To lose weight, first of all, it is recommended to skip milk. Many people do not understand and are still drinking whole milk milk

Drinking whole -fat milk may cause weight gain, but the nutritional value of whole milk milk is the highest. It retains all the nutritional ingredients of milk and enables the human body to fully absorb it. Or low -fat milk has destroyed the original nutrients of milk.

Discard milk, low -fat milk, which is healthier for a long time to drink whole milk?

First of all, we must understand the difference between these three kinds of milk.

Whole milk

Given milk -sterilization/average -whole milk.

The milk squeezed from the cow is raw milk, and the fat content of milk is about 3.1%. Raw milk contains bacteria, and after sterilization and homogeneity, it is the whole fat milk we usually drink.

Dehydrated milk


Raw milk static -layered fat -centrifugal separation of milk fat (cream) -Datalog milk.

After the raw milk can be static, the fat in the milk will float to the surface. The milk factory can be very convenient to separate the milk (cream), and the milk that removes the cream is skimmed milk.

Low -fat milk

Add the removed cream back to the skim milk and perform average steps to make the fat particles smaller and evenly scattered in milk, which is “low -fat milk”

The following picture allows you to better understand the relationship between whole fat, low -fat, and skimmed milk: In the process, dehydrated milk is less fat and fat -soluble vitamins than whole milk.

How should I choose milk?

If you lose weight, it is recommended to skip milk.

The amount of dehydrated milk is only about half of the whole fat, and the fat content has also dropped from 3.1% to 0.5%. Can reduce the intake of fat and energy.

The lack of vitamins is not a big problem, because we will not miss these vitamins even if we don’t drink milk. Other things you usually eat, such as meat, eggs, etc., can fully meet the human body’s needs for these vitamins.

For ordinary people, it is recommended to be whole milk.

Total milk is more comprehensive. People who are suitable for calcium deficiency in whole milk, children, irritability, insomnia, and people with high work pressure.


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