The gentle small incense wind nails that are not outdated, classic and elegant, full of high -level sense can not hide

Hello everyone, big oranges are coming, who doesn’t want to be Chanel on earth. It has a single product with Grandma incense, and the clothes are too expensive, and it is still possible to spend a lot of time in your hand! Let ’s take a look at the small fragrant nails of those temperament girls. Don’t be boring, but reveal the gentleness!


Pink diamond girl bow

The pink nails are too tender, exquisite butterfly knot accessories, exquisite and clear, crushed crystal and fine glittering oil, and the overall small incense breeze has a girly atmosphere


Pink sweater pattern nails

This feels that it will be more suitable for winter or white sweater. It must be beautiful, and the diamond inlaid of the thumb is also cute. The ringing diamonds of the ring finger are exquisite, naked pink pink, cute and temperament.

Pink purple new French style

Girls are not so girls. At a glance, they feel that you are very productive, color -based background, pink French style, superimposed a layer of silver French style at the fingertips, fingertips with dripped water droplets, clear and cool and cool. Essence


Xiaoxiangfeng Pearl sweater pattern

Fine flash with scattered sweater patterns, the gentle little fairy full of small incense wind, with pearl jewelry, more gentle and pleasant

Simple Shuangpin bow nodon nails


Black plus nude color is small, and white and penetrated powder is even girl. It is recommended to apply nails or extended armor. In this way, the long fingers look better, and the gelatin selection is better.



Gentle and high -grade, white -jumping milk white, double -colored plaid, fine glitter nail polish, and Xiaoxiang’s logo, low -key and expensive little fragrant nail art, do not pick skin tone, clear and clean hands.

Japanese retro

The retro Baroque style is also a little girl little incense. The nails under the pearl are more elegant at the same time as the girl. The nails of the two hands are completely different, but it echoes

After reading the above small incense -winding nail art, do you also want to come to a small fragrant manicure? Occasionally, changing style is also a good experience. What type of nails you want to see, you can also leave a message to tell Big Orange

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