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Large fish tank to a small fish tank,

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Which fish tank is suitable for me?

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Today is “Watching Fish Novice 100 Question Second Series”. The theme is: how to choose a satisfactory fish tank for yourself.

Don’t talk nonsense, listen to the things about the fish tank ~

This article is suitable for the fishmates who watch the fish Xiaobai, and it is also suitable for the fisherman who plans to change the fish tank. Not suitable for grass tanks and sea tank players. It is expected to read 218 seconds.

This is not a fish tank

Don’t buy some fish tanks!

First of all, we must know that there are several types of fish tanks.

The first, round or semi -circular fish tank.

In this fish tank, the fish is uncomfortable. From the perspective of the fish owner, the fish I see is actually distorted.

The second is the fish tank of the fisherman’s own DIY.

Wow Tsai appreciates the fishermen who will do it, but it is not appropriate to use such a fish tank to sell it to others. The fish tank of the fisherman’s own DIY has no quality assurance on the one hand, and on the other hand, there is the risk of cutting hands, and many details are not fine enough.

The third is the goldfish porcelain pot.

Friends who are familiar with the goldfish know that goldfish is actually more suitable for wooden pots and mud tiles, not porcelain pots. If you plan to raise fish with ancient methods, the porcelain basin is not a good choice. The difficulty of raising moss in porcelain pots is much larger than the mud tile pot. Porcelain pot is a fish tank that is not used. Of course, through a certain transformation, it can still be used, but there will be many small objects that affect ornamental.

This fish tank is a bit cool

Common Fighting Fighting of Fish Tanks

There are many types of fish tanks I have seen, but there are so many mainstream styles.

First, traditional aquarium (large and medium -sized).

The length of the fish tank exceeds 80 cm (including 80 cm).

It is divided into upper filter fish tanks, lower filter fish tanks and side back filter fish tanks.

This is the most common style of the aquarium market, and it is also the style placed by most fish friends. This fish tank can raise most of the fish species on the market, which is very practical.


In terms of material, it can be divided into three types: floating glass fish tanks, ultra -white glass fish tanks and acrylic fish tanks.

Wow Tsai recommends that the lower -white glass fish tank is filtered. From the perspective of viewing, the ultra -white tank is the most suitable fish tank for appreciation. There is no color difference, and it will not hurt the glass surface in the future maintenance to form scratches.

There is only one disadvantage of the ultra -white cylinder: expensive.

Second, small aquariums.

This fish tank is generally aquarium with a length of less than 80 cm.

Some have a filter sink, and some have not even filtered.

This fish tank needs to be properly configured with some fish farming equipment, such as oxygen pumps, filters and circulating pumps, and filter materials, and may also use heating rods.

Small tanks are only suitable for playing small fish, and the density is not too high.

Suitable for the entry fish tank for a part of the player, it is not suitable for long -term use.

Third, all kinds of round glass fish tanks

This fish tank is actually not suitable for fish farming. The reason has been made clear.

It is worth emphasizing that many people do not know the harm of this fish tank.

I don’t know how many fish were killed by this fish tank.


Most of the fishmates who use circular glass tanks do not know the importance of filtering the system. Tens of thousands of ornamental fish die every year in such a fish tank.

Therefore, I do n’t recommend such a fish tank.

Fourth, goldfish porcelain pot, wooden basin, tile basin, etc.

As mentioned above, I won’t go into details here.

Fifth, koi ground tank.

The koi ground tank is a landing fish tank without a cabinet, which is mainly used by koi players. But there are also some arowana and catfish players in use.

The advantage is that the volume is large, and the disadvantage is also large.


Sixth, breeding group cylinder.

This is the equipment used by enthusiasts.

For example, colorful brine, peacock fish, high -grade fighting fish, zebrafish, and swallows are all available.

This is only a lot of breeding players.

Seventh, other professional fish tanks.

Such as shrimp tanks, grass tanks, sea tanks, water and land tanks, and rainforest cylinders. They are professional tanks and have corresponding uses. This is not the focus of today, not much to say today.

There is also a saying, called “Dragon Tank”, which is a fish tank designed for arowana. In fact, there is no problem with the fish you use it to raise another other. It’s just that the arowana can be suitable.

There are two types called “native tanks” and “South American tank”.

The native tank is a fish tank that specializes in playing Chinese native fish.

The South American Tank is a fish tank specializing in South American fish to create South American underwater landscapes.

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Fish tank with a good design

What fish tanks, the fish said for a long time!

What fish tank do you need? This matter is not the final say, it is the fish.

It can be said that how many categories of fish are divided, there should be how many corresponding fish tanks should be available.


Wow Tsai gives you some suggestions for your choices based on his own experience.

1. Goldfish: Suitable for a small aquarium with a mud tile pot or a filter system.

2. Koi: Suitable for koi professional ground tanks or koi ponds.

3, arowana: professional large dragon cylinder, ultra -white glass and bottom filter are standard. Different arowana varieties configure different background paper.


4, catfish: Ibida, generally exists as the ravioli. You can also raise catfish alone.

5. Luohan: 80 or 100 subtly filtering water boxes, raising Luohan fish alone, do not mix.

6. Parrot fish: The medium -sized aquarium of 80 ~ 120 has the best bottom filter.

7. Colorful fairy: The lower filter water box with a meter of meter does not have a maximum limit. The larger the more spectacular, the more spectacular.

8. Lantern fish: Suitable for grass tanks or South American tanks, large and small aquariums.

9. Peacock fish: The strongest adaptability can be raised as long as it is a fish tank, but there must be a filter system.

10. Large Galasin: It is recommended to use large or ultra -large aquariums above 1.5. After all, individual large fierce fish are indeed too big.

11. Small tropical fish: For example, zebrafish, colorful skirts, Mary, red swordfish, lipfish, short bream, short bream, climbing climbing, mermaid, etc., small aquariums below 80 cm are enough.

12. Douyu: Douyu was raised with Douyu Cup for a long time. This is a wrong way to play. Whether it is Chinese fighting fish or Thai Douyu, there must be a filtering system, otherwise it will not be good.

13. Three Lakes: Playing Sanhu Cichlids is still cool. Cichigl is very conscious. If the space is large enough, you can put a few more varieties. It is recommended to exceed one meter large aquarium. Of course, if you don’t plan to collect too many varieties, you can use it in 80 cylinders.

14, others: such as Thunder Dragon, Shrimp Tiger, Painting, etc., there are not many people playing, but they all have corresponding equipment, generally fish tanks below 80 cm. In many cases, they can be filtered. However, if you are a professional play with Thunder, the filter is definitely better.

15. Woodfish: It is strongly recommended to use a round glass fish tank, buckle it up, put the wooden fish on it, knock on a small wooden stick, knock on, knock on, and pray for the little fish that has been harmed by you. Be devout!

Wow Tsai’s heart

: When yesterday, when I was training for the basic knowledge of fish farming, I found a phenomenon. The more friends who buy expensive fish, the less fish, the more fishermen who bought cheap fish. Essence Why do you say this? Is it necessary to recommend that the fisherman buy a big cylinder in one step?

Between you and successful fish, there is only one distance.

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