Thick coat, must be necessary this winter! Great

Those all over the country have made the first snow this year.

Although the snowy weather is cold, I still have a feeling of being cured by the beautiful scenery when I see the snowflakes flying in the sky!

Some netizens shouted, “This is the season to relive the ghost again!”

After getting home from get off work, you can hide in the bed and watch the romantic little sweet drama. In addition, the snow outside the window is very substitution. Sure enough, it is a perfect match with ghosts in winter!

No, just finish the snow,


New wave of cold air

Immediately followed the pace and hurried.

The temperature this time has dropped, and the south is about to enter the low temperature mode. It seems that the difficulty of getting up in the morning has risen.

In order to resist the invasion of the cold wave, is everyone’s thick coat ready?

Liya took advantage of the previous Double Eleven activities, and started a lot of new clothes that looked good and warm.

Even in the cold winter, the exquisite pig girls will never admit defeat, and the temperature and grace must be held.


Today, liya will share a few sets I like very much


Thick outer sleeve

The secrets of beautiful and not frozen people are all here, and the fairy is not fast to learn!


Thick coat+half skirt

Youthful and reducing

Horn buckle coat

With a sense of atmosphere of the British Academy, and the sweet girl must be


Don’t be too suitable with matching.

Fairy who is afraid of cold can wear one

Plel of pants

Then wear a scarf to embellish, so that it does not lose fashion while keeping warm!

down jacket

It is also an indispensable thick coat in winter. It still has to rely on it to resist the bitter cold wind.

Black model



The effect will be better.

A -line skirt

, The flaws of the legs can be hidden well, and the fat girl quickly arrange it!

However, a black way to wear will inevitably feel monotonous, so you must pick a high degree of brightness in the inside to play in order to play.



The role.



Clothing, you can try this as one side and grow on the side

Irregular coat

, Putting a proper girl after putting it on!


High -waist leather skirt


Short boots

, Legs are two meters and eight, this queen’s aura is also no one!

Of course, want to improve the refinement,


Suitable accessories

You can’t be absent. Maybe the difference between you and the beauty beauty is because these small details are not in place.

Thick coat+dress

If you want to get rid of the layers of heavy heavy clothes,

The upper and lower sweater skirts

Learn about!

The style is simple and versatile, and

It is convenient to wear and take off

, Directly on the outer kit coat can be achieved in the morning in the winter

Go out quickly



Liya suggests that you can add another one

Belt division level

It will have the effect of increasing the waistline and optimizing figure.

I believe few girls can resist

Floral skirt

Charm? Romantic


French pastoral style

There is a kind of oil -like texture.

Although it appears in spring and summer, the frequency is relatively high, but

Waste woolen coat stacking

Don’t have a charm!

Rich floral elements can enhance the shape

Three -dimensional


, And can break a single atmosphere, the eye -catching index is instant UP!

Black coat

It can be regarded as the “ace player” in winter clothing, which is almost the same as the person.


If you want to stand out between everyone, you must use other items

Enhance personal characteristics

Like a bright

Red checked camisole

It’s a good choice.

With the small high -collar penetration, there is a little intellectual beauty in the playfulness. You can also wrap the coat with a belt, only a small part of the red to brighten it. It is dazzling enough.

Thick coat+pants

Compared to long coats, the little fairy is more suitable for wearing

short jacket

Because it can be visually able to

Pull the leg line

, Avoid the risk of pressing height.

From top to bottom, gradually narrowing

Cone pants

It can be good

Modify the fake width


, Especially friendly to pear -shaped girls.

And the standing items in liya wardrobe

Wide leg pants


Cover the meat and thin

I am already exhausted.

Especially this



The type of version of the body is very tolerant, and it is basically a style that will not be stepped on.

Office workers can be stiff

Woolen suit

Wearing together, it adds a calm and capable feeling while taking into account the warmth.

In autumn and winter, Xiaosa seems to be covered with a layer of black and white and gray colorless filters, so occasionally wearing a dazzling color can use this


Give it out.

Like this year’s hot

Bright yellow

It is very suitable for the bonus points of the whole set of LOOK, but if it is used in the upper body, it will be difficult to control if it is used in the upper body.

Compared with, still

Moved to the bottom

It’s easier to master, with a dark color

Cotton jacket


Senior sense of high level!

Thick coat+stacking Dafa

Worried that wearing clothes in winter is not fashionable enough, then

Simple and easy to get started

Falun Dafa must get up!

Although some items are basic models without highlights, they will be very textured once they are worn with other clothing.

for example

Small high collar+knitted vest


The combination of two or two will let the overall as a whole


Effectively improved, even if you put on a down jacket, you don’t feel bloated.


still alright

Stack the jackets of different styles

Like a long and thin short cotton jacket, it can not only enrich the picture and improve the sense of styling, but also increase the number of vertical lines, which will be more visually thin.

Even if it is all the clothes of the same color,


Differences in fabric


It can also make the level clearly distinguish, and it does not look boring.


Shirts and knitted vests

The method of stacking can easily create a full -scale girlish sense, which can be said to be the standard of the student party.

“Up and down deep”

The color matching method can also brighten the complexion in virtual, plus soft and waxy

Lamb hairy jacket

Who will not love the cute and sweet pure school girl!


Cold air comes immediately, the fairy must get in advance

Make warm work

, Girls must pay attention not to be cold!

The sharing of thick coats in this issue hopes to help everyone solve the troubles of winter dressing. The fairy you like can be worn as you can wear it!

Of course, good -looking clothing is indeed extra points, but the appropriate hairstyle must not be ignored.