There are not too many dance shoes, just a pair of “Latin dance shoes” is enough, fashionable and comfortable

##From thin band sandals trend

The style of painting suddenly turns

Start the fashion circle of the bottom of the streaming tire and the ultra -thick base sandals

Do you make you unable to guess or understand?


Come and take a look today

Why this shoe becomes a pair of people with a pair of people

Hi sisters, do you still remember the Latin dance shoes of various screens at this time last year?

The unique rounded toe, patent leather texture and special structure heel made it appear last year.

But this year, the sisters who took out this finely heeling towers silently should pay attention. The wind direction seems to have changed!

The fashion wind direction is different, as if a ray of a ray only knows how to move forward without stopping, although all the fashionable sisters are in it, it is inevitable to look up suddenly -the cheerfulness standing in front of you has changed the appearance and changed the shape. You can’t help asking yourself:

“This is popular now?”


This year, even every year, this type of dance shoes will indeed be popular, but this year’s design style is more comfortable and rough.

Inspiration is from the Emperor Danceba. This is designed as a comfortable dancing only to understand your Latin dance shoes.

The most wonderful thing is that the theme of that time is actually dance. The design and appearance of this shoes are not suitable. The Emperor is really a never -stop innovator;


Perhaps this is the case. Everyone who claims to jump Latin dances must not have a pair of UKDS from the Emperor.

In addition to bronze, white is also a classic material choice that is not outdated. The emperor has aggravated the effect of washing water for the old effect. Of course, there is a classic logo.

Remember to match your Emperor’s socks, God, it’s too simple and fashionable!

I also like you, more elegant;

Put on it in the dance hall feet up and enjoy a lazy afternoon!

Whether it is a sexy kitten heel

Still comfortable thick sole shoes

In fact, all of our shoe cabinets must be

Accompany us through all seasons.

Are you ready for summer?