What are the stunning poems of Su Shi?

In the history of literature, Su Shi left a total of more than 2,700 poems, more than 360 poems. In Su Shi’s writing, there are food that cure people’s hearts, fresh and graceful emotions, and the ambition of heroism …

No matter what stage of life, there are suitable Su Shi poems.

When we remembered those poems that were stunning years in Su Shi, which one would you think of?


1. He wrote pear blossoms:

A snow in the east column, how clear life can see. —— “East Sae Blossom”

2. He wrote Lushan:

Looking at the mountain side of the mountain, the high and low and low are different.

– “Title Xilin Wall”

3. He wrote a moon night:

The flowers are cleaned in the flowers, and they are fighting for long bars. ——Su Shi “Moon Night and Drinking Apricot Flower”

4. He misses his wife:

Ten years of life and death are vast, not thinking, unforgettable.

—— “Jiangchengzi · Yiyi Month on the 20th of the Month of the first month”

5. He wrote chrysanthemum:

The light and weak bones are scattered, and the golden Rui flies. – “Zhao Chang Hulk”

6. He wrote spring:

Spring Festival Gala sleepy. Sleeping night. —— “Bodhisattva Barbarian · Hui Wenchun Girlfriend Resentment”

7. He wrote summer;

Liu Ting Feng quietly sleeps day, and the day sleeping people are quiet. —— “Bodhisattva Barbi · Hui Wenxia Resentment”

8. He wrote autumn:

It should not be autumn upstairs, and autumn should not go upstairs.


—— “Bodhisattva Barbi · Hui Wenqiu Girlfriend Resentment”

9. He wrote winter:

Snowflakes fly warm and fragrant cheeks. The cheeks are fragrant and warm. Snow bullying. The clothes were bully. —— “Bodhisattva Barbi · Hui Wen Dong Girlfriend Resentment”

10. He said the relationship between reading and cultivating people:

The rough and big cloth cares, and the belly has poetry. – “Farewell to Dong Chuan”

11. He wrote happiness:

There is a lot of fun, and it is not different. ——Su Shi “Shi Cang Shu Drunk Mo Church”

12. He sued Bai Chaoyun:

The color line is gently tangled with red jade arms, and Xiao Fu hangs the green clouds obliquely. The beauty has seen each other for a thousand years.

– “Huanxi Sha · Dragon Boat Festival”

13. He wrote a lonely woman:

Pomegranate half -spit red scarf. When the floating flowers and waves are exhausted, the accompanying Jun is independent. —— “He groom · Xia Jing”

14. He ridiculed the enthusiastic fame:

The horns of the snail, the head is slightly profitable, and it is very busy. —— “Man Tingfang · Snail Horn Vanity”

15. He wrote a friend’s affection:

Several acres of wasteland stayed, half a bottle of turbid wine treated Jun Wen. ——Su Shi “Pan Gu Guo, a native of Qiting County on the 20th of the first month, sent Yu Guo and the three people in the East Zhanzhuang Temple of the Queen City”

16. He wrote moonlight:

Under the court, the water is clear, the algae in the water is crossed, and the bamboo and cypress shadow is also covered.

—— “Remember the Temple of Temple Night Tour”

17. He wrote a woman’s skin:

The ice muscle jade bone, self -cooling without sweat. – “Dongxian Ge · Ice Muscle Jade Bone”

18. He wrote the Lantern Festival:

The lighting Qiantang was three or five nights, and the moon was like frost.

—— “Butterfly Love Flower · Mizhou Shangyuan”

19. He wrote trouble:

At the beginning of life, the name of the name can be rest. – “Shi Cangshu Drunk Mo Church”

20. The desperate poem he wrote to his brother:

He is a brother with the kingli, and it is even more due to the cause. —— “The Seed in Prison is from two firsts.”

21. He is very narcissistic:

Back to Chief An Jiali, thirty years ago, I was handsome. —— “Butterfly Love Flower · Send Pan Dalin”

22. He lamented life:

Life is like a brigade, I am also a pedestrian. – “Linjiangxian · Give Qian Mu Mu Father”

Divided as yesterday. Life is wandering everywhere. Occasionally gathered and cable. Sorrowful and sad, you must believe that you have never been wrong. —— “Drunk Falling · Severe Elements”

Hugh was drunk, and it was easy to get old.

