After drinking for so many years of tea, I finally knew today. The aroma of black tea is related to 5 o’clock

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After the winter, the temperature of the entire northern hemisphere is getting lower and lower.

The cold wind came from the distant northwest.


At this time, the water was ice, and the ground began to freeze.

A small piece, gloomy and gloomy.

But winter is here, there are also small things worth celebrating.

Because at this time, the colder the four wild, the darker the winter night, the more people feel the light.

When you meet clear during the day, sunny days, sunlight.

Under the mottled shade, a short table is placed and tea is dried up as the sun.

The warm sunlight will be warm and stretched with the viscera.


Or, watch the birds flipped to the grass on the grass to find the remaining grass seeds.

Hold a cup of sweet and sweet black tea in his hand, and look up at the surrounding scenery.

The winter is cold, and it is just a warm black tea.

The house was at home, holding a tea stove, turning a small mountain word, and drinking a cup of sweet hot tea.

If at that time, the fighting room was full of tea, it would make people feel more warm!

But there are also tea friends who are puzzled. Why the world is saying that the flavor of black tea is fragrant and sweet, but the aroma of tea they drink is not so strong.

What exactly happened here?

What factors are the colorful tea fragrance of black tea?


First, tree species.

The processing of tea pays attention to adaptability.

Tea is no exception.

It’s like a person’s appearance, a large part of the factors are affected by congenital genetic.

The appearance and aroma of black tea are also closely related to the tea tree DNA.

For example, Zhengshan small breed black tea.

The two characters in Zhengshan reflect the limits of origin. Within a few kilometers of the Tongmu Nature Reserve, it is authentic origin.

The word small species specifies the variety of tea trees.

The tree species uses the unique local Wuyi cuisine tea to make the unique flavor of the small breeding black tea in Zhengshan.

For example, Tanyang.

At the earliest time, the traditional flavor of Tanyang worked was not a sweet potato flavor.


Black tea made of tanca tea as raw materials is also an elegant and chic flavor.

For another example, Qimen black tea.

Qimen Gongfu black tea, in order to achieve unique Qimen incense, it is indispensable to use Qimen tea tree as raw materials.

Otherwise, you can’t make authentic flavors at all!


Second, origin.

Orange Sheng Huainan is orange, and Orange Sheng Huaibei is a cricket.

The formation of black tea is directly related to the environment of the production area.

It’s like Zhengshan Small species and Jin Junmei.

These two famous black tea are the masterpieces of Tongmu black tea.

Only in the tungwood area with many forests, high mountains, and clouds and mist, can we achieve unique flavors in the natural environment of unique warm water and gas.

Otherwise, use cheap field youths to process.

Even if you can achieve 100%restore local tea -making technology, it is impossible to make the natural ghost ax and magical work.

The real mountain small species and Jin Junmei are very elegant.

Although the main fragrance types are different, the small species of Zhengshan are known for longan, nectar, and pine smoke fragrance, and Jin Junmei is even more like honey and fruit.


But the charm on them is similar.

When drinking tea and smelling fragrance, you can often meet natural fragrances such as bamboo forests and Songtao.

At the same time, after drinking tea, the throat will float cool and sweet.

It is like a mixed drink that drinks Qingye Mountain Spring+Mountain Honey.

Thinking about it, there are very few tea that can produce tea in the country in the country.

Good ecology is the key to producing tea!

The place of production is excellent, it is the confidence of the small species of Zhengshan and Jin Junmei!



Third, craftsmanship.

Before, a tea friend asked, will the small breeds of the Zhengshan species smelling the smell of pine smoke?

Actually not necessarily.


For the current small species of Zhengshan, it is not necessary to bring a pine smoke in order to explain authentic flavor.

According to the process, the small species of Zhengshan can be divided into two categories.

One type is smoked with pine firewood, called Zhengshan smoke small species.

The other type is more common on the market and is more suitable for the taste of the majority of tea guests. The small species that have not been processed by smoked and roasting are the incense types.

Obviously, Song Yanxiang is a typical fragrance in black tea.


Mattailor, which is produced in Tongmu, is rich in oil -rich substances.

After litting this kind of specific pine firewood, the scent of loose smoke is strong.

It smells very much like Tao Yuanming’s writing.

For a long time, the ancestors of Tongmu tea farmers living at the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi have used Songchang smoking local mountain goods (dried bamboo shoots, dry radish, smoked tofu, smoky duck claws, smoked bacon, smoked bacon ), Extend the method of saving time.

