Bazaar Special | Putian Junhui headed to China Magazine to talk about his “hundreds of taboos”

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Putian Jianghui is one of the youngest actors in Japan recently, and the youngest best male starring award winner in the history of the Japanese Sports Film Awards. His changing shapes and distinctive personal styles have attracted many fans in Asia. Chinese fans took him a cute nickname “soda”. In this issue, Bazaar takes you into the world of “soda” and visits his secrets and ideals of love.

BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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Exclusive interview

Putian Jianghui: Hundreds of taboos

Unexpectedly, the conversation between us and Putian Huohui started from “love”.

“You can ask me about love!” The guy in front of me nodded with a smile. The interviews of Japanese artists have always been known for their rigorous. We are still carefully asking the agent on the side to “whether it can mention the attitude of love”. Without the words, the words were shocked by Putian Huihui himself. “I can talk about all topics, about love, marriage, and future … I am more open. Anyway, you will not ask if you have nothing to do with it.” There was a sense of pride in his smile. Don’t say! “

OK, then the first round starts: “Do you expect a long flow of water or a dramatic love?”

“I, of course, I hope to have dramatic love!” He sighed softly, with some feelings, “Either some friends in my hometown, some friends around, and the proportion of marriage gradually higher, so the proportion of marriage has gradually increased, so The problem of ‘marriage’ is gradually waking up in my ‘consideration. “He picked his eyebrows a little embarrassed. “But … how to understand this problem, I am still thinking. Hi, in fact, I have no special obsession about when I get married ‘, and now it can be. question.”

“Only Love Can I Survive” poster

I looked at his angular facial contours, and the eyes of the thick eyebrows were particularly clear. I couldn’t help thinking. Such a boy who was called the “prince” by friends during the student days, why is there a trace of pride in his expression? He was full of obvious relaxation, maybe because of his rate, or because of self -confidence, or because of humility -he did not feel that he was the protagonist today. Out of some subtle self -protection consciousness, many artists choose not to look directly at the eyes of others in strange environments, but he is generous and unable to hide naughty in his eyes.

BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

His probe glanced at the outline of the interview in my hand. “I can understand the three Chinese,” Hai, Moon, Ji “.” The slender fingers ordered a little bit on it. “I think of this determination when I see this, I should learn Chinese Can: “I can understand a lot of Chinese words!”

His speed is not fast or slow, hesitated without words, he blurted out when he thought of something. He didn’t forget our unexpected topic, and he turned back again: “Speaking of which, I don’t know how to define the” type that likes’. Maybe my requirements for each other are not fixed, after all, everyone is different. Of course, the personality of personality is beautiful and some special thoughts. Such a “beauty ‘makes me more exciting than the simple’ beautiful ‘,’ interesting ‘is a higher evaluation than’ cute ‘.”

BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

“Still here” poster

The emotional problem has not yet been settled, perhaps part of the reason is to be attributed to his work that Putian Jiehui is too drunk: just in 2019, there are three movies and a TV series starring him. There are also three other movies and three TV series, as well as works in music direction.

“These two years will indeed consider more things other than work. As an actor, basically spend most of the time, I have lived in other people’s lives. Recently, I thought:” This is not possible, I also have my own life, I have to have my own life . ‘”He suddenly tilted his head and thought about it, and said a strange metaphor:” For example, when eating curry rice, you can match a variety of different vegetables. Need to consider it. “We couldn’t respond to each other, he laughed:” In short, we still have to consider our life. “

The straightforward sound makes me happy

Putian General Hui is not only high -yielding, but also has quality and quantity. In recent years, he has won awards. In 2018, he won the performance of the 42nd Reporting Film Award for Best Actor Award and the 30th Japanese Journal with the performance of “The Kingdom of Miracle, the Kingdom of Emperor”, “The Kingdom of Emperor”. The Best Male Starring Award of the Sports Film Awards has also become the youngest best male starring award winner in the history of the Japanese Sports Film Awards. Earlier this year, he won the corner of the art teacher “柊 柊” played in the campus suspense drama “3 Years A-from this moment, everyone is my hostage-“, and won the 22nd Japanese Sports Japanese Drama Award “Winter in Winter The Best Actor Award for the Drama and the Best Actor of the 100th Japanese Drama Academy Award.

“Class A in 3 years-from this moment, everyone is my hostage-” poster

Fatigue, of course, is inevitable. “Actually, my own physical strength is very good, and it is a full person. However, when playing others, I often feel tired, because I have to think about how to be another person and how to deal with the details of ‘him’.” He suddenly eyes Light, “What works have you seen me?”

