Gu Yaming will distribute environmentally friendly rain buckets for free on June 2

[Overseas Chinese reporter Wang Yilin reported on May 10th in New York] City Councilor Gu Yaming and Queen’s Botanical Garden and Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will join forces to distribute environmentally friendly rain buckets to the public in Queen’s Botanical Garden from 10 am to 1 pm on June 2nd to 1 pm Essence

Rain bucket. (Provided by the Municipal Environment Bureau)

Gu Yaming said on the 10th that this time he and the Environmental Protection Agency will issue 250 environmentally friendly rain buckets to residents of the 20th constituency (Flushing) of the Municipal Council (Flushing), and people who need rain buckets must book in advance. The public can call his office (718-888-8747) to book the rain barrel. After the reservation is successful, the public will receive a confirmation letter from its office. The public can hold the letter to the botanical garden to receive the rain barrel on June 2. Each household is limited to one.


Gu Yaming said that residents using rain buckets to connect rainwater for recycling are a matter of two in both beauty. On the one hand, it can reduce the amount of rainwater flowing into the sewer and the river and the burden on the sewer and river channels. Flowers, car washing, laundering, etc. to reduce the burden on the water costs of residents; eventually help the city government to build a more environmentally friendly city to fulfill the responsibility of the citizens.

Vincent Sapienza, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, thanked Gu Yaming City Councilor for their consent to join hands with the Environmental Protection Bureau to issue environmental protection rain barrels to residents for free. She pointed out that residents to recycle rain can help the Environmental Protection Agency to maintain the cleaning of Flushing Creek and Flushing Gulf on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can save water costs. Why not?

Susan Lacerte, president of the Queen Botanical Garden, said that the Queen Botanical Garden was happy to provide a site for free rain buckets for Gu Yaming and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. She pointed out that water is essential for all animals and plants to maintain life. People recycling and using rainwater is equivalent to getting a gift from nature for free. You can use the recovered rainwater to pour the flowers in your backyard or wash your car. When residents came to the botanical garden to receive rain buckets on June 2, they could also visit the Queen’s Botanical Garden in the spring garden by the way and enjoy the warmth of spring.