Destment season: a FAHION bracelet, helping you eye -catching

In the show season, the “careful machine” hidden under the coat on weekdays can finally be displayed once. I don’t know if there is a beautiful bracelet in your jewelry box. If not, please replenish it!



Simple and avant -garde

Choosing an element that is in line with your own style is particularly important. The tolerance that the simple bracelet can achieve is obviously greater.

Chimera European and American rose gold bracelets couple men and women universal

This bracelet design is elegant, which can highlight the simple and charming charm of the watch, casual and tasteful, showing the eternal and perfect ingenuity. Made of high -quality polishing titanium steel with rose gold coating.



Personality and fashionable

It is unquestionable that the beautiful bracelets absolutely make the beautiful hands add countless points. Finding a personalized bracelet in the open season also requires a detailed investigation.

Chimera Chimera small bracelet

In the world of many fashionable customers, the style is always a little more style than you think. With the bracelet, personality is particularly important. Regardless of material impact and complementarity of color, this bracelet can meet your needs. There are also more ingenious diamonds that make the bracelets more distinctive, and it is a bit fashionable in smart.


Elegant and delicate

Chimra Chimera Rose Golden Titanium Steel Bracelet

The natural and soft luster, coupled with the delicate and delicate conclusion design embellishment, is unique and elegant, smooth lines and rounded bracelets complement each other, highlighting the gentleness and gentleness of the little woman. This bracelet is also the king of the wild. It is very simple to match the skin color and not to pick people.

Carlomei double butterfly open bracelet

360 ° polishing and polishing makes the bracelet the shine more, the color is cool, full of texture, highlighting the fashion, elegant and luxurious. The embellishment of butterflies makes the bracelet have a lively vitality, and it also adds an elegant and sweet atmosphere.

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Wild and trendy


You who are purely obsessed with your strap, find your own leather bracelet in the sleeve season, is also an excellent choice.


On the basis of leather, it is particularly important to choose an element that conforms to its own style. The buttons are good or rivets, and the cortex can be more inclusive.

Mags with leather rope bracelet

This satisfys your desire for punk style, Harajuku, Lolita, leisure style and other styles.


If you wear such a bracelet to go to the music festival, you don’t have to worry about it, you can also show your own style, which is definitely a good choice.