Buying martes live, not only the adult gift of young people in the Northeast

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According to legend, the adult ceremony of each Northeast old girl was taken to the second castle by her mother to buy a light mink coat. Now, there is one month before Double 11, many older girls have taken the lead in the live broadcast room.

On the evening of October 11, Lan Xin, who was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, decided to rest for one night to grab the goods on the Taobao live room of Sydney. This is the second day of Sydney’s “Warm Winter” fur. The day before Lan Xin saw the explosion sold by Sydney on Weibo and the circle of friends, it was itchy and determined to buy a mink coat that belonged to his own.

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Many girls like Lanxin are buying fur that they can’t bear to buy before the live broadcast room. Fur has always been the rigid need for northerners in winter. “A good quality down jacket also needs to be nearly 10,000 yuan. To buy mink for the same price, the warmth effect is better.” Shenyang people Zhang Xin explained. In the past two years, fur has gradually developed towards young and fashionable. It is getting rid of the synonym of “old -fashioned”, making more young women in their early 20s rush.

Live broadcast is also transforming the fur industry. As the weather turns cold, in Haining in Zhejiang, Tong Erbao in Liaoning, and Xinji in Hebei, these major fur distribution sites have been broadcast live for almost 24 hours. In the recent live broadcast room of Taobao and Kuaishou platforms, most of the live broadcast rooms are mostly in the Cao Festival. Dozens of tens of pieces of minks of 30,000-30,000 yuan are not waiting for different materials.


Quick Hand Live gathered a lot of the source of goods from the centers of fur centers such as the Erbao and Haining

According to Kuaishou’s live report, during September 24th to 26th, the Fast Fur Festival event exceeded 180 million yuan in total GMV, GMV increased averaged 349%month-on-month, and the total order volume exceeded 700,000 orders. Taobao Live also held the “Warm Winter Festival”, and the fur led by Sydney and Lie’er has repeatedly broke the record.

What is the “mink” a traffic password for the live broadcast room?

01. Young people are still mink

Lan Xin first “chop her hands” is the fur jacket she has always wanted. This long mink grass in Copenhagen, who was crowned with the title of “Mink Mine”, had an original price of more than 35,000 yuan, but it dropped to 5999 yuan after discounts and various discounts. “It’s too cheap, and the style is good.”

Since then, she continued to buy a fur scarf, a Australian wool “grandma pants”, and a lamb fur “taro mud wave” with only 300 yuan after folding. This color is gorgeous, the upper body effect is good, the name is also in line with the preferences of young people, and the pricing is extremely friendly. It becomes the love of the student party.

Some of the explosives of Sydney Live Room/Sydney Weibo

Lanxin is a Changchun. From a small family, he has the habit of buying fur. Friends with good family around you buy mink every year. But when she first went to college in Hangzhou, wearing fur in winter would still attract strange eyes.

But now, as the style of the fur gradually enriches, Lan Xin’s friends gradually feel that the fur coat looks good. “Most of our students will wear some light -colored, cute, not the style of rich women. ‘Earthy flavor’ can be made up by wearing.” In the three years of college, under her grass, several students from the south also prepared Fur coat.

On the other hand, the concept of luxury goods of fur is also recognized by more young people. Shenyang people Zhang Xin said, “In my hometown, my eldest sister has bought fur every year in the past, and has started to buy big names in the past two years. Instead, the young girl around me thinks a mink coat, and you can look at the value.”

Just shared the little cherry I bought on Weibo, and told the 20th Agency that in the previous years in the previous years of “Big Graphic” (Canadian clothing brand “Canadian Goose”, well -known for its expensive down jacket), leaders and colleagues bought both It’s right. “It is very windy when wearing it in the first year, and the next year feels the same.”

However, the brand -name wool coat represented by Burberry does not resist freezing, and down jackets are actually more likely to be bloated, so Little Cherry has almost given up “it is also good -looking in winter”. She saw a colleague wearing a white fur coat last winter. “It looks very high -end and is outstanding in the crowd.”

