In 2021, the “most popular skin care ingredient” was released, and the number one was the disabled ingredients

Both said,


Don’t look at the ingredients to talk about the skin’s skin care,

It’s a hooligan.

And just look at the ingredients and do not look at the amount,

That’s the blind.

There are not a few skin care products that you have used. Although it is not a professional “ingredient party”, the bottle and cans are used to understand some of the effect ingredients.

There is also your own minority in the choice of skin care products.


“2021 popular skin care ingredient rankings”

, Hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide, alcohol …

my own

How to choose the next skin care products, first look at what the ingredients say


TOP 14: Mushrooms



The next net red skin care ingredient is … mushrooms?

In fact, mushrooms have appeared early in major cosmetics.

Like Ganoderma, Cordyceps sinensis, black and white dew, white fungus, white birch, etc., all belong to mushrooms, all

Great anti -aging and moisturizing ingredients

Mushrooms have super moisturizing capabilities, and even

It is advertised as the next “hyaluronic acid” successor

Essence Its viscosity structure and high dose polysaccharide are very suitable for moisturizing agents.

Lock the skin for a long time

, And also rich in microorganisms such as fatty acids, VCs, VDs,

It can protect skin barriers and relieve anti -inflammatory.

Mushroom is also one of the raw materials of curvic acid


And curvic acid is also

Valid ingredients recognized by the whitening industry

For example, Kose’s family, from the ladies to the cheap whitening products, all have sour acids.

Representative products ➘

Yuemuyuan Mushroom Water

Mushroom ingredients: Ganoderma, birch fluffy


Also known as “Ganoderma water”, also

Old net red in the skin care industry, a very hot “face -saving artifact”.


When the skin is unstable, seasonal, and acne, the effect is really good.

Its ace component white birch (birch brown bacteria), ganoderma lucidum, there is a good

Moisture repair, soothing redness, stability and translucent


The faint Chinese medicine taste, the texture is warm and delicate, and it is also very easy to absorb to wet compresses

Essence It is more suitable for acne muscles, and girls who are prone to acne and instability of the skin are good at cost performance.

Sensitive muscles are not recommended, and friends who are allergic to essential oils also use cautiously


Because it has more essential oil additives.

TOP 13: Horne Sharlene/Horne Sharlene

Everyone is no stranger, very common skin care ingredients.

What are the differences between this horned shark and horned shark anxle?

In fact, Japanese scientists first discovered horned sharkne from the liver of the deep -sea blue sharks.

A natural oil that can be well integrated with the moisture and fat of human skin

It is a great natural moisturizing oil, but it is oxidized when it encounters the air.

After that, scientists turned it into a corner shark anxle that was not easy to deteriorate through “hydrogenation”. The characteristics of the two were exactly the same.

It can be soft and tender, and enhance the skin defense force

Is the horned shark benne only from the shark?

of course not!


Olive oil, palm oil, amaranth seed oil can also be used in plant oils in plant oils to be refined

Essence Moreover, countries have issued policies earlier to prohibit the rackets extracted from pure sharks as cosmetic raw materials. SO,

The horned sharkanes used now are basically from plants ~

HABA sharkane exquisite beauty oil

HABA beauty oil has become synonymous with horned sharkane.

It has nothing else except the corner shark anne, and

The purity is as high as 99.9%, colorless, odorless, non -irritating, moisturizing water locking the keratin, delicate skin


“Universal oil”

You can use it directly, you can mix it with the cream, and you can mix it into the foundation, and do not take off your makeup all day. It is used to paint the body, hair … all OK. Dry skin, autumn and winter really don’t love too much.

TOP 12: Aloe vera

Common soothing sedative ingredients

Aloe vera contains a variety of amino acids, minerals, and sticky polysaccharides. It has good effects of antioxidant, sterilization and anti -inflammatory, and is very reliable as a soothing and restoring sedation.

Although it is not the main ingredient, it is also a “ace teammate”

Essence Like cream, mask, body milk, shower gel, shampoo, etc., or some gel texture skin care products, they can often be seen.

Keyan Calligraphy Polying Moisturizing Mask

The star’s moisturizing mask of the Kyan family, the visible calamus petals, plus the Cusaco vera juice,

Integration, soothing, moisturizing, and conditioning

, Improve the skin of the skin, fatigue, dryness, and soothing the “small emotions” of the skin in daily life.


The jelly texture is super easy to absorb

While hydrating, it can also make the skin more stable, comfortable, moist, and cool.

TOP 11: Vitamin C


VC, everyone is no stranger,

The greatest effect is anti -oxidation, whitening

Intersection And safety is also very guaranteed. When Japanese dermatology is cured, vitamin C is very recommended for active ingredients.


However, VC is a very unstable ingredient. It is easy to decompose when it comes to heat, so

Generally, the cheap VC cosmetics are often not pure VC but VC derivatives


Loton CC Pharmaceutical Essence

The legendary “acne” artifact, the effect of removing acne marks and conditioning pores is great.

