The largest 15 kinds of animals on the earth

The largest living animal in the world is blue whale (

Balaenoptera musculus

), A beast with a length of more than 100 feet (30 meters). But the whale is enough. What are the largest birds, butterflies or bags? 15 the largest animals know who they are.

The biggest bird

Diomedea Exulans

) The wing exhibition is 11.5 feet (3.5 meters), and it is the largest bird on the earth.

There is a record of the largest bird (


地球上最大的 15 种动物

Now extinct. The paleontologist at the Broos Museum of Greenwich and Daniel Kesapka, the chief of the Science Museum, said its wings exhibition between 20 and 24 feet (6.1 to 7.3 meters) is double.

The most existing bird is an ostrich, with an average weight of 244 pounds. (111 kg). The heaviest extinct bird is a bird (

Aepyornis maximus

) Or terrorborn (

Dinornis robustus

地球上最大的 15 种动物

To. Although there are differences in the scientific community, if you point to my head with a gun, I will say

And with 500 kg [1,100 pounds] as possible quality.

Of course, they will not fly.

地球上最大的 15 种动物

The biggest butterfly

地球上最大的 15 种动物

Queen Alexandra’s Bird Wing (

Ornithoptera Alexandrae

) The first place to win the biggest live butterfly. Its wingspan is about 1 foot (0.3 m) wide.


O. Alexandrae

It is rare that it lives in the tropical rain forest in Papua New Guinea. The International Nature Conservation Alliance (IUCN) lists this butterfly as an endangered species.

The female of this species is brown with 11 to 12 inches (28 to 31 cm), while yellow, green, black and blue male is slightly smaller, and the wing show is 6.7 to 7.4 inches (17 to 19 cm).

The biggest rodent


Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

) It is the king of rodents. According to San Diego Zoo, its shoulder is about 2 feet (60 cm) height, which is the largest rodent on the planet.

Dolphin is larger than its relatives, guinea pigs and guinea pigs. It can be found or rolled in the water on the land, where it can swim with a slightly cricket foot. The huge rodent is native to South America.

The largest double shell

It can reach 4 feet (1.2 m) in length and weighs more than 500 pounds. (227 kg), the largest existing double shell software is a giant clam (

Tridacna Gigas


地球上最大的 15 种动物

Giant ship maggots (

Kuphus Polytharamia

) A little longer, but its weight is much lighter. This strange marine software, its shell looks like a ivory, 3 to 5 feet long (1 to 1.5 m).

The animals inside are black, sticky, about the length of a baseball stick.

The biggest fish

地球上最大的 15 种动物

The biggest fish is whale shark (

Rhincodon typus

), Its length can reach 40 feet (m). This huge fish weighs about 20.6 tons (18.7 metric tons), which is about the weight of two school bus.

These filter -oriented animals live in tropical waters in the Atlantic and Pacific India. However, mild giants are often captured by fisheries, entangled by the Internet as a capture or attacked by sea ships. IUCN lists this fish as an endangered species.

The biggest bag

Red Kangaroo (

Macropus runs

) It is the world’s largest bags of animals in the world. According to “National Geography”, its length from head to hip can reach 5.3 feet (1.6 m), and the length of the tail can reach 3.6 feet (1.1 m). There are bags weighing about 200 pounds. (90 kg).

M. Rufus

地球上最大的 15 种动物

It is not the largest kangaroo since the record. This honor belongs to giant short kangaroo (

Procoptodon Goliah

), Its weight is more than twice as much as it weighs 529 pounds. (240 kg). According to the Australian Museum, this animal was extinct about 15,000 years ago.

The biggest pockets since the record are four -footed animals

Diprotodon Optatum

It looks a bit like bear. Its shoulder is 5.5 feet (1.7 m), less than 13 feet (4 m), and weighs 6,100 pounds. (2,800 kg). According to the Australian Museum, this animal was extinct about 25,000 years ago.

The longest snake

Among the 41 species, the net python is the longest python (and snake) that has recorded.

The longest -known mesh python is 26.2 feet (8 m), which is longer than the five rows of rows of rows. It was discovered at a construction site in Malaysia in April 2016 and died shortly after being captured.

According to the Guinness World Records, this Malaysian snake is longer than the world’s longest circle of snakes, and Merdus is 25.1 feet (7.7 meters).

The biggest lizard

Ferry fork tongue Moado Diamalo (

地球上最大的 15 种动物

Varanus komodoensis

) It is the largest lizard.

