Winter is still “tone boots” more trendy, with tightness, temperament, suitable for 30+ years old

In winter, the style of shoes is a variety of style, but it is really necessary to pick a pair of fashionable models, but also to be “tone boots”. With a touch of tights, it can not only improve your own temperament, but also have a thinner leg, you can two.

Of course, if you want to wear “tight-fitting trousers + boots”, we still need us to match the next effort. Today I brought a few tips, practical and dry goods, suitable for 30+ years old mature women.

First, the advantages and disadvantages of “tight-fitting + boots”


Before you say the specific dressing skills, let’s first talk about the advantages and disadvantages of “tight-fitting trousers”. Only by understanding these can help us understand specific dressing skills!

Tights is a single product that requires extremely high leg lines, which can easily highlight their crotch and leg curves, sexy generous. At the same time, it will also expose the small disadvantages of our legs, such as thick legs, leg types.

At this time, the middle tube boots must be sent up! The loose version of the boot is not only able to hide the fat on our calves, but also the height of the knee, but also to help the replenish leg type, no problem, the double tube is uniform, and it is lined out of the slender leg line.


However, the disadvantage of the calf part is solved, what should I do if the thigh part and ankle? And how can we wear to maximize the advantages of “tight-fitting + middle boots”? Don’t worry, I will answer one by one below!


Second, “Touch Pants + Tour Boots” Color Treatment


Color 1: Tongzhao

In the color matching of “tights + in the boots”, we can try “same color matching”. Everyone also knows that the advantages of the same color system are unified color, swopping the body, just helping the tights to pull long legs.

Plus the high-heeled or thick bottom design of the inverted boots, and pull the long legs again, and the high points. Compass with a short shirt of different colors, the short lower, divided into the body ratio, one button is high and the leg is long!

If you like the advantages of the same color, it can also directly PICK the same color matching method. Like the blogger, the blogger directly selects “All Black” wearing, both shape the cool feeling of the whole shape, but also has a line!

Of course, all the black wear is too tonistic. We can also learn the blogger to pick a black rhombie vest, to enrich the shape. Or access to other colors of Pick, such as metal belts, necklaces, and more.

Color 2: Color echo match


In the color matching of tights + boots, we can also use “up and down” coloring methods. Simply put, it is to select the same tube boots as the top color to match different colors.

For example, the white small wind jacket + cowboy tights + white boots in the picture, this color is the advantages of the shape of the model, and the coordination and temperament of the original shape will not be destroyed.

However, I recommend everyone choosing to match the inner boots to match the tights, because the area of ​​the inner bed is small, and the single color will not occupy the area of ​​the garment, and will not form a single-conditioned sense. Second, this is also divided into two layers of the body, and it will not cut into three-stage, and the high-level legacy will be more likely to!

Coloring 3: Collection


The boots are used as an accessory, and it has a role in enriching color. So, we can also use the “collision matching”. Speaking of adult words, it is to choose the middle boots in different colors of clothing, used to increase the sense of styling.

For example, the picture blogger Pick’s black sweater + black tights + dark coffee columns in the boots, the joining of the middle boots, avoiding the styling into the boring monotonous mine area, and successfully highlights the level of layers, one fell in two!

Third, the matching idea of ​​”tights + middle boots”


Matching ideas 1: loose jacket + tight pants + tube boots

In the matching of tights + boots, you have to know that the version of this group is “narrowing”, which is partial. So in the match, we can naturally choose the loose version of the clothing as a match.

In this way, the effect of “wide narrow contrast” will be created, and the distance from the map will be taken. Loose version of the sweater, matching high waist tights + boots, up and down one, you can put the legs to more slim slim.


Match 2: Short Handling + Tight Pants + Tour Boots

At the same time, we must also know that tights + boots are a very strong set of lines. At this time, we can also use “short short” to shorten the proportion of the upper body, the proportion of the lower body, and one put it, you can make the body proportion to the modification.

At this time, we need to choose some short coats, short tops, such as small fragrant wind jackets, short woolen coats, short denim jackets, etc. More match with tights + boots, high-grade handsome!


Matching ideas 3: long outer sleeve + tight-fitting + tube boots

Of course, winter wear, “keep warm is life”! I am afraid of cold sisters, go to the PICk long set to prevent the wind. Most importantly, if you are a wide sister, you can use a long coat to block this shortcomings, thin lever


In the match, we can combine the shorter length and wide narrow comparison! For example, you can choose a short shirt + long outer sleeve to match the tights + tube boots, or use a loose long jacket to match the tights + boots.

It can also combine these two kinds of tips together, choose loose long coat + Slim shirt + tights + in the middle boots, it is very high, thin and thin legs!

After reading these “Tight Pants + Tour Boots”, I don’t know if you have to learn the dressing skills? If you feel that the content of this period is helpful, please praise a lot + pay attention to it, we will see you next time ~