2022 The best screen of the flagship mobile phone, the first is not Samsung E5

Anyway, the mobile phone screen is now regarded as a part of the second consumer in addition to the processor. Whenever there are new mobile phones, many people will talk about the material, pixel arrangement, resolution, etc. of the mobile phone screen. A good screen can not only bring visual enjoyment, but also better protect the eyes.

By 2022, the screen of many mobile phone manufacturers has been further upgraded, such as the screen material to the latest E5 material, and the adjustment function of the screen high refresh rate has also been further optimized. However, from the actual experience, although the Samsung E5 material screen has improved power consumption, due to the addition of micro -prism technology, the viewing angle of the screen is significantly attenuated. In addition The best screens, and more importantly, it depends on the adjustment of the manufacturer. It is not the best hardware.

After counting it, the high -quality screen of the flagship phone in 2022 is mainly divided into three grades. The top of the forefront is naturally supporting the LTPO technology. The LTPO technology also has a gap between the screen due to the gap between the manufacturer’s adjustment. If you can see the following models.


The first gear: supports a high-quality screen that supports 1Hz-120Hz refresh rate adjustment

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The screen of Samsung mobile phones has always been its biggest selling point. Unlike the take -out screen on the market, the screens used by the Samsung Galaxy series have left a hand. Whether it is the screen material, brightness, color, color accuracy, etc., it is better than the screens that are compared with external supply. The newly released Galaxy S22 Ultra is no exception.

The screen uses the latest M12 material, and there are new breakthroughs in terms of brightness. The peak brightness reaches 1750NIT, which can provide better HDR effects and performance under sunlight. The resolution is still the QHD level, and it supports free switching of the 1-120Hz refresh rate. In the high brush strategy, the excellent tradition of full blood 120Hz runs throughout the blood. Samsung officially stated that in order to improve the performance of the screen in the outdoor sun, the latest Vision Booster also used to adjust the brightness to ensure the clarity of the screen. Judging from the parameters in all aspects, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is another good screen.

OnePlus 10 Pro

In addition to Samsung, the good screen of the Android camp can choose. The screen quality of the domestic mobile phone has been increasing in recent years. For example, high -screen, 10bit color display, and the lowest 1Hz screen refresh rate. These are all domestic mobile phones. OnePlus 10 Pro can still be played this time. The resolution of 2K level and the screen refresh rate of 120Hz are all supported. At the same time, its low screen can also be reduced to 1Hz, and the power saving effect is more extreme.

In order to give full play to the characteristics of this LTPO screen, OnePlus 10 Pro also uses the technology of LTPO 2.0. It is not like other LTPO screens that feel that it does not open the high refresh rate according to the application whito list. Instead, the screen code is written from the bottom layer, so that the screen can intelligently adjust the refresh rate of the screen according to the current APP. In applications such as maps and video categories in the heavy disaster area, OnePlus 10 Pro can also give the highest 120Hz screen refresh rate to provide a smooth high -screen experience.

In other words, in the OnePlus 10 Pro, we can no longer feel the experience of the application lock frame. Each sliding can slide up to 120Hz, and it will drop to 1Hz in one hand, achieving high brush and power saving.


Of course, the OnePlus 10 Pro also specially tunes the screen on the screen. Its built-in O-Sync overclocking response technology can greatly increase the response speed of the screen. Essence Whether it is a combo or the switching of equipment, the mirror opening, etc., compared to traditional mobile phones, OnePlus 10 Pro will have an advantage, which may also play a decisive role in the entire game.


The second gear: supports high-quality screen that supports 10Hz-120Hz refresh rate adjustment

Xiaomi 12 Pro

The screen quality of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is also very high. Who can think that the screen was not Xiaomi’s selling point before, but from Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi’s progress in the screen is also visible to the naked eye. The Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro also kept up the trend this time. The latest Samsung E5 material screen was used. Although the E5 screen visible angle attenuation is still unavoidable, the comprehensive hardware quality of its screen is still strong enough.


The screen also supports the technology of LTPO 2.0, which can be freely switched between the screen refresh rate of 10-120Hz. In terms of high -brushing scheduling strategies, the lock frame situation has improved a lot compared to Xiaomi 11, and there is still room for progress, especially applications such as maps and videos. Other aspects such as 2K level resolution, 16000 -level brightness adjustment, peak brightness of 1500NIT, etc., are quite eye -catching.

IQoo 9 Pro


IQOO has also been a manufacturer with a relatively large screen in domestic mobile phones in recent years. Last year’s IQOO 8 Pro led other manufacturers to use the latest Samsung E5 material screen. Samsung E5’s good screen. The same resolution is also a level of 2K, and it supports the refresh rate of 10-120Hz freely. In addition, the local peak brightness of 1500NIT, 16,000 -level lighting, native one billion -color display, etc., all laid the foundation for the excellent visual experience.


However, this screen still has a common problem with the Samsung E5 material screen, and the decline in visual angle is also unavoidable. In addition, through the actual experience, the strategic scheduling of IQOO 9 Pro for high -screen is still conservative, and many maps and video applications still have locking frames.

Third grade: smart variable high brush screen (does not support LTPO technology)


Xiaomi 12

Today, the LTPO screen is more applied to the flagship mobile phone. For secondary flagships, smart and variable high -screen screens are more suitable. Like the new Xiaomi Mi 12, although it is not comparable to its own flagship Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro in terms of screen resolution, it only has a resolution of 1080P. But in other parameters, this screen is unambiguous.


It has a PPI of 419 and also uses diamonds similar to Samsung screen, so it will not be greatly reduced in terms of clarity. At the same time, the peak brightness also achieves 1100NIT, and do not worry about the screen content in the scenario of the outdoor sun. The color display of 1.2 billion colors also allows this screen to show more color details and prevent colors from faults.


The reason for recommending IQOO 9 is also quite simple. First of all, it is a rare straight screen, and it is also based on Samsung’s E5 material. The advantages of direct screens are still more, such as no error, no color on both sides, good film, etc. These are exclusive screen experiences that IQOO 9 can provide.

Although it is a straight screen, fortunately, the screen quality of IQOO 9 has not been castrated significantly. The second flagship screen is basically a resolution of 1080P level. In addition, the peak brightness is not attenuated. It is consistent with the IQOO 9 Pro, which is 1500NIT. It is said that the OLED screen will hurt the eyes due to the low -frequency PWM lighting. IQOO 9 also supports DC lighting. After turning on, the screen display effect is basically no side effects. The LCD party can rest assured.



Compared with the past few years, the situation of good screens can only choose Samsung Apple. Nowadays, the screen quality of domestic mobile phones has also achieved the first echelon in terms of perception. For manufacturers such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, IQOO, their screen performance will not be too bad, but if you want to experience the top quality plus a smooth high brush experience, it is recommended to choose as much as possible in the first and second grades. Model.