—— “Reduction Magnolia Blossom · Ying Chu Solution”

Yun He, when he goes here, life is like a shuttle. —— “Man Tingfang · Going Go”


The world road is endless and Laosheng is limited.

—— “Qinyuanchun · Lighting Green”

During the Zilou Zi Cui, Liangchen and Music are difficult. – “Huanxi Sand · Chrysanthemum Festival”

23. He wrote parting:

The end of the world is endless! When you meet, you are in a hurry. —— “Jiang Shenzi · Hate Farewell”

Don’t drink Junjun to get drunk, Qing Run Pan Lang, and He Langyu.

—— “Butterfly Love Flower · Send Pan Dalin”

It is difficult to meet each other. —— “Get Destry”

The wine is clear and the song cannot be left. The month is thousands of miles.

—— “Yong Yu Le · Chang Yi Time”

24 He writes food:

The wild peach has a short smile of bamboo fences, and the stream will shake the sand and water. The Xiyu people should be the most happy, boiled the bamboo shoots and spring plowing. —— “Two of New Town Road · One”

Wuling Baiyan wrapped the green plate in a green pupa. Suddenly, I tasted Xinhui Lingguan, and stayed in Jianghai to add meals. —— “Five Five Fives and Five Drunk Books of Wanghu Building on June 27”

Friends in the mountains, chicken and dolphins, persuaded Lao Dongpo. —— “Man Tingfang · Going Go”

The fiber hand was rubbed into jade numbers, and the blue oil was fried. Night Laichun had no weight to sleep, and he flattened the beautiful women’s arms.

– “Cold Poems”


The small cakes are as crispy and crickets. —— “Stay and Lian Shou”

The world’s romantic bamboo cakes are cake, and the world is a bun. —— “About Wu Yuanyou and Jiang Junzhang Eat the Buns”

25. He is very bold:

Jiu Jiu’s chest bile is still open, and it is not possible to be frosty? In the festival, why is Feng Tang? It will be used as a full moon, looking northwest, shooting Sirius. ——Su Shi “Jiangchengzi Mizhou Hunter”

Go to the east of Dajiang, the waves are exhausted, the eternal romantic figures. —— “Niannujiao · Chibi Waiku”

Without laughing alone, Cao Gong Huang Zu was lighter. May the king and also give the immortal poems and chase the yellow cranes.

—— “Manjiang Hong · Sending Ezhou Zhu Sujun Shouchang”

Kanxiao Lantai son, Wei Xiezhuang was born with heaven, and had male and female. A little bit of anger, thousands of miles away. —— “Water Tuning Song Togen · Huangzhou Quick Pavilion Gifts Zhang Ye”


Don’t think about the ancient times, and the past is wrong. Who is like Dongpo old, Bai Shousou forgotten the opportunity.

—— “Eight Sound Ganzhou · Send Ginseng Shaozi”

26. He is very graceful:

Don’t hate this flowers, hate the Western Garden, and fall into red. Xiao Lai is rainy, what is the trace? One Chi Ping Broken. “Water Dragon Yin · Second Rhymes, Wicker Yanghua Ci”

Fenghuang Mountain was sunny at the beginning of the rain, the water was clear, and the sunset was clear. – “Jiangchengzi · Jiangjing”

Crispy breasts holding the sky on the side of the sky, and the jade hands are lightly bounced on the surface of the water.

– “佳 · ·”


When the intestines are flying, the green leaves become overcast, and there is nothing to lose weight. Mo was Dongfeng coming to the king, and he scattered a little spring in his eyebrows. – “Dongxian Song · Yongliu”

The sparse shadow is slightly fragrant, and there is a beautiful day dream.


—— “Reduction Magnolia Lan Flower · Ssangyong”


High emotions have followed Xiaoyun Kong. Do not dream of pear blossoms. – “Xijiangyue · Plum Blossom”

27. He writes lonely:

On the Pingshan Hall of Changji, the pillow of Jiangnan smoke and rain, there was no lonely. —— “Water Tuning Song Togen · Huangzhou Quick Pavilion Gifts Zhang Ye”

Therefore, the mountain knows that the orphan is sad. —— “Linjiangxian · Send Wang Yan”

Lighting in the lone restaurant, the wild shop chicken, the dream of the dream.

Qugang jumping fish, round lotus diarrhea, loneliness without seeing. —— “Yong Yu Le · Pengcheng Night Swallow Tower”

—— “Qinyuanchun · Lighting Green”