Try to wear a sweater, do not match the pants, look at the woman below, and wear too feminine to wear

After the temperature recovered, the little fairies gradually took out their spring clothes to start the spring dressing. But when it comes to such a single product that will never be outdated, you must count the sweater. Girls who really wear sweaters will always look younger and more fashionable than others. If you are wearing a sweater and are still pairing with small pants, then it is really outdated. Because it is popular now, not only is it fashionable, but also very advanced!


I believe that when many girls wear sweaters, the first reaction is to use a slim -fitting pants to modify the leg lines. It feels like this can make them look more foreign and cute. But in fact, the three methods brought by Xiaobian today are called real fashionable avant -garde. Many celebrities are wearing methods. Hurry up and take a look at the editor!


With one, sweater+wide -leg pants

The first way to wear is to do it. Choose a wider and better wide -leg pants to match the sweater. Many girls have not tried such a way of wear. Wide -leg pants, wide and elegant pants can hide the defects of the legs very well, and it is a kind of pants that truly modify the leg shape. And the sweater is a youthful and cute style. When the youthful sense of youth and the laziness of wide -leg pants are matched, it can make you look more fashionable and stylish!


And use wide -leg pants to match sweaters, which is more effortless than the combination of small pants. If you wear a white sweater, you can choose a pair of black wide -leg pants, so that the black and white wear can achieve a good visual effect. Moreover, the legs are modified. Black wide -leg pants can make you look thinner, and the legs immediately have a sense of one -meter -eight. With this sweater, you will make you look full of sporty, full of high -level sense. I do n’t know how many times better than calf pants with sweater. This year, I learned to use wide -leg pants and sweaters in early spring.

With two, sweater+pencil pants

The second kind of pants with sweaters are pencil pants. Pencil pants are a type of version and fabrics that are very similar to suit pants, but it has a richer layout design, so it is better than daily life than it is better than daily life. The suit pants look more casual and versatile. We use pencil pants to match the sweater to perfectly integrate the laziness and fashion sense, so that you can instantly show a sense of high -level sense. Not only that, the pencil pants are very modified, it can perfectly extend the leg lines of the legs, making you look tall and thinner, and it is also very foreign. It is definitely the best choice with a sweater!

One of the great benefits of using pencil pants with a sweater is that we can plug the hem of the sweater into wide -leg pants, so that the upper body sweater can be worn, and it has a lazy sense of fashion, and it will improve your waist virtually Line to optimize your body proportion. The little girls have learned to wear this way, and no longer have to worry about wearing a sweater! Not only that, with pencil pants and sweaters, it can make you look not only the cuteness of the sweater as a whole, but also a pencil The avant -garde sense of pants is popular now, not only fashionable, but also very foreign!


With three, sweater+straight pants

The last type of wear must not be missed, and use straight pants to match the sweater. We all know that the reason why straight pants are called straight pants is because its straight pants are the most bloody pants. It is the blessing of the fat girls, but the straight pants are not as lazy as wide -leg pants, so You can wear daily attendance or work. When we use straight pants with a sweater, we can echo the wide feeling of the sweater, so that you can easily wear the stylish sense of Panasonic. Not only that, straight pants are not as picking up like small feet pants, and they are very suitable for girls with some flesh on their legs. This combination not only makes you fashionable, but also very age reduction!


It is even said that there are some girls who are not so perfect. If you also like to wear sweaters, then you must try straight pants and sweaters this spring. Straight straight pants can be modified with your legs. With a large sweater, it covers both meat and high, making you instantly become a proper fashion tide girl. And you can choose denim fabrics in straight pants. Whether it is dark or light -colored straight pants, you have only one beauty after you wear it. Therefore, straight pants are definitely preferred when you wear a sweater in early spring this year. Learn to match this sweater like this, and easily let you wear a sense of high level!


After reading the analysis of Xiaobian, you will never just match your small feet when we wear a sweater. Now it is popular with these three pants introduced by the above editors. It is particularly high -level! Wearing a sweater should be matched like this, and quickly share it with the friends around you. This year, we must be very greasy when wearing a sweater!

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