Great upgrade of kitchen supplies! Fire shaved filament+cutting board outstal evaluation: Double -sided cutting board is a bit show

Recently, I saw that the weather has gradually become cold, and the frequency of cooking at home has become higher and higher. This has just been upgraded for the kitchen supplies two days ago. Because the original wooden cutting board is often easy to get mold, I bought a stainless steel PP double -sided cutting board from Xiaomi Youpin. After using it for a period of time, I feel that the two products that upgraded this time are still very good. Let ’s take you out of the box to share my actual experience of these two products. By the way, let you help evaluate what I bought. Is it cost -effective?

The two products we started this time are from Xiaomi’s brand that has been on the fire. In fact, it has been a long time to contact this brand. There are also many products at home. They are from their home. It is also more in line with my aesthetic positioning, and the product price is relatively high, and the comprehensive experience is good, so this time I continued to buy these two new products from their house.

First of all, let ’s take a look at this cutting board for double -sided design. In fact, the most important reason for the double -sided design is that the manufacturer wants to let us realize the healthy cooking method of separation of vegetables. More useful.


In the design of the cutting board, there is a handle on the side that can help us get it more convenient when we get the cutting board daily, and when we are idle, we can also use this handle to hang the cutting board vertically to facilitate drying and saving space.

On one side of the cutting board, the material of PP surface scrub can effectively prevent round ingredients and other irregular ingredients. When cutting, we can effectively protect our hands and prevent it from being cut.


The other side is designed with 304 stainless steel materials. First of all, the hardness of stainless steel is large. Even if we start heavy, we will not leave scratches, so it is not difficult to use. The noodles are very easy to clean. From this point of view, it has also increased its practicality.


In addition, it is worth noting that when we cut raw meat, stainless steel can effectively avoid the arise, because when stainless steel is in contact with air and water molecules, a catalyst will occur. The iron ions released on the cutting board can be effective. The odor on raw meat is decomposed, so this can also bring a certain protective role to our kitchen air.


In terms of details, the design of the anti -spill tank around the cutting board can ensure that when we cut vegetables, their juice is not flowing, which effectively maintains the cleanliness of our countertop. And TPR is full of safe and comfortable edges,

Hold it at it (when used)

Has a certain non -slip effect. In addition, the thickness of the cutting board 22mm also gives us a very thick feeling. I have to say that its overall actual experience is still good, but the only question is that it is not known whether the stainless steel plate will affect the sharpness of the knife as the bottom surface. Although normal use is not a problem.


Let ’s take a look at our shaved wares. The main reason for buying this product is that I am very uncomfortable daily, and the technology and knife workers need to be improved. I just saw such an artifact recently, and I simply started. Originally thought that it had only one function to buy it. Demolition and development found that it had three functions, and it also brought us an additional handle device for us to cut the smaller foods.

The reason why it has a lot of functions is because this product comes with three blades, which can achieve our free selection of shredded slices. And for all kinds of ingredients, the sharp blade of the product can be easily done. Let’s take a look at the practical drawing below:

We use sliced ​​blades on it, mainly to slice potatoes. The actual operation is very simple. You only need to hold the potatoes and hold the stable silk machine with the other hand, which is very simple.


As the slice is proceeded, you may find that there are fewer and less potatoes on your hands. Next, continue to slices will hurt your fingers. At this time, you only need to pick up the handle device next to Just continue slice.

It is our actual slicing results, which is still very good, and we can just take it directly. This container can be cleaned for punching, which is very convenient.

In general, these two products are still more practical. It is not possible for a knife worker like me, but people who love cooking are still very needed. I do n’t know what artifacts you use in the kitchen? Welcome your comments and attention, thank you