In the small red book, many posts on the label of “fur wardrobe”, “fur collection” and “fur must buy recommendation” label boarded on the hot. However, these younger KOLs also noticed that the concepts of “zero cruel” and “environmental protection” that the fashion industry attaches more importance to the current fashion industry will carry out some non -liability statements, and claim that fur coats can “use a lifetime”, which is more replaced by one season. Fast fashion clothing is more environmentally friendly.

On Xiaohongshu, fur is the favorite of ancient people. It also brings together store recommendations, sharing, wear and other content. Picture Source/Xiaohongshu APP

Yijia has recently chased the Korean group and has also become interested in fur. She also remembers the member of the Korean women’s group fans “How You Like That”, a member Lisa wore a piece of fur. This made her feel that the fur is full of fashion, and she had an interest in trying. “But it is really picky, and she will wear a tiger back.” Of course, she also knows that the stars are more inclined to wear environmentally friendly fur, but buy one instead of buying one of them. It is more cost -effective to keep the “fake” fur without warmth. She thinks it is more cost -effective to buy a durable fur.

LISA brought the fur map source/visual China

“Our family will buy it at the age, like in her 20s.” Northeast girl Kick told the 20th agency that although she didn’t like mink, her older elders and “not bad money” The little partner will still buy a mink for yourself. In her description, mink is like an adult gift from the parents. “Although I didn’t buy a mink, my mother bought me other gifts.”

In Kick’s impression, the elders and friends who buy mink will still choose to go to the grass city instead of the live broadcast room. Tong Erbao, located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, is the number one in their hearts to buy mink. This town can meet the market demand of 35%of the national market during its heyday.

A news of “Chinese Morning News” is enough to illustrate the importance of mink and Erbao. One year, a bus heading to the Erbao turned over the highway on the highway. After climbing out of the car from the car, no injured passengers walked to the highway intersection and boarded another bus to go to the Erbao. This kind of free travel bus that has been opened from all over the northeast can have more than 80 cars per day.


From a larger data dimension, fur has always occupied an important seat in winter clothing, and there are many audiences in the southern cities. “Copper Hergen Fur 2019/20 Consumer Research Report” shows that 29%and 43%of people in Chengdu and Wuhan usually wear fur in winter, respectively. This number exceeds 27%of Beijing and 12 %Of Shanghai; 56%and 55%of people have previously purchased fur.


02. Selling mink in the live broadcast room


In the final analysis, consumers love the price of falling below the market price.

Shenyang people Zhang Xin used to buy fur with his family at Tong Erbao. In his memories, the fur of different materials could be sold for 15,000 to 40,000 yuan. His mother had a bargain with the seller and cut off at least 5,000 yuan, and was loved by relatives. But even so, the price of a mink is not lower than five digits.


However, in the live broadcast room of Sydney and Lier Baby, many products with obviously priced prices of 30,000 or 40,000 can be designed directly to about 5,000 yuan, exceeding 70%. In the anchor room of “Mink Yi”, the five best products sold by mink are between 2,500 yuan and 3,000 yuan.


Taobao anchor live room water mink coat map source/Taobao app

On October 10, 2017, Wei Ya held a “Fur Festival” in Haining Leather City. A live broadcast cut 70 million sales, “earning a house overnight” and became famous in the World War I. At that time, Wei Ya, Taobao live fans were only 1.56 million, less than 1/10 now.

After that, more women’s anchors became famous through fur. In 2020, Double 11, a “custom” big wool -collar fox fur coat, sold 40,800 pieces in the Sydney live room, with a total sales of nearly 90 million, becoming the “sales crown” of the Sydney live room, in all categories, in all categories, Ranking first. At present, Lan Xin has sold 9,000 pieces of “Microsuming Minks” in Sydney Live Room.