Loton family

Unique VC stability technology, faster results


, Anti -inflammatory, whitening, and reducing melanin production, all are going on.

The texture is transparent oil,


Very liquidity, very easy to absorb

, Not tired.

The taste is a very good citrus flavor, and it is a bit cool on the face. It can be coated locally, and the whole face is OK. At first, I felt oil, but the absorption was really fast and did not look at it.

TOP 10: Vaselin


The conscience ingredients in the skin care industry are safe and moisturized, and it is not easy to cause allergies

Essence Baby oil and sheep oil can’t be compared with it.

Because Vaselin will not be absorbed by the skin, it can play

Locking water, protection, moisturizing

Efficacy. Many years have passed.

Vaseline Vase Forest Retain Cream

Vaseline Vaseline is hailed as a must -have for petty bourgeoisiers, and many net red bloggers have pushed it more!

A small bottle can be used to use lip protection, hair care, armor, moisturizing body

, Can also be used for babies, soothing eczema, diaper rash, and so on.

TOP 9: Nicotinamide

In recent years, the hot net red ingredients

Many big -name lotion, essence, lotion have it.


In fact, it is a vitamin B3 derivative, which is recognized as a classic ingredient of wrinkle removal and whitening

It is also a wrinkle -free ingredient for certification in the Ministry of Health and Labor.


For example, L’Oreal uses it to whiten, KOSE uses it to remove wrinkles.

Dike ip.shot wrinkle removal essence

Daike ip.shot wrinkle removal essence, is

For the first time in the industry to use nicotinamide into wrinkle removal products

Essence It is also the third paragraph that is certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Ministry of Workers.

There are many brands with nicotinamide, but KOSE

It is very good to solve the problem of being absorbed by nicotinamide that is not easy to penetrate the skin epidermal layer

, Make nicotinamide deep into the dermis layer, for the dermis responsible for supporting the skin from the inside, as well as the skin elastic and firming the skin.

Effective improvement has formed wrinkles.

TOP 8: Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid

The biggest skin care effect is: hydration and water.

Hyaluronic acid with strong hydrophilicity can lock a large amount of water molecules, moisture inside the skin, and can also catch the external water.

It has a very good water retention effect, and also

It is the best material in nature in nature

, Known as the ideal natural moisturizing factors, so it is widely used in various types of moisturizing skin care products.

Quad 5D hyaluronic acid secondary throwing fluid

Quadi is

Huaxi Bio, the world’s largest hyaluronic acid production base

Essence To say that hyaluronic acid is more professional than its family.

Its unique 5D hyaluronic acid base structure

It has the functions of locking water, water storage, slow -release input, isolation protection, and anti -oxygen anti -inflammatory.

Hyaluronic acid, small molecules, small molecules are soaked, and macromolecules stay on the keratin level of the skin to moisturize, deeply hydrating, so as to reach


Moisturizing, moisturizing, wrinkle removal, and firm effects from the outside

A small piece of packaging, clean and hygienic.

It can be used alone or in cream and mask.

Its 5D hyaluronic acid spray is also very good.

TOP 7: Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is a kind of


Efficient antioxidant and removing free radical skin care ingredients



Strong penetration power, good regeneration and repair effect,


It has a strong moisturizing effect

Essence It can also antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti -inflammatory. Can be used as facial massage and skin care, especially delicate and sensitive skin, oily, acne, acne skin.

Ortili grape seed oil

The main grape seed oil, lavender oil, rose oil, sweet almond oil and carrot oil,

Antioxidant and moisturizing.

This essential oil is quite refreshing,

A Chinese medicine taste of a grassy grass, the face will not be greasy on the face

It can be absorbed by massage, and it can also be dripped in cream and lotion.

TOP 6: Cybal Plastosol

This can be said to be

“New Pet” in the skin care industry

It’s right.

Perosteophenol is a plant -based natural ingredient extracted from the seeds and leaves from Indian pyrine tonic plants. He can

Stimulate the generation of collagen, help reduce fine lines, improve roughness, and have significant effects against old age

Essence Also regarded as

New type of retinol alternative


Essence And there is no common side effects of A alcohol,

Low irritation

Trilogy Fun Laos Bakuchiol+ Booster Treatment small purple bottle

Trilogy comes from

New Zealand’s natural skin care brand, the effect is good and the price is good

Its little purple bottle,

The content of pystopia is as high as 4%, and at the same time, 5%of the corner sharkane

And various natural plant essences such as marijuana seed oil and rose fruit oil, and the safety of ingredients is very high. And antioxidant, anti -inflammatory, and moisturizing are not in the case.

The liquid is golden yellow, and the liquidity is very good.