Everyone cited some examples and told him that even if some works could not be seen in the cinema for a while, there would be enthusiastic fans to find resources online and translate subtitles. He laughed a little flattering: “So many! At some fans’ meeting or concert, I often see many fans from China, and sometimes he wondered, how do they know this information? There are so many channels for them to have so many channels. “,”

In “3 Years A”, he played a teacher who investigated the campus bullying incident. He resentful of human nature and regret for his death, and he performed the rich psychological level of the character. When I heard that this work was very popular in China, he cheered up the whole person: “This drama is a bit special. I have joined the crew during the preparation stage, and the communication with the director, screenwriter and other aspects is very good. More favorable conditions. I play a teacher in it, and he will preach to students, so I often consider whether the knowledge I reserve is enough and the feeling of preaching is right. “

BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

“3 Years A-From this moment, everyone is my hostage-” stills

BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

Many audiences were surprised that Putian’s role on the screen could be so diverse, from the character of the character to the subject matter of the work. In 2017, he participated in the Dahe drama “The Lord of the Women’s City” of the NHK for the first time, and played the Jingi Zhizhi, who was known as one of the “Tokugawa Kings” by later generations. “Compared with the work of campus themes, the types of Dahe Opera’s emphasis on historical themes have more requirements for actors. However, as long as you want to play a role with your heart, there is no simple. I have also played many works adapted from comics, The character’s movement expression must have the feeling of comics. I have to figure out the details of those details. “

“Gintama” is a comic story that affects a generation. Of course, it is expected to be moved on the big screen. The protagonist, Putian Jiehui was prepared for this. “We respect the original work as much as possible and express our feelings as much as possible. But we cannot control the views of the audience. They must accept the opinions or opposition. Similarly, where the audience supports us, we don’t know. So we should open our hearts and let the market make the final judgment. “

“Gintama” stills

He is a comic fan, and he must read the loyalty of the original. He painted his favorite work: the protagonist is a prince who looks stupid, but in fact he is very smart. It can be said that the person who is the best in the entire universe is the best. In the technology, I have mastered some strange technologies, such as changing the gender of others instantly … He said while dancing to help explain the plot, as if he could see the scenes immersed in the world in the world.

“So, I understand the mood of fans very well. When I see that the comics I like are starring others, I will have the same thoughts in my heart. This is what art is like. Free discussion is the most important thing. “He liked to listen to the audience’s opinions directly on occasions such as fan meetings.” The straightforward voice makes me happy. “

BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

No gender, angle, no boundary existence

Not long ago, Putian Huihui participated in the special short film “Still Here” directed by Tan Tana, a fantasy story about a man who was in different time and space. Danagu is only 1 year old, and is also an excellent actor. Putian Huihui talked about Tanuya: “I respect him very much and like him very much. We are very old and have a very good character. This is a way it is difficult to see from other directors. “

“Haiyue Ji” stills

Although it seems to always be explicitly described, Putian Jiehui is obvious to the “ruthlessness” of each character. The help of Li Yuanzang, who played in the movie “Haiyue Ji”, likes to wear women’s clothing. He not only rely on dieting to reduce weight to 100 pounds, but also adjust his pelvis through bone adjustment. “That character is basically a girl, so I want to show the feminine temperament as much as possible in the shape, such as my throat knot, other physiological characteristics of my body, and these must have a corresponding method of treatment.”

He was impressed by another work “Ah, Wilderness”. This film directed by Kishiyoshi is adapted from the work of the same name of Shan Xiu Division. The upper and lower episodes are up to five hours. It is the most scored Japanese movie on Douban in 2017. “Soda (Nickname of Putian) Hormones burst”, “The soda improves amazing, and every scene is very tension.” Do not hesitate to bet on Putian Huihui any praise. “The whole movie is about boxing, so I made a lot of training preparations in the early stage. Many of them were the opponent’s drama with Korean actor Yang Ik-Joon, which was also a challenge for me.”

Putian Jianghui used almost all his energy in his work. Japan’s TBS documentary “Passionate Continent” once followed Putian Huahui, but found that no matter where the camera is installed, you can only shoot the simplicity of the “boring man”: everyone talked very much during the dinner and could not insert it. He was memorizing his words; everyone spoken the wine, he smiled in the corner, and then fell asleep directly.

Putian Jiehui embarrassedly waved his hand: “In fact, when the pressure is high, I will let go of myself completely.” I tried to let him “how to let go”, but his answer was just, “I eat when I want to eat it. , Drink when you want to drink, run when you want to run. “” When I am tired, I do something else, play games, do tailoring, sewn clothes for a while to relieve spiritual fatigue. “

“Ah, Wilderness” poster

BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

—— Yes, Putian Jiehui has a hand on sewing. At first, because of the gift of “the best impression of people”, Putian Huihui followed the friends who made clothes to learn craftsmanship and gave it to Akashi’s kingefish saury. Since then, Putian Jiehui has been out of control. The daughters of Kobayashi and Yamada’s friends have received the clothes he made by himself. “The process of fabric becomes the process of clothing is very simple and happy. I am busy following the footsteps of the ‘needle’ so I have no time to worry about others. The brain can get rest. I listened to the sound of the sewing machine.

His dress style is bold and changeable, as if no matter how strange clothes and him can complement each other, he is a well -known ancient enthusiast. “In high school, I was fascinated by leisure formal trousers in the 1950s. I once liked the hippie trousers of the hippies in the 1960s. Recently, I like James Dien’s style. Getting rid of the limit of time, and it is a period of time. “Each time it is also a good experiment for changing hairstyles and hair color because of the character replacement of hairstyles and hair color. “I will always integrate my hobbies in my work. Fortunately, I have never encountered colors that fail or have an unexpected impact.”

He hopes that he can be a “gender, no angle, no border existence”, and can have a handed down work. Hirohara Kenichi is the direction of his goal. “In addition to the Japanese market, I also hope that it can develop greatly in China in the next ten years. When I heard that important movies are released, there will be more than 10,000 screens in China when it is released … I am very yearning for it!”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”


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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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BAZAAR SPECIAL | 菅田将晖首登中国杂志,畅谈他的“百无禁忌”

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