Of course, a full -category anchor like Sydney can still be regarded as a special case to sell so many fur in the live broadcast room. In summary, the sales volume of fur live is still carried by the vertical anchor rooted in the distribution center. For example, the anchor with the number one in fast -handed grass@比 比 比 from Tong Erbao. According to Flying Gourd Data, during the fast -handed fur festival, the sales of mink have more than 60 million yuan for 3 days.

In Haining and Tong Erbao Leather City, there are also many popularity after transformation, which attracts users who are constantly repurchase. Shen Ruihong, a merchant in Haining Leather City, said in an interview that the price of fur in the past year will shrink sharply after the Chinese New Year, and the winter model will even be reduced to 1 or 2 % off. Winter models become dead inventory. But with the live broadcast, she did not press the goods again.

Haining Leather City anchor source/Douyin app

After the Spring Festival in 2021, she had only less than 2,000 inventory, and the live broadcast room sold at least a few hundred per day. The new spring and summer new models were sold with the old winter.

The production side is also catering to the needs of young people through design innovation. A fur clothing manufacturer in Xinji, Hebei told the media that online broadcasting is not just responsible for selling goods, but also finds a new product structure. Because the basic models are actually sold better in physical stores, but the hot -selling products in the live broadcast are exactly the opposite. Consumers have higher requirements for fashion and pursue cost -effectiveness.

Hebei Xinji Leather City’s live broadcast base map source/visual China

The manufacturers and some fur and clothing anchors have begun to form their own designer teams to make the design more in line with the aesthetic use of young use. The launch of the fabrication of the Sicily pattern to overcome the more beautiful design.


In an interview with the “New Business Intelligence NBT” last year, He Yulong, CEO of Industry Technology, said that he is creating a system for fans to design products and flexible production with the company’s anchor as the core. , Cooperate with the leather factories in Haining and other places to complete the design of the product.


Popular faction overcome. Photo Source/Vision China

The platform is also injecting its resources into the design of the product. For example, Ali cooperates with Xinji local merchants to combine big data to establish Xinji leather leather grass · Tmall specialized goods pool to provide the market with new products that are in line with the younger generation of aesthetics.

Interestingly, unlike fast -moving fur sales on Taobao, Douyin currently has no particularly clear sales strategy in fur category. 20 Affairs asked Douyin officially inquiring the relevant data, but there was no detailed data as of the press time.

But the good day of mink business is facing threat. Although China is also an important place for mink, in fact, the best quality mink comes from Nordic and North America. Due to the influence of the new crown epidemic, Danish and American mink was detected by the new coronal virus. In order to prevent mutant virus from infecting humans, he must be killed. In Denmark alone, 17 million mink was destroyed by humane.

Cui Yiyun, president of Copenhagen Fur China, estimated in a sharing of this year. Due to the suspension of Danish mink in 2021, the mink of mink in the global fur raw material auction house in 2023 will another 50%more than 2022, reaching only 10 million Zhang Zuo. This number is less than a quarter of the global peak supply.

The supply is reduced, and the price of mink began to increase. On the basis of February Auction’s Pipon prices rose by 80%, the sales price of Copenhagen Fur in April increased by more than 20%. According to the Dan Yingkeng price, the average transaction price of this auction reached 317 krona, or about RMB 318.

The price increase of mink raw materials increases the cost of finished product processing. An industry insider revealed to “Beijing Leather” that the mink purchased by the factory rose about 130 yuan each. Black minks of 350 yuan in the past have risen to 480 yuan. The price of each colorful leather rose by 100 to 150 yuan. Calculated by applying 10 sheets to a short outside, the cost increases by 1,300 yuan, and the price sold to retailers will be two or three thousand yuan higher than before.

This may become a bifurcation in the fur industry. In the context of continuous price increases of raw materials, perhaps only by branding and further improving design capabilities can more consumers are willing to pay for higher prices.