This is called the bedside table, you can only call a small bench! (Elected purchase tutorial)

The artistic storage tank as the bedside table is elegant and beautiful, with both practicality and decorativeness, which can add a refreshing atmosphere to your room. Put a pot of plants or some transparent decorative vases on the bedside table, so that you can feel the natural atmosphere of leisure and comfort in the room.

Many fans will ask the design museum:


How to choose the bedroom bedside table?

Xiaobian thinks that first of all, you should understand what are the types of bedside cabinets? Then make a choice! The following design museum editor will bring the types and size standards of the bedside table, hoping to provide you with help.

1. Introduction to the type of bedside table:

1. Coffee table headcase: The bedside table of the coffee table design is next to the bed, which is small and modern. The lower layer of the coffee table can promote the space under the bed, and the upper layer is exactly parallel to the edge of the bed, which is very convenient and practical.

2. Open bedside table: There are no closed storage boxes, but there are exposed display racks. The curved shape with solid wood is a bit more “feminine” and fashionable than the traditional Founder bedside table.

3. Stool bedside table: The reason why it is given to it is because it looks like a stool, simple and generous.


4. Package bedside table: In fact, it is a set of mahogany coffee tables, but it has a different taste on the bedside, which looks gorgeous. You can put one, or you can match it together, which is very suitable for European -style classical homes.

5. Teng table bedside table: The biggest feature of this bedside cabinet is its materials and shapes. It enriches the tablet of the rattan pattern, adding a bit of natural and interesting to the bedroom.


Second, the size of the bedside table:


Different from person to person


Of course, for some people, the requirements are relatively much less. The daily placement is just a few books, as well as table lamps and mobile phones. Therefore, there is no need to choose too wide to wear a bedside table. Some people may also ask that the size of the standard bedside cabinet is different from our choices. Of course, it is also an important factor in coordination with the bedroom size and the surrounding environment. If it is a child’s bedroom, the bedside cabinet can be appropriately small to choose from 0.48 meters, a width of 0.44 meters, and the height of 0.576 meters is a good choice. It can meet the needs of the child. The larger bedside table also looks flexible. When we talk about this, we can see that the size of the standard bedside cabinet is closely related to us. Therefore, the choice of different people is the best choice, which is worth paying attention to.


National standard

When choosing the size of the bedside table, choose the size of our national standard bedside table: 400 to 600mm wide, while the depth is 300 to 450mm, and the height is 500 to 700mm. Many people choose the best choice when choosing the bedside table. Generally speaking, choosing a bedside table with a length of 0.48 meters, a width of 0.44 meters, and a height of 0.576 meters is the best choice, which can also satisfy people’s use of daily living living daily living. The demand is. Of course, if you want to be wider, longer and taller, you can choose a length of 0.62 meters, 0.44 meters width and 0.65 meters, so you can put more things, and at the same time, you can also put more ones a little bit more Decoration design decorations, instead of being too narrow and difficult to store things, can not meet the needs of some people, so that they can meet people’s needs.

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