46 groups of children’s shoes and children’s clothing are not qualified, Beijing Hanguang Department Store, Contemporary Mall and other commercial supermarkets

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Lin) On July 14, according to the official website of the Beijing Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, 46 groups of products were unqualified in the recently launched children’s clothing and children’s shoes. Unqualified products are sold in Beijing, such as New China Children’s Products Store, Hanguang Department Store, Contemporary Mall, and Xidan Shopping Center. Unqualified brands are involved in Haichen Beibei, Xiaoshe Beibei, Edbilic House, etc.

According to the unqualified product information of children’s clothing, Haichen Beibei, which is sold in Beijing New China Children’s Products Store, is a long -sleeved long -sleeved orange top (specification model 120/56 (inspection) 130/60 (sample)) 2. Unqualified carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, Gretton green cotton cotton tone warm children’s autumn pants (specification model 120/53), ecological cotton bottom shirt (specification model 120/60) product use instructions are not qualified; Beijing Huayuan Xidan Dan Dan Xiaoshe Beibei Fashion Dress (Specification Model 140 (110-150) (110-150) preparation) attachment (rope belt) requires unqualified pH values; Billy House Children’s clothing (specification model inspection: 110 preparation: 100) fiber composition and content and attachment requirements are unqualified.

In terms of children’s shoes, the Allo & Lugh scholarship shoes sold by Beijing Cuiwei Road Department Store (specification model 135 (2), 125 (2), production date/batch number 2019-11/A20B5AC111), Allo & lugh children’s shoes (specification model 140 (2), 140 (140) (2), 140 (140) 2), production date/batch number 2019-11/A20B5AE110), which is unqualified by the total heavy metal. Reima children’s sandals (specification models 210 (1.5), 210 (1.5), production batch number 569423), ONITsukatic children’s shoes (specification model 200 (2.5), 195 (2.5), production date/batch number 2019-03- 31/1184A022) The logo is unqualified; Reima children’s sports shoes (specification model 215 (1.5), 210 (1.5), production date/batch number 2019-10-30/569427), Moonstar children’s shoes (specification model 190 2.0), 175 (2.0), production date/batch number 2019-10-1/63d27045) The logo is not qualified.

The Beijing Market Supervision and Administration Bureau reminds consumers to pay attention to the content of the product logo when using children’s clothing and children’s shoes. Do not buy hidden dangers with rope and small parts and sharp cuts. Put again.

Beijing News reporter Wang Lin

Editor Qin Shengnan School opposite Li Shihui