solid color design, fashionable and wild. Exquisite bottom foot nail design, dust-proof anti-dirt, greatly extend the service life of the package. The flip is buckled to open the design, concise and generous, full of strong self-style, and create a distinctive image of the famous lady.

Messenger bag 2


The top-covered package, simple, not simple, excluding women’s independence and elegant and elegant practitioners. The head layer of cowhide has strong toughness and permeability, the longer the use, the stronger the gloss. Cowhide strap design, showing soft temperament.

Messenger bag 3

Super fiber fabric, clear contour, delicate color, but also fashionable. Quality hardware design Bottom rivet design, stable and reliable. The overall is equipped with the dottion of the print, but also a beautiful eye.

Messenger bag 4

Chic fashionable bags plus a simple shape, no matter how it is worn, you can help you HOLD. The meticulous five-gold chain is designed, the ring ring is buckled, the fashion shines, the small clever, and it is displayed.

Messenger bag 5

High quality lychee leather fabric, soft and comfortable, gloss. Metal square buckle design, shining, with the same material chain, in sweet, revealing endless coolness.

Diagonal package 6


Litchi skin, soft and toughness. Small lock decoration design, exquisite and beautiful. Sub-bungeic design, convenient and practical. Vital orange color, give people a bright and refreshing visual effect.

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