I never expected that there were so many uses of hanger! It has been used for so many years

What can the hanger be used for?

Nonsense, of course, it’s drying clothes


The hanger is not just used to dry clothes

The new use of these brain holes below

You have to accept!

1 dry shoes


Most people will raise their shoes up and dry

But this shoe is easy to fall down

Now, the hanger can be done

Flat the hanger and bend your two ends upwards


A simple drying rack is done

Hang your shoes on both ends

It can be exposed to the sun and can be hung firmly

2 Many people do not know how to dry the pillow

You only need two hanger to get it easy!

Tie the hanger tightly with a rope

Then stretch the hanger longer

The pillow can be sandwiched in the middle of the two hanger and dry it

You can expose the sun on both sides!

3 hanging scarf

There are too many scarf at home

Fold into a ball of influence beauty

The best way is to hang the scarf


Bend a hanger into a 8 -shaped ring

After the two sides coincide, wrap the good -looking ribbon

A scarf rack is ready!

Hang up like this

Save both spaces and can keep the fabric flat

There is another better way

If you have some unused shower curtain rings

Here you can come in handy

Set the ring on the hanger

Just one hanger can hang a lot of scarves

Save a lot of space

4 Hanging pot lid at home is too place

Simply twist the hanger

The lid is honestly hung up honestly

Stack the hanger layer by layer

It became a pot cover storage rack


Can save a lot of places!

5 The storage of the strap belt is also very simple

Just fold the hanger a few bends

You can easily hang the belt on it

Is it super cool!

6 dry pants

When you dry your pants, you always worry that you will fall

In addition, the hanger will also make the pants big

Teach you a method here

The folding method of the hanger is similar to drying shoes

Flat your two ends and pass through the belt buckle of the pants

Trouble can be easily solved!

7 toilet paper

If you suffer from the toilet paper, there is no place to put it

Then use the hanger to make one quickly!

Simple folding

The toilet paper is obedient

8 Make a trash can

Oh my god, can the hanger still make a trash can?

That’s right, seeing it


There is no trash can during the field

Can be done in a hanger

Fold the lower part of the two hams into diamond -shaped

Tie up with a rope after alternating


Put on a plastic bag

A trash can be done!


9 Hanging flower pots like to pound flowers and flowers, blessed

You can easily make a hanging basket in two hams

Pull the hanger into a font

The upper part is twisted into a hemp rope


The lower half is made into a ring

Two hams overlapped up

You can put the pot in it

Due to the hooks that can be hung with potted plants

It is better to use a hanger to do one by yourself!

10 toothpaste toothbrush

Can the hanger actually put toothbrush toothpaste?

Can’t think of it

But it looks a little humble

Squeeze the upper part of the hanger into a square

Then put a mouthwash cup in the ring

Washing items can be placed inside

Isn’t it great!

There are even more powerful!

Turn the hanger like this

You can put a family toothbrush

What toothbrush to buy

Great Brother Word, I have to accept it!

11 tableware rack

There is no tableware rack in the outer field

You can get it in three hams

12 Storage Magazine Newspaper Home Newspaper is too messy

At this time the hanger came in handy

It’s best to choose a wooden hanger

You can easily store the newspaper

Magazine and posters on the hanger

Nailing on the wall, both literary and creative

It also saves costs


13 Too many accessories at home?


It doesn’t matter, don’t buy a storage box for special again

A hanger can be solved!

Sunglasses ▼

Any hanger can hang it!

Hat ▼

Can be in the supermarket or online

Buy some plastic hook ring

Hook on the hanger

No need to worry about the hat, there is no place to put it

14 bookshelf


The hanger can also be used to make bookshelves

Grasp the ends of the hanger and bend upwards upward

Then pull up


Simple bookshelf is done!

15 storage underwear

Girls’ underwear and suspenders vests

Various colors and styles

It is inevitable that there is a loss of exquisiteness in the storage bag

it’s here

The effective combination of the hook ring and the hanger will come in handy again


16 Storage shoes


Slippers and boots

It can also be hung neatly in the cloakroom


17 Space Wonder

Don’t rush to throw the carbonic acid drinks after drinking

Remove the metal pull ring and put it on the hanger

Can save more space for the wardrobe

18 clothes non -slip

Many clothes are too big

What should I do if it is easy to slide on the hanger

It’s okay, just have extra rubber bands at home

19 The clothes are not deformation

If the sweater and sweater you often wear are hung directly on the hanger


Shoulder parts are often easily deformed

As long as the method in the figure below is stacked to hang clothes

You can ensure that the clothes are not out of shape!


20 Save food

Unused ingredients


You can put it in the bag and store it in the refrigerator and cabinet

Small hanger

There are so many wonderful uses


Learn it quickly!

Source: Lehuoji, Youpin Life

The lower half is made into a ring