Later, this kind of approach was gradually used in the process of tea making.

After smoking pine firewood, let the local black tea be adsorbed into the rich pine smoke fragrance, and produce this unique tea flavor!


Fourth, the degree of fermentation.

Simply summarize, the fermentation of black tea is lighter, which is easier to reflect the fragrance, and the degree of fermentation is sufficient, and the fruity aroma will be more obvious.

Correctly understanding black tea fermentation is essentially the oxidation of polyphenols inside the tea.

Although there are many types of black tea on the market, their basic processing steps cannot be wiped out, twisting (or kneading), fermentation, drying, etc.

After the appropriate amount of water is withered, the fresh leaves of the tea becomes sinking. At this time, it is twisted and rubbing the blades cells, which is conducive to fermentation in the next step.

Like in daily life, make apple puree.

The apple with complete skin is washed and cut, and then cut into small pieces.

At this time, due to the influence of the browning changes, the flesh section will change the color quickly.

When making tea, after the cracking gap/wound, the complete tea and fresh leaves are analyzed by the material department including tea polyphenols.

This analysis of the object will oxidize after contacting the oxygen in the air.

Therefore, from the naked eye, the leaves of the leaves will be quickly oxidized and discolored.

Combined with the fermentation principle of black tea, the polyphenols inside the tea are first oxidized into tea lutein, and then the catechin, and finally tea brownin.


The degree of fermentation is lighter, the tea lutein of black tea retains more, the soup color is more golden, orange yellow, and the taste is more refreshing. Even the tea aroma is mainly based on colorful flower fragrance.

The degree of fermentation is sufficient, the higher the content of the tea, and the higher the content of the tea brownin, the soup color is orange red, and the tea aroma is more common with sweet fruity aroma!

At different degrees of fermentation, the final processing black tea is very different!


Fifth, type.

Taking Tongmu as an example, the flavor of black tea made under different tea collection standards, different tree age, and different processing processes are very different.

For example, Xiao Chi Gan.

Xiao Chi Gan is a fresh and flavor Tongmu black tea. It is characterized by the tender and tender raw materials. It takes one sprout and one leaf and two leaves of the tender shoots of the tea.

Due to the tender raw materials, the soup is very fresh and fresh, the floral fragrance is full, and it is extremely agile.

For example, Tongmu wild tea.

Tongmu is located in Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve. The local wild animals and plant resources are rich and the tea tree varieties are rich.


In the dense forests of the mountains, there are also many wild vegetable tea scattered.

Pluck these wild tea tender teas, and the processed black tea has a unique wild strength. There are the most common bamboo forests and Songtao atmosphere on the water of Tongmu alpine.

For example, old crusts black tea.

The old tea trees, the finished products, are naturally different.

As the birthplace of the world’s black tea, Tongmu has come out of the world’s oldest black tea -Zhengshan Small species.

Local tea -making has a long history and rich tea tree resources.

In addition, for a long time, local traffic is inconvenient. It is not realistic to cut off the tea trees and change other economic crops.

Nowadays, after becoming a nature reserve, it is even more strictly implemented by the forest area protection management regulations.

Therefore, the local area has become the growth park of countless ancient tea trees. The old tea trees in the dense forest of Tongmu deep mountains are extremely old.

After picking them down, the black tea made is far better than the mellow soup of ordinary black tea, and a little more charming cluster fragrance!

Another example, Da Chi Guman.

The standard of tea picking in the big red sweetness is lower than that of Xiao Chi Gan. It is similar to the buds, three or four leaves of the tender shoots of the tea tree, which is similar to the life eyebrows in white tea.

Because the raw materials are relatively large, the red soup will be stronger.

However, in the aroma, it is still fresh, pure, and ethereal.


The scent of the aroma of black tea is reminiscent of a poem -the disorderly flowers are getting charming.

It is true that the many fragrances of black tea are like Grand View Garden.

The colorful red, peach red pear white, beautiful and charming, full of style.

Each black tea is an independent firework.

Maverick, the light flashes, different.

As for why some black tea, the aroma is obvious and fragrant?

And some black tea, no matter how you make, the aroma is faint?

The reason behind this is obvious, the quality is different.

The environment of the ancestral production area is good, and the later processing technology is exquisite. It is the basis for presenting black tea with rich aroma.

The environmental environment is bad and the poorly processed inferior black tea, whether it is color and fragrance, the performance is extremely poor.

Quality determines everything.

Xiangyuan Yiqing, the charming tea fragrance of Qingyi, is inseparable from the premise of good quality!

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