One day, three strokes signed a contract with Tyk Zhengtong Full India Exhibition

On the morning of October 27, the seventh China International All -Indian exhibition came to the fourth day. The number of exhibition halls has not decreased significantly, and many booths are even more exciting.

一天三笔签约 泰克正通全印展上精彩不断


At the booth, Tick is a series of intelligent printed devices after a series of smart seals, which has attracted many domestic and foreign customers to come and watch. At the same time, the three signing ceremony was held in Tak Zhengtong.

As a leader in the Chinese BOD (book on demand) industry, Tyk Zhengtong has been paying attention to the changes in the international market and the application of the latest technology for many years. With the help of the BOD field, the transition period and digital printing of traditional printing companies are currently in traditional printing companies. There are comprehensive solutions in the development of enterprises. At this exhibition, Tyk Zhengtong also brought equipment including split folding machine, paper cutting machine, fully automatic mounting machine, adhesion machine and other equipment, showing to the majority of printing companies and colleagues. Program.

Signing Ceremony 1

一天三笔签约 泰克正通全印展上精彩不断

Tak Zhengtong and Hangzhou Yinjie Digital Co., Ltd.

At the signing ceremony, Mu Wenzheng, the general manager of Beijing Taek Zhengtong Trade Co., Ltd., and Zhou Xiaojun, general manager of Hangzhou Yinjie Digital Co., Ltd. first signed a cooperation agreement.

一天三笔签约 泰克正通全印展上精彩不断

Through this cooperation, Hangzhou Yinjie Digital Co., Ltd. will purchase four devices including C.P. P.P. Perg BB3002PUR fully automatic rubber, Komfi AMIGA52 fully automatic filmmaker, Multigraf CF375 indentation folding machine, MOHR BC330 digital three -sided knife. The introduction of the above equipment will further enhance the printing and processing capabilities of Hangzhou Yinjie, and create a personalized printing and customization service for customers.

Signing Ceremony 2

Tyk Zhengtong and Nanjing Express Index Co., Ltd.

一天三笔签约 泰克正通全印展上精彩不断

Next, Mr. Mu Wenzheng, general manager of Tyk Zhengtong, and Wang Xiaofei, general manager of Nanjing Sudou Yinwu Co., Ltd. Wang Xiaofei, on C.P. Pog BB3102PUR connected line adhesive, KOMFI DELTA52 fully automatic filmmaker, Multigraf CP375DUO+TCF375 indentation folding folding folding folding folding Three devices such as intelligent all -in -one machines have signed cooperation agreements.

Wang Xiaofei said that through the introduction of this new equipment, it will greatly improve the company’s production efficiency, improve the company’s degree of intelligence in digital printing and processing, and build a more intimate printing and processing design service for each customer.

Signing ceremony three

一天三笔签约 泰克正通全印展上精彩不断

Tyk Zhengtong and Nanjing Smart Digital Printing Co., Ltd.

It is worth mentioning that at this exhibition, Tyk Zhengtong also signed C.P. P.P. P. P.P. Pog BB3002EVA gelatin machine, KOMFI AMIGA52 filmmaker, and MOHR 80Plus paper machine. Equipment, which also indicates that Tak Zhengtong has been recognized by more and more customers in the field of seal, and the company will also become a high -quality provider of China’s post -Smart Seal solution.

一天三笔签约 泰克正通全印展上精彩不断

Tyk Zhengtong has always been the world’s leading level in the field of intelligent seal. C.P. Bog series of rubber equipment can greatly simplify the workflow of digital glue ordering and call book books, produce different specifications of book products; KOMFI series film covering equipment can adapt to various batches of membrane operations, which can not only meet traditional printing over overwriting The membrane requirements can be competent for digital printing membranes; the Multigraf series indentation folding equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, short work switching time, and paper positioning. It is an indispensable post -processing partner for printing enterprises.

一天三笔签约 泰克正通全印展上精彩不断

At the end of the signing ceremony, Mu Wenzheng, general manager of Tyk Zhengtong, Li Yongliang, deputy general manager of Tyk Zhengtong, Zhou Xiaojun, general manager of Hangzhou Yinjie, Wang Xiaofei, general manager of Nanjing Sui, Gregor Hartl, Komfi Asia Pacific Sales Director, Perig CEO CEO CEOS Pierre Bourg, Pogg Dong Kristy XIAO, the sales director of the Asia -Pacific region, toast together to celebrate the successful end of the signing ceremony, let us wish Tyk’s future future better!