Intellectual property escort children’s oral health and Happiness Proboteage Company and Pipiru Mobilization Company successfully signed a contract

Source: Economic Daily-China Economic Network

Economic Daily-China Economic Net, Beijing, April 24 (Reporter Wang Meng Correspondent Zhang Danzhang) As the World Intellectual Property Day is about to come, Beijing Happy Proproton High-tech Co., Ltd. and Beijing Pipilu, which are invested by intellectual property publishing house, mobilize The signing ceremony of the limited company was successfully held in Beijing today. Zheng Yuanjie, a well -known “fairy tale king”, Hu Fang, chairman of the happy probe company, and all the leaders of the publisher attended the signing ceremony.

Economic Daily-China Economic Network reporters were informed that the theme of the National Intellectual Property Week this year is “Intellectual Property and Healthy China”. Today’s signing activity fits the theme of the National Intellectual Property Publicity Week. It is reported that Zheng Yuanjie, who is a well -known “fairy tale king”, has always called for the protection of oral health. He enlightenly enables more children to care for more teeth and pay attention to oral health through the right way.

After Zheng Yuanjie learned that the healthy tooth effect of “intact as” is as good as the beginning “, he tried to try the toothpaste and felt good. His wish was to launch a national healthy toothpaste toothpaste, and he hoped that “the next generation grew up, China has no dental clinic.” Zheng Yuanjie’s words show that there is a strong social responsibility in his heart, and a great feeling of the health of the whole people.

知识产权护航儿童口腔健康 幸福益生公司与皮皮鲁总动员公司成功签约

At the signing ceremony today, Zhu Min, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of Intellectual Property Publishing House, reviewed the process of cooperating with Teacher Zheng Yuanjie. Zheng Yuanjie has prefaced the best -selling book “I Will Inventory” of the publishing house. Since then, the two sides have started the cooperation process. The happy probe company invested by the publisher has developed the world’s top biological bone repair material “sodium silicon acid”. Among them, the “silicon” element plays an extremely important solid -solid role.

It is understood that the Happiness Proboteter stood out from the Haidian High -Value Patent Cultivation Competition hosted by the publisher. The cooperation between the two parties was a successful case in the intellectual property operation field of the publisher.

知识产权护航儿童口腔健康 幸福益生公司与皮皮鲁总动员公司成功签约

It is reported that Pipiru mobilized the company and the happy probe company to jointly produce the “intact as the first” brand of Shuta Bata toothpaste.

知识产权护航儿童口腔健康 幸福益生公司与皮皮鲁总动员公司成功签约

At present, the National Intellectual Property Week is carried out across the country, and the relevant activity atmosphere of the promotional theme “Intellectual Property and Healthy China” is getting stronger and stronger. Today, the cooperation parties have successfully signed the cooperation parties to bring the gospel to children’s oral health, let more children pay attention to oral health, and change the traditional oral nursing concept. Today, intellectual property rights are protected by children’s dental health. I believe that in the future, the parties will create a new era of dental protection.