“Stupid” is actually a senior emotional business.

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In this life, the least shortcoming is smart, especially those who think of smart.


The life is small and cheap, and it is for the fight against the slightness.


What is it? Smart is smart and misunderstood, laborious, I don’t have much cheap, and I am disappointing.

In fact, when the surroundings are such a “smart person”, I can learn “stupid”.

Sometimes, stupid is also an advantage.


Many people know “Ang Ganzi”, it is one of the 67th Oscar, one of the world’s classic movies. The protagonist of the movie is Agamin, which is a little stupid, but harvested by his own “stupid”.

Agan’s IQ only two digits, a full stupid, but it is wonderful than anyone.


Because stupid, he was bullied by classmates, he ran, one accidentally became the fastest rugby star;

Because of the stupid, saving the companion does not care about his safety, and finally become the hero of the whole people;

Because stupid, struggle to make shrimp is still unpredictable, but never give up, and finally become the king of shrimp;

Because stupid, lovers went to him, he could only remember the past in a continuous running way, and finally traversed the United States, once again become a celebrity.

Agam is very stupid, but maybe because of this, he doesn’t have a loss of loss, only one thing, hobbies a person, willing to take advantage of it.


The word “stupid” in the “stupid” in the “广 雅”: “The bamboo is awkward, and the white texture is also white, it is as follows.”

The surface of the bamboo is called 笢, it is called stupid, and it is as transparent like white paper.

If we occasionally return to “stupid”, like Agamine, don’t always want to play a little smart, do everything well, luck will come sooner or later.

Although Agam is a fictional figure under the American writer Winston Grum pen, he is “stupid power”, but it is real and moving. Therefore, his story touched hundreds of millions of readers and audiences to become synonymous with inspirational and legend.

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Today, you bring you a total of the first part of “Agamor Biography”.

A three-way admission

Friends, when idiot’s taste is like chocolate. People will laugh at you, impatient to you, harsh attitude. That is, I don’t complain, because in my opinion, life is actually very interesting.

I am born is an idiot: IQ is nearly seventy, which is equivalent to the low energy of three to seven years old.

After I was born, my mother gave me Fredust. She is a big good person, everyone says this.

But Dad died soon after I was born – he was unloading at the pier, and the result was sloppy.

When I was young, my mother always closed me in the room, so remained that other children harass me. When I got to school, she sent me into public school, she felt that this may helping me be the same as others.

When I was in the school, I often looked at the birds outside the window, and the class climbed to climb away.

Other children don’t play with me, and some have intentionally laugh at me. In addition to Jenny Can, she not only doesn’t hide me, but also let me go home with her.

That takes a few days, the school tells her mother, I don’t stock to go to school. So the second year, they arranged me to read another school.

The school is really quirky, it seems that all the geeks in the world are concentrated together. They are all mad people, I have already counted the leader.


In this fool school, my weight and height began to soar. At the age of sixteen, I already had two meters high, two hundred and forty pounds.

After having this sledged body, the next thing happened, my life has changed thoroughly.


On this day, I went home from the fool school, a car stopped next to me, the guys in the car came to the beginning, ask me: “Hey, have you played a football?”

I shook my head. Rugby I have seen, but people who play the ball never let me join, I can only stand far away.

After three days, the guy actually took me out of my fool school and arranged me to go to a newly established high school.

It turned out that the man is the rugby coach of this middle school, named Ferras. He looked at my high shape, I think I am a good thing to play rugby.

With the help of Fascus coach, I became a football player.

Change my life twice

Guess, who I met in the new school? Jenny Canlan, my only playmates when the elementary school.

Jenny has fallen to slim, a bright black hair, legs long, a beautiful face.

In addition to Jenny, I have contacted the most is Ferras coach.


He made me practice defense. I spent a while, I couldn’t make him satisfied. But I can’t satisfy him – I always don’t want to fall in guy, because I am afraid that the guys will be angry with me.

Until one day, I met a guy who blew my stupid, he stopped me in the corridor, a punch on my belly.

I cried and ran. I am fighting hard to run to the gym. Suddenly I saw the Ferras coach sitting on the table, looking at me, the expression is really unique, it seems to be amazed: How can this kid run so fast!