There is no obvious stickiness, and it can achieve the effect of moisturizing water and antioxidant

Essence The point is that it does not stimulate the skin,

Pregnant mothers can also be used for sensitive muscles.

TOP 5: Tea Tree Essential Oil


The popular ingredients on the list every year, it

Repairing, soothing, and sterilization effects are all recognized by the industry

Essence From cleansing to cream, from shower gel to hand cream, it can be seen.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Essential Oil

The star product of The Body Shop,

Its raw material is an organic tea tree in Australia

, Extract the tea tree essential oil

Has antibacterial, anticorrosive and inhibitory effects


It can remove acne and unclean parts caused by chickenpox and shingles, and the purification effect is excellent.

TOP 4: A alcohol

A alcohol is also the derivative of vitamin A, and it is also the retinol that everyone often talks about.

The industry -recognized anti -aging ingredients.

It can enter the skin to convert A acid,

Promote hyaluronic acid synthesis in the skin

, Increase the skin’s moisture content, eliminate the old waste horny,


In order to achieve the effect of smoothing wrinkles and firming pores.

It can be seen in the popular eye cream and wrinkle cream on the market.


Elixir wrinkle essence

To say

In the eye, the Aylene product, Shiseido is definitely the most popular industry guy.


A alcohol is very unstable and easily destroyed. Shiseido

“Pure retinol”

,not only

High purity, can also make good stability manufacturing and prevent oxidation

, Give the maximum effect of viscol.


Elixir wrinkle cream,


The second wrinkle -deofning item certified by the Japanese government, the cost -effective is super high

Essence Very moist, but very easy to absorb. Applying it is like turning into a water,

It is very effective for dry small fine lines.

After Elixir, other series of Shiseido, such as Yuewei, Bili Fei, also used “pure retinol”.

TOP 3: glycolic acid


Glycolic acid is

The minimum molecular weight, the skin is very high -skinned

Essence One of its main functions is to accelerate the falling of the old waste horny and enhance the skin’s metabolism. Therefore, it can improve the problems of the skin’s rough and dullness, and make the skin smooth and meticulous.


At the same time, due to glycolic acid

Can prevent pores from blocking, balance oil


It is also the best choice for people with oily skin, acne and pores.


Lichi Spring Extreme Mitsu Sour Skin Essence Essence


This is

The new essence launched by the Richyquan family this year, the original “triple acid” formula, the 3.5%concentration of glycolic acid

, 1.5%concentration of salicylic acid, patented LHA, and two major colleges and universities to soothe the ingredients of nicotinamide and hot spring water, from the epidermis to the stratum corneum, to the hair follicles, and the waste keratin in all directions can improve all kinds of stubborn acne. , Exquisite pores, diluted flaws.

According to official clinical confirmation, the amount of acne improvement is as high as 50%!


TOP 2: PHA polytic acid


It is a new star in the maintenance industry.

PHA also

Belongs to AHA fruit sour family

Essence Compared with common ethanol acid and lactic acid, PHA has much larger size, so it will not penetrate deeply, but

It works on the outer layer of the skin, so it is very friendly to sensitive muscles

Essence It has the effects of removing keratin, smooth skin, moisturizing and anti -aging.

AHC 40%composite amber pore exquisite essence


In addition to containing 0.01%amber acid, this essence helps

Firming the skin, smooth and beautiful muscles

In addition, there is also PHA dualcosic acid (1%glucosate+0.01%lactose acid),

Mild metabolism of old waste horny, brushing sour skin, moisturizing is not easy to stimulate.

In addition to the full face, the chest that is prone to acne can be used.

TOP 1: cannabis seed oil

In recent years, “cannabis ingredients” skin care products have also been a fire.

Like marijuana oil ingredients,

It has excellent antioxidant, bacteriostatic, and anti -inflammatory effects,

It is considered an excellent repair, sedation, and anti -aging ingredient, which is suitable for all skin types.

However, it


It is also a relatively controversial ingredient

After all, it is related to “marijuana”.

The “marijuana ingredients” in skin care products include cannabis kernels, marijuana seed oil, and marijuana leaf extraction. It belongs to industrial marijuana.

Our country has strict limits of industrial marijuana


This year, the official website of the China Food and Drug Institute issued the “Notice of the Chinese Inspection Institute on the amendment to the revision of the cosmetics disable group to open the solicitation of opinions”.

It is planned to list the raw materials such as cannabis kernels, marijuana seed oil, marijuana leaf extract, and marijuana.


The effect of marijuana oil and other vegetable oil components can be replaced.

Since the country has shot, it is planned to list marijuana -related components as cosmetics disable components. As consumers, we must consume rationally and on demand consumption. Do not be blindly windy. You should choose products with high security and high reliability.


The above is the 14 very popular skin care ingredients this year.


Good skin care products cannot be just looking at the ingredients, matching, and purely familiar reclaiming processes.

It’s not enough for raw materials to apply on the face ~


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