The male Camodo is up to 10 feet (3 m) and weighs about 200 pounds. (90 kg). The female body is slightly smaller, up to 6 feet (1.8 m).

Fast predators have good vision and excellent sense of smell, which helps them prey in large prey, such as cattle, deer, pigs, and even humans, so keep distance!

The biggest frog

Golita frog (

Conraua Goliath

) It is an amphibian that cannot be ignored. It can grow to more than one foot (32 cm) and weigh more than 7 pounds. (3.3 kg), according to the San Diego Zoo, it is the largest frog since recorded, as big as some cats.

According to the zoo, the Golita frog is a parachuting champion and can jump forward nearly 10 feet (3 m). But don’t wait for them to complain; these huge frogs are dumb.

The largest limb animal

Huming animals (spiders, insects, and other hard vertebrates) constitute the largest animal group on the planet, but only one kind of limb animal can be called the largest title of the body: Japanese spider crab (Japanese spider crab (

地球上最大的 15 种动物

MacroCheira Kaempferi


James Ramsdell, assistant professor of the Department of Geology and Geography at the University of West Virginia, said that the legs of the largest Japanese spider crab have been 12.5 feet (3.8 m). But all lengths are on the legs.

地球上最大的 15 种动物

If you think this is cheating, the largest modern limb animal may be American lobster. The old ones can grow to more than one meter (3.2 feet), although [fishery] usually does not make them so old. “

地球上最大的 15 种动物

The biggest extinction of limb animals is

Jaekelopterus rhenaniae

This is a huge marine scorpion, which is 8.2 feet (2.5 m). “When the claws are extended, the total length may increase by about one meter,” Ramsdel said.

The biggest dog

According to the Guinness World Record, the biggest dog has been a Dan Dan dog with a donkey from Ozigo, Michigan.

When the shoulder height, Zeus reached 3.6 feet. According to Guinness World Records, when he stood with his legs, he was as high as 7 feet 4 inches (2.2 meters), which was higher than most basketball players.

地球上最大的 15 种动物

Sadly, 155 pounds. (70 kg) Dogs have a short life. He died in 2014 at the age of 5.

The biggest jellyfish

地球上最大的 15 种动物

Lion mane

Cyanea Capillaata

) It may be very small, with a diameter of only 0.5 inches (1.3 cm). According to “National Geography”, it can also be amazing, reaching 6.6 feet (2 m) in diameter.

Its tentacles are even longer, with 49 feet (15 m), making it the largest jellyfish on the planet.

These jellyfish will also assassinate people. According to reports, 50 to 100 people swimming on the coast of Hampshire in 2010 were injured by a lion mane.

The largest bat

The biggest bat is a scene worth seeing. According to life encyclopedia, some people call it a golden crown fruit, while others call it the Golden Crown Fei Fox (

Ancerodon jubatus

), Its wing exhibition can reach 5.5 feet (1.7 m). But these giants are very light, weighing about 2.6 pounds. (1.2 kg), according to IUCN.

According to the World Nature Protection Alliance, fruit bats are native to the Philippines, mainly due to the loss of habitats and hunting.

The biggest head and foot animal

地球上最大的 15 种动物

Giant squid

) It is the largest head and foot animal, including squid, octopus, cuttlefish and nautilus, which may not be surprising.

Researchers determine the length of squid by measuring the mantle (body length) of the creature.

Smithson Society’s National Museum’s head and foot -footed zoom head Michael Wakione said, A. DUX

The cloak is more than 6.6 feet (2 m), but the touch of this animal makes the total squid as much as 59 feet (18 m). Natural history of Washington Special Administrative Region

With the shell long plan, the biggest exterior head and foot animal is


About 20 feet (6 m). However, if you are looking at the maximum shell calculated in diameter, then the honor is an extinct

地球上最大的 15 种动物

Parapuzosia seppenradensis

This is a chrysanthemum with a diameter of 8.2 feet (2.5 m).

The biggest psychoic animal

Eastern Gorilla (

Gorilla beringei

) As the largest long -lasting animal award, its height can reach 6.2 feet (1.9 m) and weighs about 450 pounds. (205 kg), according to Gorilla World.

According to the World Nature Protection Alliance, these gorillas live in the mountain forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. There are less than 5,000 wild Eastern Gorilla, which are extremely endangered.

地球上最大的 15 种动物

Aepyornis maximus