He immediately called me to stop, let me change the jersey. Then I took a piece of paper in my hand, and three tactics above the paper. “Three! Try to keep as much as possible!” He said to me.

Since then, I will be responsible for the ball. As long as they pass the ball to me, I will run, two, three times, from there, I am more popular.

After a while, my guy came again, he took the roots stick my belly.

Just when I am fighting, I don’t know why, I didn’t do this. On the contrary, I grabbed his arm, and another hand hit his head, I solved the problem.

This matter makes me completely changed the play. I no longer have concerns, no longer worry that others will be born because of my gas.

So, I asked Ferras coaches to let me run directly. As a result, I knocked over four, five guys, and broke through the heavy.

That year, I was selected as the state football star team. On the day of the prize, I wore a happy suit and departed.


My first collar word

At the gods, I am eager to go to the toilet. But I don’t know how, my zipper clamping the shirt and pulled it.

When I got award, almost everyone had received the award, I said thank you, and then turned to me. I got up and went through the microphone and said, “Thank you”.

Moderator asked me if I have something to say. I said: “I want to urinate.”

The audience is silent, then they started to give their linger. The Ferras coach took the stage to grab my arm and dragged me back to the seat.

After that, he stared at me all night, but after the banquet, he took me to the toilet.


Nothing in the second year, the day of the school passed every day. One day, a person named Brian came to the school and asked me if I was interested in considering going to the university.


Brian said, he understood that I am not very smart, but I can find someone to help me, if you can pass the test, you can easily go to the university.

But after I saw the results of my test, he had to say that: “Real misfortune, the results show this child is an idiot.”

In my last academic year, the army came to notice, I would like to report to the local conscription committee.

According to the scene, like a madhouse. They took me into a room, asked us to arrange a line, ordered us to take off the clothes, bend, and some people used their fingers into my ass.


enough! I turned and grabbed the bastard, and he was headed. Suddenly a shot, a group of people ran over me. I opened them and rushed out of the door.

I returned home and told my mother. She clearly was so anxious, but she said: “Don’t worry, Agam, will not have something.”

Otherwise. In the second week, several people wearing uniforms, people wearing a bright crystal black helmet took me away.

They made me a test, and I asked me a few questions, let me take a table home.

Mom is very happy, because the paper written is “temporarily alleged”, the reason is my dementia.

Be a bottom line


In the last year of high school, a big event in life happened.

I will encourage the courage to ask my mother how to deal with Jenny. She contacted Jenny’s mother. The result is the next night, Jenny Klan actually appeared in my gate!

Mom said that we can go to the movie and give Jenny three dollars. Jenny is very plead, and I smiled like an idiot.

When you watch a movie, I smiled and Jenny indented the seat. I saw her shrinking on the ground, I thought she fell from the seat, so she reached out and thought she pulled up.

“呲 呲”, Jenny’s foreign dress is torn open. The person holding a hand takes the flashlight to see the situation. As a result, because of exposure, Jenny started screaming, she finally jumped up, escaped from the theater.

I entered the police bureau because I was suspected, until my mother used his hand, I won my fingers away.

The judge asked the whole thing of the whole thing, but I can’t think of what to say, I said: I want to urinate.

When I returned to the court, the judge was going down, saying that I should go to the army, which may correct my problem.

Mom tells him that the army is not me, because I am an idiot. However, in this morning, a letter sent a letter, saying that I am willing to go to school for the university.

Judge said, as long as I roll out the city, he has no objection.

So, the next morning, I picked up the line. Mother took me to the bus stop and sent me to get on the bus. I hope to the window, my mother holds his hands and tears.


I am too familiar with this scene, it is always printed in my memory. In short, the bus launched, I am going.

Today, we have read the owner of Agump, I have been found, I have been selected for the rugby star team, and because of a strange lawsuit, I have to go out of the city, go elsewate.

Because of the stupid, Akan is a lot of jokes, even in the first date; but because of stupid, he can have no heart, and finally become a football master, and have the opportunity to go to college.

What kind of training will Aggon will receive? Will he and Jenny continue to contact?

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