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The mulberry juice water is sweet and sweet. Although the teeth are very unsightly after eating, in the face of deliciousness, Samaru’s way. However, with the changes in the season, if you want to keep the food, you may wish to dry it and save it so that you can enjoy the delicious taste anytime, anywhere. There are many mulberry water. When the dried fruit machine is produced, the drying time is relatively long, but the effect is quite good. It is comparable to the dried mulberry bought, and the finished product is still bright. (Baidu) Mulberry is sweet and cold, and has the effects of nourishing the liver and the kidney, the niche, and the dryness, and the eyes. Sang Guo is a kind of diuretic, health care, and fresh summer fruit often adopted by the people.

桑葚干 #一机多能 一席饪选#

By qiuyue0815 [Official Certification Master of Dou Guo Food]


Mulberry 140g

Appropriate amount of salt

Practice step

桑葚干 #一机多能 一席饪选#

1. Prepare mulberry

桑葚干 #一机多能 一席饪选#

2. Soak mulberry with light saline and control the dry water

3. Sprinkle mulberry evenly in the dried fruit machine

4. Set 63 degrees for about 24 hours.

桑葚干 #一机多能 一席饪选#

5. Complete drying

6. This is the comparison before and after mulberry drying


桑葚干 #一机多能 一席饪选#

Set time according to your own kitchenware

桑葚干 #一机多能 一席饪选#


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桑葚干 #一机多能 一席饪选#

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