What should I do if the interior of the car is too dirty! Learn these tricks, you can clean it yourself, clean and save money

Many people ignore the interior of the car when they are maintained for the car. In fact, interior cleaning is also very important, it must be cleaned. Many people feel that the interior is not so dirty and will not clean it. This is wrong, because the dirty of the interior is often difficult to see. We sit on the seat, sometimes they eat in the car, and we will get more or less dirty, and sometimes some interior will be moldy, so cleaning the interior is necessary. On the other hand, no one likes the internal space of dirty cars. The interior is clean and clean, and it will also bring a pleasant mood to those who drive.


Step 1: Prepare construction tools

Generally professional car beauty shop interior cleaning is needed: interior towels (dry, wet), carpet towels, glass -specific towels, inner room brushes, multi -functional small brush, air conditioning brush, mask, nano sponge, sponge, dedicated dedicated, dedicated to dedicated Foot pads, storage boxes (large, small), tornado, vacuum cleaner, interior SPA machine, interior cleaner, interior nursing agent, glass washing agent, plastic case care agent, foam cleaning agent.

Step 2: Preparation


Before starting the construction, you should take away all the items in the car, including the things in the trunk. After the seat cushion is removed, put it in a large storage box. The items are placed in an orderly manner. thing. At the same time, the construction personnel will estimate the working time according to the situation in the car. Usually, the whole process will take two or three hours. If the cleaning time in the car is dirty, the cleaning time will be longer.


1. Clean in the car -cushion


The most dirty carpet in the car is the carpet. The carpet comes with the car itself is basically integrated with the car. It is not easy to remove it and clean it. It is best to place the foot pads in the car. If the foot pads are not too dirty, take the car and slap out of the car. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a bristles for vacuum cleaner, it can make the dirty carpet look less messy. For particularly dirty carpets, only detergents can be used. Before washing, do the above two dust removal work, then spray an appropriate amount of detergent, wash it with a brush, and finally clean the excess detergent with a clean cloth. Essence

2. Clean in the car -steering wheel

Because the steering wheel often holds it with hands, it is easy to get dirty. If you stick your hands, it will affect the driving mentality. Just wipe it with water when cleaning. If you add a little cleaner, it is easier to decontaminate, but be careful to wipe it clean with water.

3. Clean in the car -center console

The tools that the central console needs to use are clean rags, neutral cleaners and water. Do not wipe with a wet rag. Hands often come into contact with the central console, and the oil stains on the hand will be contaminated on the central console, so a neutral cleaner must be used to clean it.

4. Clean in the car -seat belt

When cleaning, you don’t need to remove the seat belt. Wipe it with light soapy water first, and then wash it with water. Do not roll it immediately after washing. You should dry it in a cool place. The car will recommend that you should not use strong washing agents, bleaching powder and chemical cleaners, nor are it allowed to put the seat belt in the sun.


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