These 27 batches of masks have been notified to be unqualified, and Taiwan Morita is listed

Zhongxin Jingwei Client, June 25th. The State Drug Administration issued a notice on 27 batches of cosmetics on the 25th. After inspection by the Food and Drug Inspection Institute of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 17 companies including Guangzhou Boyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The 27 batches of cosmetics produced by enterprises were unqualified, and Taiwan Morita Mask was listed.


The labeling agent (production) enterprises involved are as follows:

Sissi Yu dewyan chamomile mask produced by Guangzhou Boyi Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Sissy Rain Rainted Bear Bear Crusted Snowfront Skin Skin Skin Skin Mask, Sissi Rain Real Cyberwy Clean Clean Water Run Black Gold Mask Qinrun Mask Mask;

The beautiful habit of the water -based cosmetics factory in Nanhai District, Foshan City, a beautiful whitening mask and a long charcoal moisturizing mask for long charcoal;

The fibrous love® love ® Bolon Slip Slipholon Mask and Fiber Love® Snow Musk Skin Mask Mask Mask Mask Mask Mask of Snow Snow Muscum Snow Mask in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Creation Aesthetic Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (commissioner: Guangzhou Shangxue Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) produced by urban Story® ® ® Preparation of Long Charcoal Cleaning Black Mask and Urban Story® Moisturizing Moisturizing Mask;

The marine legends produced by Shenzhen Natural Yuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. health cosmetics factory produced by hydrating white mask and deep -sea fish oil high hydraulic mask;

Guangzhou Mingyan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (commissioner: Guangzhou Yan Membrane Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) produced by the infant angel and baby silk mask;

The Mingkou hyaluronic acid water produced by Guangzhou Shengmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Mask Miracle Masters produced by Guangzhou Jingcheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.;

Zuyan Ant deep -seated white moisturizing Shenxian mask produced by Guangzhou Jiesi Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Shangpinhui Cosmetics Co., Ltd. produced by Ruoquan Water Magnetic Field Lidun Moisturizing Silk Mask;

Guangzhou Jiarui Cosmetics Co., Ltd. produces a static distance Qianyan honey, peach blossoms and beautiful skin mask;

Guangzhou Xianya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. produced by the slim hyaluronic acid liquid hyaluronic acid moisturizing and tender silk mask;

Guangzhou Meizhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (commissioner: Caena International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.) produced by the Water Ying Qizi Baizi Baishui Division Mask;

Guangzhou Youxi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. produced by Popwei Mask® Blueberry Erine Subtility Mask;

Wuhan Runhe Biomedical Co., Ltd. produced by vitamin E-B rejuvenation mask and valley blue mask;

Yuman Mask No. 1 produced by Xinjiang Fangguan Yang’s Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and Yuyan Mask No. 2;

Taiwan Sentian Moisturizing Essence Mask, Agency, Agency, Shanghai Shenting Biotechnology Co., Ltd..

Among them, the baby angel baby silkworm mask produced by Guangzhou Mingyan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (commissioner: Guangzhou Yan Membrane Biotechnology Co., Ltd.) produced by the baby country and baby, the fiber hyaluronic acid liquid moisturizing silk mask produced by Guangzhou Xianya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The relevant batch products such as Popwei · Mask Ah Mask Ah Mask Anti -skin Mask made by Guangzhou Youxi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. are counterfeit products.

The State Drug Administration requires Shanghai, Xinjiang, Hubei, and Guangdong (cities) Food and Drug Administration to verify that after the verification of the Food and Drug Administration of the Food and Drug Administration, urge relevant manufacturers (agents) to take measures to recall and investigate the relevant products on the market. Handling; Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Tibet, Henan, Hubei, Hubei, Qinghai, Shanxi, Xinjiang and Zhejiang (district, city) Food and Drug Administration order the relevant operating units to immediately take measures to control the risks to control the risks to be suspected of counterfeiting. Products, investigate the purchase channels, and investigate and deal with them according to law.

In addition, the above -mentioned provincial food and drug supervision and management departments have publicized the results of unqualified cosmetics related enterprises or units of cosmetics or units within 3 months from the date of the announcement of the announcement. Supervision and Administration. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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